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The Death of Labour

You might not be able to tell, but something happened in the past days. The Labour party has died.

Now this will probably surprise you, the conference isn’t even over yet, and there’s a big bunch of crazy old Trots and young headless chickens running around thinking they won, but in truth all they won is the corpse of the Labour Party.

They will be dancing with the corpse for a while, we’ll see more than one leap of the famous dead cat bounce, but Labour is dead, and that’s a good thing.

Why, you ask?

Because it’s lost its way. If there was anything made clear at this conference, it’s the fact that Labour no longer has anything in common with the working class, and the voters, who have been punishing it in 2015, will happily nail the lid on its coffin.

This should have been obvious long ago, namely immediately after the 2015 elections.  Sadly that takes brains and an understanding of the working class, and the very few working class Mps in #Labour have been so long in the Parliament that they’re ossified in their seats and have no idea who and what the working class of the 21st century needs.

Labour has stopped being the party of the working class, and that’s the problem, and the working class knows it.

The fetid beasts that have been lurking in Labour’s mud have come out, and their poison has finally come to the surface. What we have seen in the past few months should be enough for any decent person to reconsider things.  Sadly the Labour members are so invested in the brand that they’ll still need a while to realize that the labour party of yore is dead, and that the corpse stinks and is crawling with Trotskyite maggots.

The infection has been lurking in the bowels of the party for a long while.  In the 80s Militant purge, Neil Kinnock should have cut deeper and remove all of the corruption of the far left. Jeremy Corbyn should have long ago been removed from the party and all of the Militant sympathizers with him.
  Because Corbyn has never been a Labour MP. In it only for himself and whoever  was holding his strings at the time, be it the Stalinist Tony Benn or the Trotskyite McDonnell, Corbyn is and has always been a thug.

Corbyn and his ilk, the Jabbaesque Diane Abbott, the shady McDonnell, the toady Burgon and the rest of the lot all have something in common- they were never invested in the cause of actually making the UK better for workers. That was a task that fell on Thatcher, and was taken on after her by Tony Blair, and this is the reason they hate him so much.  It was Thatcher that  cut out the rot of the unions which metastasized the UK in the 70s and allow Britain to grow. It was Thatcher that gave the British working class what Labour never bothered to even consider, the opportunity to be owners of their own homes, and it was Tony Blair who took that work further  by way of minimum wage, and gave their children a way towards success with the EMA and SureStart.

This is why the Corbynites hate Blair.  Because Blair not only had the audacity to put the good of Britain’s workers ahead of the narrow and idiotic dogmatism of the revolutionary socialism, but because he won by doing so.

You see, Socialist parties do not actually care about the workers and never have. Their purpose is not to make the workers’ lives better. On the contrary, their purpose is and has always bene to stir up the hatred and unhappiness until the working class finally, in their deluded little brains,  rises up and smashes the horrible Capitalism with its audacity to not let people starve to death for the sake of the world’s deadliest ideology.

This is why none of the policies the Socialists pursue all over the West have little to do with the good of the workers.

It was the US democrats who voted for the job destroying NAFTA. IT’s the French Socialists that made France a hotbed of economic recession and migrant violence, and it’s the Swedish Left who have turned the once prosperous Sweden into a morass its own police can’t control.

The Labour MPs, whose children all go to Grammar or private schools, including Corbyn’s and Abbott’s, do not want the workers’ children to have the same opportunities they had and they’re giving their own children. They don’t want the workers’ children to advance in life and climb the social ladder because when the workers do better they go right. Nobody likes to share what they worked hard for, which is why the more left you go the more losers you find.

Comprehensives create mediocrity, like I have written here before, and that is what they want for the workers’ children, mediocrity farms where the special needs children that will never contribute to society are given more resources and attention than the brilliant children whose parents are too poor to send them to private schools.

Oh, but they claim, the comprehensives have great results and oh so many of their students go on to university. What they forget to tell you is that all it takes to get into a non-Oxbridge university nowadays is a pen and a pulse, that there are A level students that can barely spell in their native language and that all British employers complain of the poor quality of British graduates, to the point where in most STEM fields the upper management and senior positions are being in majority held by immigrants like myself, educated abroad, and the influx continues because British universities don’t remotely produce enough scientists and engineers and programmers and doctors good enough to meet the needs of the British employers.

BA degrees are worthless if the graduate can’t spell, but schools that nurture talent are not for the kids of the workers.

They just don’t get it. They don’t understand that the voters  did vote against labour in 2015 not because labour was not left enough ( if that was the case the Greens would have a lot more MPs) but because Labour without Blair are hilariously out of touch with the working class.

The British voters went Tory and UKIP because Labour refuses to acknowledge their issues, and labour for its part has done very little to even try and learn who today’s workers are.  The MPs of Champagne on the Wolds and North Trotskaya can afford to be left and dream of a revolution, but British workers are seeing their wages buy less and less in the past 10 years and their jobs being taken by Eastern European immigrants. Gordon Brown has ransacked their pension pots and many of them are scared, and they will not vote Labour ever again.

And deep in their hearts, most Labour politicians know this, which is why their policies are aimed at the non-European immigrants caught in the welfare trap more than towards British workers. It’s common knowledge all across the Western Left- so let’s import voters that will never do well enough to move right and screw these assholes with their demands for actual help. They want to live better? They should start the revolution already.

Labour is dead. The trickle of people leaving will soon turn into a stream as more and more people start realizing the ideals they were sold were lies and that the people who hijacked their party only live for themselves. In that, Jeremy Corbyn is typical- a man who never worked in his life, a privileged middle class Londoner so deep in the Westminster bubble he’s on the HoC’s furniture inventory and who has never proposed one measure that would have made the lives of British workers better, but had the time to start a motion to protest the alleged use of pigeon bombs in WW2.

The good people, the ones who care about their communities, are starting to realize they have been had. The decent people will leave, because they can’t in all honesty support and work for a party where antisemitism flourishes and half of the electorate are being called racists by a shameless hypocrite and expenses profiteer like Corbyn’s mistress Diane Abbott.  The ones who want to keep their comfy chairs will grovel and beg, while Corbyn and his gang of nincompoops sink labour lower and lower. The party already has less elected representatives than a year ago, while “Don’t Know” is 10 points ahead of Corbyn in the polls about PM popularity.

Labour is dead. Give is a decent burial and let’s work to make a new workers’ party, because if we don’t, someone else will.

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