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For the past few months I have been acting as an interim host of Illusion Radio

While some of the podcasts are light stuff, some are trying to get deeper into reality, the philosophy of our cause, its historical roots, ethics and other stuff.

Latest Podcast

Red,White and Blackpill 32- The End of Pax Judaica

Red, White and Blackpill 31- What is Important

Red, White and Blackpill 30- Welfare is Killing the West

Red, White and Blackpill

Together with my friends and guests we've been tackling interesting ideas, rambling and everything else. Sometimes we do series of discussions about interesting subjects like jewish influence over the centuries (The Foreskin Chronicles), Orthodoxy and Identity ( with Walrus Aurelius),

Some of the most interesting characters of the Dissident Right pop up every once in a while- so far we've had Alt Skull, Arch Dornan, Roscoe Jones, Walrus Aurelius and Johnny Monoxide so far, and some more in the works.

Orthodoxy and Identity series

Pikachu and Walrus Aurelius discuss their Orthodox faith and its impact and differences on the east.

  • Episode 1
    Orthodoxy and Identity
    Pikachu and Walrus discuss their orthodox faith, the rise of the OrthodoxRight, spergthodoxy, identity and history
  • Episode 2
    Orthodoxy and Ethnognesis
    In our trip into understanding Orthodoxy and what makes it unique we go back to the first millenium and look at the ethnogenesis of the European peoples and the role the Church played in that.

  • The Foreskin Chronicles

    A not so okind look at our Nasally privileged friends and their impact on our lives. With Pikachu, Roscoe and whoever the hell we can rope into it

  • Episode 1
    The Foreskin Chronicles 1
    You might think you're used to the strong language we employ here, but this one's the worst you ever heard... yet. Roscoe joins Pikachu in a discussion about Jews and other parasitic species. Please for the name of God don't listen to this on an empty stomach.
  • Episode 2
    The Foreskin Chronicles 2- Pikachu, Roscoe and Johnny Monoxide try to talk about Jews in a civilised manner and fail miserably
    Pikachu and Roscoe are back with the second episode of The Foreskin Chronicles, and this time they're being joined by the Alt Right's favourite ghost buster- Johnny Monoxide. No holds barred, we go from Egypt to Rome to the Collapse, back to Jews, ancient civilizations and everything in between.
  • Episode 3
  • Johnny Monoxide and Roscoe return to talk about phantom time, fake history and whether Jews sunk Atlantis

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