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What is Political Pragmatism?

Political pragmatism is a uniquely American philosophy, developed here and observed by Tocqueville during his American journeys. It is a philosophy that says, 'if it works, we don't really care why.' It is a rejection of theory and ideology for means-tested facts and reality.

Where does it stand on a political spectrum?

That is a very interesting question. With the strange alterations of the political alignments in the past decades, you can't possibly be a pragmatist without accepting that good ideas can come from all of the sides of the political spectrum.

So you are right wing?

We are neither. We appreciate the good ideas and results of both sides and the very basis of this system is the fact that evidence is the most important decision factor. This means that based on data, all decisions should be open to revision.


The whole purpose of this community is free discussion of valid intellectual ideas without fear of social media censorship. This doesn't mean it's going to be a free for all- we will not tolerate trolls, spam or SJWs. Everything else is open to debate. You won't get censored , but if you don't have data and logical arguments to back up your words, you will probably be torn to shreds.

You can make your own posts and bring them to public debate, without having to self censor or be afraid of social media censorship. Make a video, make a post and explain what you believe and why, and we can discuss it and enjoy it.

Thank you for understanding and accepting this.

If you enjoy our work, please leave us a comment. Registration is free, and we will not censor you. We want to create a community of intelligent people who care about the fate of the world, where we can discuss without fear of social media censorship.