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How do you know your country is occupied?

The answer is not as easy as you’d think. It used to be that a country could only be occupied by force. You were defeated in battle and that was it.

Conquest by battle was nice in that it made everything clear. But we don’t live in that age anymore.

The truth so many people can’t seem to get their heads around is the fact that you don’t have to lose a war to lose your independence anymore. Well, if we want to be honest, we’ll admit that was the case before too, but that’s a different discussion.

My country was not defeated by the Turks. They never beat us in battle. They never occupied us.

Not from lack of trying. They kept coming and coming and coming over the Danube, we burned the land in their path, drew them to some remote spot and beat them again and again and again.

But it doesn’t mean we were free of them. Very early on in our shared history with the Ottoman Empire one of our princes, the brave Mircea the Elder agreed to pay tribute to the Turks in exchange for being left alone by them.  A protection tax. Not too bad, right?

 Except that it was, because it gave the Turks the right to consider themselves our masters. What is even the point of fighting them now when in 10 years someone else will bow their head and pay the tribute?

The history of my people is this: princes who fought the Turks, and then got deposed by an unruly noble class. The Turks didn’t need to defeat us, all they had to do is pay some bribes to the richest boyars and bam, the belligerent prince was gone and a more pliant one was put on the throne.  The Turks didn’t need to defeat Vlad Tepes- they just ensured he was sold out by his own people. His brother Radu became prince and he signed off Wallachia to the Turks.

In truth, we knew we weren’t free. We paid the tribute, and slowly that turned from a protection tax into an actual income tax. They slowly took us over. They didn’t need to defeat us in battle. They just used corruption and greed and weakness, and the brave and pragmatic men who tried to play the long game and get our freedom back by way of diplomacy got decapitated at Edi-Kule.

Does the above sound familiar? It should.

Because it’s what happens to your country today.

One of the most hilarious things about the US is that so many people, especially on our side keep complaining about the money they are forced to give Israel. It never ceases to amaze me they don’t see it, and think it’s some kind of gift.

It’s not.


The US has absolutely all of the signs of an occupied country.

It pays tribute to a foreign power.

Its foreign policy is dictated by said foreign power.

Its politicians are obliged to perform fealty rituals to that foreign power.

You get punished if you speak against that foreign power.  You can’t even refuse to buy their products.

How is that not occupation? Because you were not defeated in battle?

 How could you possibly think you’re free?

 You are occupied. You’re part of an empire that controls everything you do and own and say. The boot is firmly entrenched on your neck.

You don’t have a country, you live in the Judaic Empire’s province, and everything you do or say is controlled by them.

They are changing your nation’s ethnic makeup, give or take away your rights on a whim and you think you’re free?



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