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Why you should vote for Donald Trump

i have friends who don't understand why people would vote for Trump. It's OK to dislike Trump. Your opinion. You have a right to it.

But in this election, he is the lesser evil. He's the guy who won't start a nuclear war.

In case you haven't noticed, a lot of very bad things have happened in this world in the past 8 years. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere you know that terrorist attacks from always the same group are daily occurrences in Europe, that an endless wave of economic migrants is invading and assaulting our cities, that we are no longer safe anywhere, and that the world has become a much worse place.

Hillary Clinton is one of the people who contributed to making the world a worse place. Under her tenure as SoS various wars and coups were perpetrated against countries that were stable and peaceful, and those countries were turned into terrorist shitholes. Libya is on Hillary Clinton. It's a shithole where various terrorist factions are warring and innocent people are dying- and that is something Hillary Clinton was an active part of. She even admitted to it.
Syria the same.

UKraine the same. There is evidence showing that the USA paid for the coup. NATO and US are amassing troops near the Russian border and actively encouraging the Ukrainians and paying them to ethnically cleanse their Russian minority.

Hillary Clinton has said openly during this campaign that she would start a war with Russia.
Now I have some bad news for you. Contrary to what you might believe, Russia is not a 2 bit dictatorship that can be pushed around. The two bit dictatorship that can be pushed around nowadays is the USA.

Russia bombed a secret US army base in Syria and got away with it. Turkey locked down and strip searched the US air base at Incirlik and the US did nothing.

Iran took US citizens and marines hostages and the US paid them to release them.

China is openly strengthening its position in the South China Sea and openly announced its intention for a military alliance with Russia.

Russia who now has a military base in Iran, the country that takes US citizens hostages.

Hillary Clinton and her husband have made the world a worse place. I am not going to get into the scandals, the corruption etc. The list is too long.

But the one thing you should care about is this:
Do you want a nuclear war? Because Russia has nukes, and a bunch of weapons that we don't even know what they can do. And Russia, being as big and dispersed as it is, has never been conquered. Not even Genghis Khan didn't manage to fully conquer it.

Russia has nukes. Russia is making alliances. Russia is ready, and if Putin thinks that the US will imminently attack Russia, he will shoot first.

And Hillary Clinton has announced she will war on Russia. In case you're stupid, Russia and the USA used to collaborate. They were at peace until the bitch wrecked it.

Right now, without Russia, the US isn't even capable of bringing its own astronauts home from the ISS, because the US no longer has rockets that can go into orbit.

In the past 8 years Hillary Clinton and her boss/frenemy Obama have weakened the US military to levels unheard of.

Hillary Clinton will start a nuclear war. She might not think it would be a nuclear war, but there is no incentive for Russia to not nuke the USA if needed. The fallout would affect Russia very little, and nobody else can stand in its way, if push comes to shove.

Donald Trump is not a perfect man. But we know for a fact that he would not start a nuclear war.

Now put aside the propaganda and the bullshit you've been fed and ask yourself this:

Do you want a nuclear war? If the answer is no, you should vote for Trump. Hold your nose if you have to, but do it.

IF you want a nuclear war, then you're insane and this doesn't matter.

But if you don't, remember which one of the two candidates is responsible for several wars.

That's what it comes down to.

You don't get to choose between Clinton and Trump. It's gone past that.

Your choice is between Trump and nuclear war.

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