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The tyranny of the archetypeSocio AntropologyView Post
Why would anybody join BRICSBRICSView Post
The price of treasonRussiaView Post
ParasitesSocio AntropologyView Post
There is nothing wrong with petty nationalismWhite TribalismView Post
The end of Pax AmericanaUSAView Post
CainUSAView Post
Shackle rightsUSAView Post
ViolenceWhite TribalismView Post
TributeUSAView Post
The ethics of saving one’s soulCulture WarView Post
The racket economyeconomyView Post
The bodycountCulture WarView Post
RootsWhite TribalismView Post
There is no such thing as ISISIslamView Post
The bullshit of self esteem and dewhitification of AmericaMarxismView Post
Universal democracy is Killing the WestWhite TribalismView Post
Who killed the Knight errantCulture WarView Post
Antisemitism is a conspiracy theoryCulture WarView Post
The politics of madnessCulture WarView Post
WeaknessIslamView Post
Race TraitorsWhite TribalismView Post
Wishalism and depravity as state policyMarxismView Post
The way backWhite TribalismView Post
Music for the Bernie generationUSAView Post
The way forwardCulture WarView Post
The war with IranUSAView Post
The ethnostate is an opioid dreamCulture WarView Post
HonourSocio AntropologyView Post
The fall of the priestly classCulture WarView Post
1932Culture WarView Post
The importance of StoryTellersCulture WarView Post
AimlessnessCulture WarView Post
On Theresa May and agricultureUKView Post
Compassion is a white racial trait onlySocio AntropologyView Post
There is no bigger crime than betraying your ancestorsCulture WarView Post
The boys aren't brokenCulture WarView Post
We need to talk about WakandaSocio AntropologyView Post
Gamergate or The warning shots of World War 3Culture WarView Post
Shallowness and beliefsSocio AntropologyView Post
EU must burnEUView Post
Do Your Part and Let Trump Do HisUSAView Post
Returning sanity to academiaCulture WarView Post
The importance of communitiesSocio AntropologyView Post
DaddylessCulture WarView Post
Lead, follow or get out of the wayEUView Post
So you wake up in a communist country...MarxismView Post
Staying in AfghanistanUSAView Post
Fighting Islamization On A Local LevelIslamView Post
The Left killed 6 times more people than the RightMarxismView Post
Centrism is poisonousCulture WarView Post
We Need To Talk About GoogleCulture WarView Post
The War On RealityCulture WarView Post
You are not insaneCulture WarView Post
We need to fight against the thought policeUKView Post
Blood and LandCulture WarView Post
Borderlands - Italy can burnEUView Post
Eastern Europe at the crossroadsEUView Post
The Politics of AngerSocio AntropologyView Post
Brexit economics part 2- The people versus the bankseconomyView Post
Brexit economics part 1- the EU is stealing from youeconomyView Post
Democracy is working pro Islam and against usIslamView Post
Alt Right != ConservativeCulture WarView Post
Loud Cracks in the EUEUView Post
Of Centre and the horrible truth about Capitalism/SocialismCulture WarView Post
The Western Civilization is being outsourcedCulture WarView Post
Theresa May is doing her bestIslamView Post
Monogamy and the Western Civilization Part 2 - The value of womenSocio AntropologyView Post
Jeremy Corbyn- stealing from the working class to feed his migrant votersLabourView Post
We are at warIslamView Post
The very very ugly choicebrexitView Post
Generation Identity will not be enoughCulture WarView Post
The problem is China - a primerChinaView Post
UKIP needs to stop being hystericalUKView Post
What will Brexit do for me?brexitView Post
Breaking the neck of Western IndividualismSocio AntropologyView Post
The culture of depravitySocio AntropologyView Post
The Global Fall of the Left part 2 - UKLabourView Post
The Global Fall of the Left part 1- USALiberalismView Post
Fighting Islamization Legally- UK guideIslamView Post
The men of the West need to stand up NOWIslamView Post
Bombing for a stronger economy- part 1USAView Post
Nothing happened yet, RelaxUSAView Post
Stop Cultural Identity Theft!Socio AntropologyView Post
Monogamy and the Western Civilization Part 1Socio AntropologyView Post
Who won what from the Rotterdam incident?TurkeyView Post
Dancing out of EU in kitten heelsbrexitView Post
The problem with Angela MerkelEUView Post
The cost of Carlos IllegalUSAView Post
The right kind of democracyLiberalismView Post
The funny thing about AtheismLiberalismView Post
Putin doesn't care about the Baltic StatesRussiaView Post
This Comey AnouncementUSAView Post
Unhappiness is a highly valued commodityfeminismView Post
Hillary Clinton NEEDS a warUSAView Post
The Anti Muslim hate crime hoaxwaveIslamView Post
Hillary Clinton wants her paymentUSAView Post
The Left versus The WorkersMarxismView Post
Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt SchoolMarxismView Post
You can only feed so many peopleeconomyView Post
Why you should vote for Donald TrumpUSAView Post
The Death of LabourLabourView Post
Moderate Muslims in Britain have a problem with Islam tooIslamView Post
Greater Slavia and The West’s war on Russia- part 2RussiaView Post
Greater Slavia and The West’s war on Russia- part 1RussiaView Post
Comprehensive schools only create and reward mediocrityUKView Post
"Diversity" is Cultural ImperialismLiberalismView Post
Who does the EU serve, part 2- Germany and NATOEUView Post
Putin plays chessRussiaView Post
Labour need to stop believing their own bullshitLabourView Post
You wouldn't like us when we're angryEUView Post
Who does the EU serve? Part 1EUView Post
Labour might be stagnating, but the Tories aren’tToryView Post
A weird game of US proxies?USAView Post
Waiting for Brexit is not a bad thing- why Theresa May is not yet triggering Art 50brexitView Post
The Turkey Coup and its consequencesTurkeyView Post
The incoming war with RussiaRussiaView Post
The decline and fall of socialist agitators part 2LabourView Post
The decline and fall of socialist agitators part 1LabourView Post
Labour has already lost the 2020 electionsLabourView Post
The dubious death of Jo CoxbrexitView Post
Brexit vote is an anti system movementbrexitView Post

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