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Bombing for a stronger economy- part 1

The current economic situation of the world can be described as a bunch of idiots sliding over the surface of a very bloated soap bubble, and poking at it while doing so.

In order to understand what’s happening now and where we’re going, let’s have first a look at the major players and what’s happening to them.


Donald Trump has managed to secure enough of a return of jobs and a slowing of illegal immigration into the USA to be able to slow a reduced debt and increase in jobs.  One could look at this and think the US is on the up, but that’s not quite how it works.

 You see, the dirty truth is that the US economy can’t even sustain itself, nevermind sustaining the dollar. The dollar keeps on because it’s the world’s currency reserve, and that’s happening because anybody who ever tried to use something else got offer- see Saddam Hussein, Moammar Ghaddafi etc. Which didn’t use to be a problem until recently, when someone decided it was a smart idea to change America’s image into that of a shy bully.

The result was that the US was literally pushed over by second rate shitholes like Turkey and Iran. Which led to Russia and China allying in the open- see the section on Russia- and discussing switching their reserves from dollars into gold.

What does this mean? It means that the price of the dollar would go straight to hell, followed swiftly by everything else. It means the past 2 recessions were jokes compared to what’s coming, and if you only get a “Germany in 1930s” recession, you’re lucky.

And no, the government can’t do shit about it. Keynesianism has been proven to have slowed down US’ recovery by a decade, and while it is a great idea to invest in infrastructure, artificially keeping work prices high causes more inflation and so on.  While the US was still struggling in the late 30s, Europe was  growing like mushrooms after the rain.

Trump is doing his best, but he has to feed a country of 300 million people that maybe has a total of about 30 days’ worth of food at any given time, and that includes ships in harbours, warehouses, supermarkets and your ma’ pantry.  And yes, a revolution is always 3 missed meals away.

America buys and sells food, buys resources that she burns through at a hideous rate and is barely keeping its shit together. You can’t actually tell Saudis to go to hell when every fucker around  can’t be arsed to walk to the cornerstore, and the upcoming 8th generation will already owe at least a billion each by the time they’re born.

This doesn’t get sorted with bringing back a few thousand jobs and closing the borders, albeit that would help. This gets sorted by restoring the Obama-wrecked Pax Americana, using the home resources better and, well… keeping the frenemies in check.

Alternatively, everyone takes a huge cut in standards of living, build the wall and put some hideously protectionist taxes on everything coming in, and that ain’t gonna happen. The US needs to buy and sell to survive, and it also needs to be respected in order to maintain the whole shoddy system.

And in order to do that, the US needs to remind the world who’s the big dog. Russia and China have been running around Asia and openly making economic and political alliances left and right. Putin bribes, promises and threatens, and the result is that Turkey is in everything but fact out of NATO, India likes its new nuclear reactors too much to say no to a Russian alliance and the new Silk Road will carry Chinese whatchamacallits by train through Siberia all the way to Europe sooner rather than later.

So America needs to bark. Not much just enough to remind everyone who the alpha predator is. And that’s why Trump ordered the hit on that shitty little Syrian airport on his way to having dinner with Xi Jingping, whose guts he’d rather wear for garters… and the feeling is mutual.
 Not because Trump doesn’t know that was a setup and there was as much Sarin there as in your nana’s bathroom, but because sometimes the white man needs to take his dick out and put it on the table.

And since that hit wasn’t enough, Trump also had to drop the MOAB on Afghanistan. So that’s him slamming his dick to China, to Russia and to ISIS.

Was the hit necessary? Yes it was. Did it fucked ISIS’ logistics enough to keep them quiet for a while? Probably.

Did it achieve its secondary effect- namely to get Russia and China to think twice? Probably.

Let’s be very clear about it, North Korea is the scapegoat here. The military lobby needs a sacrifice, and war is good for US business. WW2 ended the Great recession. Wars create jobs, and NK has been a festering boil on the Earth’s ass for 60 years. Pity about the North Koreans, but then again someone has to pay the bill.

It’s deeply unlikely Russia and China will allow the US to hit NK. There will be a peace corps of sorts, the lesser Kim might be quietly disposed of if the CIA can manage to find any remainder of their balls anywhere…

But there will probably be some sort of police action. Weapons will be sent in, there will be boots on the ground and bones will be thrown to the far too dangerous military industrial complex.

This will also create some jobs, which are direly needed. America first actually means filling American bellies first, so that’s that.

And the risk? North Korea can’t manage to feed its people. The likelihood of them hitting anything with a nuke is very low. And if they hit anything, it will prolly be China.

The sad part in this is that a little brewing pot of conflict is actually needed to keep the global pressure stable.

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