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You can only feed so many people

There used to be a time, a few decades ago, when the logic was that  brown skinned immigrants should be allowed to come settle into rich western countries because the workforce was depleted- after WW2.  Then it was because the locals didn’t want to do the menial jobs.

Now it is just assumed that they have some kind of right to come over and settle here by virtue of having ruined their own countries.

What the Left who supports this asinine project forgets or doesn’t realize, is that there are economic reasons for it. Immigrants are more likely to be willing to work for less money, thus causing a drop in the production costs of big companies.  Plus having more people in an area is a pseudo boost- more people means more food and services purchased. The retail economy does profit. The landlords do profit etc.

However, there’s a catch. Western countries have welfare. Suddenly the migrants coming over are not here to contribute to our economies but take from us because we’re dumb enough to allow them, and the leftie governments who let them in are more than happy to raise taxes on the local working population to feed them.

Like Marx himself noted it 1oo+ years ago, immigration is used as a tool to keep the working class in line and to stop them from revolting. But since in 5 years these migrants also become citizens, it is also a way to ensure the consistent electoral victory of those who brought them over.

It is in fact a transfer- of wealth and money and opportunity from the local working class to the non-indigenous migrants. The workers are being fleeced so that the governments can import voters that will keep them in power.

Who wins? Everybody but the local working class apparently. The middle class who profits from this by way of cheaper services won’t feel it- they can always afford  gated communities. The politicians profit- the left has been in power in Sweden for decades by doing this and in case you haven’t noticed Sweden isn’t doing that well nowadays.  The migrants profit too because it’s a lot easier to live on benefits in the West than to scrape a living in Africa.

It started with the tearjerking myth of the poor Syrian migrant children and now it has devolved into “why do we even have borders anyway” from the virtue signalling middle class kids who’ve never seen a migrant up close.

Like maggots, they’re eating what’s left of the flesh of welfare states that were built from the sweat and tears of the local working class. They bring little to the table- the 2011 Migration Report in UK shows that the Muslim community, the fastest growing in the UK, has an occupancy level ( as in full time employment) of about 60% of that of the general population- only 19% of adults are in full time work as opposed to 34% in general population.
  So who is feeding the other 81%? Some of them are working part time, which means they collect some form of benefits. Many are self employed, which in the UK also entitles one to benefits.
Then again so does full time work. The UK has this perverse system called in work benefits where if one’s income from work is not enough – they get a form of help from the state. This not only helps the employers pay less than they should, it also ensures that most of the less educated and skilled people, local and migrants, remain beholden to the welfare system for life.

There are, in truth, immigrants that integrate.  I'm one of them, but my income is far above the average and there are more jobs in my field than there are people who can do them in the UK, or to be honest in Europe. But an immigrant who comes to work for minimum wage will take more from the system than he puts in, and he’ll also take more from the resources he or she has not contributed to. Housing does not grow on trees and local services are not scaling with population so the more people you shove in a place the higher the rent and the less resources per capita.

The working class are the ones who are first to perceive this. They are the one with whom the migrants, mainly low or non skilled if they are non European, are competing for resources.  They are the ones whose semi-skilled jobs pay a lot less now because there’s more people who can do them, and they are the ones whose rents are going up because there are more people who need housing.

And since the state is paying the newcomers welfare, to which they have not contributed and should have no right to, the money is there for them to take the housing from the locals. Furthermore, since the demand is higher, the landlords can easily get away with being slumlords, since there’s always more demand than can be covered in terms of housing.

Like I said, Marx predicted this when he wrote about the animosity between the English working class and the irish immigrants 100 years ago- the irish were being imported to as strike breakers to keep the local workforce subdued.

The sad and horrid economic truth the western pseudoleft refuses to accept is that you can have immigration or welfare- you can’t have both. The horrid truth is seen by Sweden- it took so many people in and provided them with everything they need that now the country can no longer afford to keep the rule of the law in various areas.  The services like police have been cut so that migrants can be fed.

Why pseudo left, you ask? Because the left is supposed to care about the working class, but they stopped doing this decades ago. The workers have this nasty habit of turning right when they start doing better, so the pseudo left decided the best way to get power is to import brown voters from countries with a serious cultural mismatch, who are so underskilled and in many cases illiterate that they are at no risk of ever making it out of the welfare trap.

And after a while these people can vote, and they will vote for the providers of welfare.

Even the leftier outlets like the Guardian have admitted that immigration negatively affects the lives of the lower 20%. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from continuing to peddle the same swill about the poor migrant children who need to be taken into your country albeit most migrants are fit men who in normal cases would have stayed home and fought to get their countries back like our grandparents did.

Then again, who can blame the Europeans? Their grandparents didn’t fight for their lands. MY dutch friends give me weird looks when I tell them about my grandfather who fought the Russians and the Germans to get our land back. Their grandparents didn’t fight the Nazis- Holland sent a bunch of people on bicycles to stop nazi tanks. France did too little.  Britain was attacked from the air, but most of the population weren’t soldiers and the last survivor of Dunkirk just died.

How could the Westerners even understand what an eastern European like me says when talking about our grandparents defending their land with their blood? They were raised under the EU. They were raised safe, and denationalized and this is why so many British Kids are distraught at the thought of Britain leaving the EU- because they’re too young and stupid and uninformed to understand why it’s important to be british, and successful governments ensured that comprehensive schools aren’t remotely providing them with enough knowledge for them to understand the value and pride of being British.

The pseudo left cares only about being in power- because it stopped caring about the working class long ago, and as long as people vote for them what does it matter what colour they are?

Not only that, but they NEED the migrant violence in order to force the locals into the horrid security versus rights paradigm. We’ve already lost the freedom of expression.
The left is afraid of the Western working class, because they’re becoming too smart to be manipulated. So they’re just replacing them and screw everyone else as long as there’s still enough people working and paying taxes to keep the professional leftie do gooders in cushioned seats and charity money

This is why there is a rise of the right across the west. Because each and every migrant coming in is an extra mouth at the table, and you can only feed so much.

The conservative parties will soon have to pay the piper, and I’m putting money on the Tories starting a contribution only benefits scheme soon. Theresa May, a woman smarter than everyone else in the Conservative Party, already had the brass balls to go to the UN and tell them we can’t take everybody in just because our civilization is more successful.

There’s a culture war happening right now, and a race war coming.
And if you want to know why, it’s simple.
  You can only feed so many people. It’s the economy, stupid!!

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