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The tyranny of the archetype

I first got this idea back in the autumn of 2019, when I was doing a podcast with Walrus Aurelius about Holy Warriors in Orthodoxy. We noted at the time how the only saints the Catholic Church has are monks/nuns, while the Eastern Church’s saints were of various cloth, with an interesting emphasis on the Holy Warriors.

As a Romanian, the tradition of sanctifying our national heroes is both familiar and worthwhile. Everybody understands that humans are humans and are not perfect, yet this should not deter us from acknowledging heroic deeds.

This used to be a pretty standard practice- appreciate the good deeds while understand the heroes are human. The Greek and Roman mythologies are full of such examples. Achilles is a great hero- yet he was prone to anger, precisely because he was human.

However in the past 100 years something strange happened to our common mythos. Suddenly, an archetype of the hero as an essentially perfect person started being imposed by Hollywood and the mainstream narrative.
A standard so high even Jesus Christ- given to anger and rash decisions at times- could not meet.

How strange yet perfectly explicable.

Archetypes are a very profitable business, as long as they’re unattainable.
By creating an archetype and forcing everybody to comply with it, you set them all up for failure.

There is no better way to remove the possibility of redemption than this. This is the very essence of anti-Christianity.

Jesus wanted the redemption of the sinners yet some strange and invariably deformed beasts were allowed to believe and act as if their judgement is above everything.

Merely being human being is no longer enough. You have to be perfect, or you fail.
Humans are no longer being judged by their deeds. Ther is no possibility of redemption, just the insane demand that one should be perfect at all times, since birth, lest it be deemed a sinner.

What an amazing manipulation technique. Suddenly people are afraid of doing anything of note because someone may just dig into their past and discover that one time they made a mistake.

A great way to stop progress and replace it with abject fear. When looking at the West’s stagnation in the past 50 years, this is the reason why.
People became afraid of being judged against an unattainable archetype.

Suddenly, something as normal as keeping someone’s personal life sacred and separated from their professional or political life became obsolete.

Some people, whose purpose was obviously the stagnation and eventual destruction of the Western Civilization, started attacking everybody who attempted any sort of progress.

A communist tactic. We all know who created Communism and who mostly benefitted from it.

The archetype they created became the tyranny of public manufactured outrage. The tyranny of the archetype also means the pathologization of normalcy.

Who profits from this? Those who want all of us silent and obedient.
The threat of public opprobrium for one’s petty peccadillos is only a threat if it is allowed to be.

The simple fact these parasitic beasts attack us is the best evidence to our success.

It’s a perversion of the human need for social belonging. Suddenly, to these beasts, who are very eager to keep their own flaws and invariably ugly faces and souls hidden, even the most innocuous actions are evil.

How dare you not be an angel, ask the beasts promoting the most bloodthirsty and genocidal ideology in history.

The same perversion applies to the beauty archetypes. You ever noticed how the stunning beauties of the stage and screen of the 20th century were all replaced with weird rodent faced stick figures?

How strange.
Of course, selling the beauty archetype is an incredibly lucrative business. Normal and natural things become flaws that have to be corrected let you be shunned. It is also deadly.

For most human history, a natural bodily function like sweating was considered normal. If you smelled, you washed yourself. Yet at some point in the 20th century, someone turned sweating into a false crisis. Suddenly women were told sweating made them bad. A campaign to sell deodorant? Sure.

Or a tool of extermination?

The breast cancer crisis of the 20th and 21st century is the direct descendant of the demonization of sweating. Women were told they needed to be bathed in deodorant in order to remove any allusion they smelled like human beings do.

What they weren’t told was that the small aluminium particles in the deodorant would plug up their sweat glands leading to the inflammation of the lymph nodules in the armpits, which has been for a very long time the lead cause of breast cancer.

The archetype killed millions of women. Let’s not forget the insanity of the diets and so on and so forth. The beauty of European women in all its glory, from the redheaded Celts to the Blonde Slavic goddesses to the amphora bodied women of the Mediterranean was strangely replaced by an array of interchangeable stick figures- all skeletally thin, with hyperthyroidian bug eyes, no breasts and no hips- as in lacking the exact traits that are both a symbol of fertility and health in European females.

Because it is only European females. Remove your healthy breasts because you may get a cancer created by the tyranny of the archetype then replace them with plastic bags- what a nice way to stop breast feeding.

No wonder the few babies born in the West are sickly.
A group of malignant allogens has been using the threat of public shame to intimidate us into extinction.
It needs to stop.

The archetype does not exist. It is an imaginary chain we choose to believe is wrapped around our souls.
We should free ourselves from it left it destroys us all. nt

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