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Hillary Clinton wants her payment

Let’s be very honest here, 8 years ago was a very different time. Most of the people who are now commenting on today’s politics remember or care about the 2008 elections, albeit having a look at last time Hillary tried to become president will shine a lot of light on her current actions.

Most people remember how Barack Obama rode to victory on a wave of internet activism and slogans. What they don’t remember, because most of them were not paying attention at the time, is how the Democrat primaries worked and how unlikely and forced the alliance between Obama and Clinton really is.

IN 2008, Clinton was regarded my most as a shoe- in for the President position. After the terrible performance of GW Bush ( or what was perceived as such since no American president ever had enough power to commit all that evil by himself), a Democrat was almost assured to win, and  Hillary was a strong candidate.

First, she was actually a much better candidate in 2008 than she is today. Most of the things that people hate about her today happened in the past 8 years, and Barack Obama managed to place a lot of the flawed decisions of his awful presidency on her back.

A Hillary Clinton who was at the time pretty spry, before Benghazi, emailgate, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, 6 billion missing etc, who reminded everyone of the good life they had had under her husband, was regarded as a safe winner. Plus she was a woman, and wasn’t it about time the USA caught up with the rest of the world?

Although she had a rocky start, she managed to enthuse a lot of people and at the time she got the highest number of votes ever cast for a candidate in a primary- 19 million.

However, at the time,  the more left wing of the DNC had decided to run the previously unknown Barack Obama, an obscure Illinois senator whose main quality was that he was black, and young, and a fresh face.

The DNC worked very hard to make Barack Obama win that primary. Amongst other things, they disqualified Florida and Michigan’s delegates because the two states had decided to run their primaries early. Hillary won both states handsomely, but the DNC decided she’d run there illegally, and effectively gave Barack Obama 55 of her delegates from Michigan.

Hillary had made the argument that the people of Florida and Michigan had a right to be represented. The DNC compromised by giving their delegates half the votes they’d have had under normal conditions.

In Michigan, where Obama didn’t even run, 55 delegates were given to him.

Hillary’s campaign fought back hard. I was a radical feminist at the time, and quite involved in the campaign. We wrote blogs, we fundraised, we did a lot.
The women I was running with were radical feminists, and they regarded Hillary as the second coming of Virgin Mary and Jeanne d’Arc in one. Feminist blogs, feminist town halls, Hillary and her pantsuit were revered. When it became obvious that the fix was in for Obama, these women revolted.

The Birther movement was started in these circles, and I witnessed it. Rumours, proto memes, an army of blogposts, fundraising and conspiracy theories, these women would make the Alt Right proud.  His birth certificate, the rumours about him growing up in Indonesia, the rumour that his Kenyan grandmother claimed he was born in Kenya, all of that and more.

 Obama however had the backing of the nascent alternative media. Sites like Huffington Post and Daily Kos backed Obama with all their might, and their rumour mills were even better and their audiences wider than the bunch of women crying about Hillary and their eunuch companions.

The famous “Obama in Somali garb” picture was claimed to have had his skin tone darkened by Hillary’s campaign. Everyone played dirty.

When it became obvious it would happen, that Obama would be crowned regardless, they revolted. That’s how the PUMA movement started (Party Unity My Ass). They rejected the unity speeches and many of them travelled to the DNC convention  certain to make trouble.

Only, Hillary yielded.  The delegate votes weren’t even counted, Obama was nominated by acclaim and that was that.

In exchange for that, Hillary was given the SOS position, and rumour had it, was promised the full support of the DNC to run after Obama’s two terms.

And from what we have seen so far, she got it.  We know that the DNC has rolled over backwards to give her the nomination. Not that Bernie Sanders was a good candidate… but he got screwed over in one of the most bizarre way possible.

Hillary Clinton is acting like this because she feels she is owed the presidency. That is the deal she made, and she will not pull at any stops.

After the horrid fight against Obama in which he openly accused her of spreading lies against him, and she called him everything under the sun( which turned out to be mostly correct), she did campaign for him. She kept her end of the deal, and now she wants her payment.

This is the problem. This is why the people of the mighty USA are revolting and going for the unlikely candidate.
Because these politicians feel entitled to their votes. None of the system people care about the problems of the American people.

That is why the moderators at the debates are all significantly biased. Why all of the big media is on her side.

Because they’re scared.  Hillary, whose influence wasn’t small in 2008, has amassed a lot more of it since, and the entirety of the system is behind her.

Why her many crimes and faults are being swept away, why the director of FBI doesn’t dare to indict her and why everything will be done to get her to the presidency.
Not because these people don’t know that she is a bad politician, a hawk, a liar and a murderer responsible for the Middle east wars and the migrant crisis.
But because she is theirs, the establishment candidate under which they all can continue their happy wheeling and dealing.

Because they’re afraid of Donald Trump. He’s a guy from outside the system, and nobody wants that. After all, everybody remembers what happened last time one of those slept through the cracks and got into power.

I mean even 53 years later people still remember him and how he was taken out.
They can’t have that can they?

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