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Shackle rights

Throughout my time within the movement, there is one thing that has always bugged me.
The concept of rights. Hearing our guys talk about rights as they were getting fired for their political opinions, as allogens invaded their homes and as their so-called rights were getting narrower and narrower confused me to no end.

You see, I’m from Communist Romania. Born and bred. Growing up under Communism was hard, but one thing was certain: Nobody, absolutely nobody believed they were free. We harboured no delusions about our so-called rights and freedoms.
We were occupied. And we knew it.

You probably think it isn’t much. You’re wrong. The first step towards freedom is admitting you don’t have it. Nobody has any ideas that the Securitate would be stopped if you invoked our rights. We were quite aware the Militia (Police) would have no problem beating the hell out of us whenever they feel like it.
After moving to the West 21 years ago, I learned that Westerners harboured all sorts of hilarious delusions. They thought they had rights. They thought their lives were inherently sacred. They thought all sorts of crazy stuff.

Over the next 20 years their beliefs have been challenged, and the smart ones got it. They learned the hard ways- that they had no rights, that their freedoms were arbitrary and that pretty much everything they took for granted was wrong.

To quote Lloyd Pye “Everything you know is wrong”.
Today, most Europeans have been cured of such foolish ideas. We know our countries are occupied and we know who the enemies are.

Which is helpful. Which is why we have brought down governments, are ending the Medical tyranny and seeing the EUrats tremble and walk back. Unfortunately Americans still have these ideas. Some of them anyway. And as I sit here and realize they really have swollen the whole rights thing, I can’t stop laughing.
I remember a discussion I had with Hunter Wallace about C-ville. I remember when C-ville happened and all of us in the euro circles shook our heads and said “those morons are heading into a trap”. And then it happened and unfortunately it wasn’t just them. It was us too.

But this is not about C-ville. Soon, I’m going to sit down with a friend and we will have that C-Ville talk and a whole bunch of things you never understood will come to light. Soon.
But not yet.

So, rights.

The lie of rights. The honeypot of rights. The hilarious idea that, as you’re slowly losing everything, your Government will magically respect SOME rights. That after taking your rights, freedom of association, money, freedom of speech, it would stop.

Ah hahhahahahhahahahahhaha
No, honey, it won’t.

The rights and freedoms bullshit is what keeps you a slave. Your minds are enslaved to empty promises and these very empty promises are your shackles. They shackled your minds with these lies.

“You have rights”

No honey, you don’t. As people are harassed and fired for their poitical beliefs? You don’t have rights. The state can and will knock your door down to kill you.
It doesn’t just happen to minorities. It happens to people like you as well.

The belief you have rights is the reason why you won’t rise.
It’s a lie.
You have nothing.
And that’s why you won’t achieve anything until you lose the lie. Until you realize you only have the rights you can defend. You only have the rights you give yourself.

The state gave you rights? It also took them away and you didn’t even notice.

Where’s your freedom of association?
Crickets. It’s gone. It was gone before you were born.
The so called civil Rights Act ended it.

Where’s your freedom of speech? People go to prison for saying the wrong words, or are killed with impunity.

The Second Amendment? That’s cute. They’ve been chipping away at it for half a century.

You have no rights.
You are free to do as they tell you.

That is your only right.
And not understanding this is your shackle. Not understanding that rights given by someone else don’t exist is what is killing your children. Your only right is to maybe choose the colour of your shackles. And since you won’t fight for more, you don’t need more.

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