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Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School

One of the most amusing phrases one can hear in the Western political discourse is “cultural Marxism”. You’ll only hear it from the people who have issues with it, and none of these people has ever read Marx.

The simple fact that people believe this term actually means anything is one of the most amusing thing. WE already know that the Western centre to Right sphere is afraid of Marxism, but there’s nothing more sad than people who are afraid of a doctrine they don’t even understand.

I could go on right now and explain Marxism to you, and I could convert you to it.  But anything you guys think Marxism is? It’s not.

There is no such thing as Cultural Marxism.

Why? Very simple. Because what you guys call Cultural Marxism is the opposite of everything Marx stood for. It’s actually a very simple thing. Marx is the father of International Socialism. International Socialism is the belief that the interests of the worldwide working class are the same, and that national and ethnic differences should defer to class interests.

Workers of the world, unite!

That is what Marxism is.  Class identity over ethnic and national identity.

Now if you’re not stupid, you’ll notice that this is the complete opposite to the Identity Politics that is what you people call Cultural Marxism.  Marxism and Identity Politics are complete opposites.  One cannot exist in the same ideology with the other.

You can’t actually ask the workers to unite then tell some of them they should hate the others because of the colour of their skin, because skin colour is irrelevant in Marxism.  So is race and so is gender, which is why you see so many flavours of socialism in the developing third world.

So, let me get this out again- There is no such thing as cultural Marxism.  It exists, but it’s not Marxist.

On the issue of mass immigration:

Marx himself wrote against the capitalist class using immigration to weaken the position of the local working class. He wrote about this happening in England, where Irish immigrants were used as strike breakers.

So of course Marx would not in a million years support mass immigration from poor to rich countries, because that’s anti socialist. The idea is to have workers from all countries work and ally to start the revolution in their own countries. Them coming over to richer countries defies the purpose.

Clear? Let’s move on.

Now what you call Cultural Marxism  does exist, but it’s not Marxist. What it is, is an application of identity politics based on something called the Frankfurt School principles.

 The Frankfurt School was a group of philosophers who decided to translate the Marxist principles into something more tolerable for the Western workers.  You see, Marx etc expected the socialist revolution to start in one of the highly industrialized countries like the UK, USA or Germany. Marx was very pissed off when that didn’t happen.

So they decided to change Marxism into a different ideology, one that would be more likely to resonate with the Western workers.
Of course, in the process they completely fucked it up and misread all of the principles that make Marxism what it is. Now you’d say that is a massive failure… if you believed that the Frankfurt School’s purpose was to spread Marxism to the West.


I studied socialism in school, and I read all of Marx, most of Engels and Lenin and the whole Dialectic Materialism doctrine plus the works of the various shades of Stalinists. I’m yet to meet a Western “Socialist” that has read Marx.  Which doesn’t mean I want to see socialism implemented ever again. 

Workers that have been separated by race and told that they should hate each other for perceived historical injustices would never come together as one solid block.

Which makes a class revolution impossible. What it does achieve however is continuous social tension and adversary groups who will embark on the oppression Olympics and assure a permanent floating amount of political instability that will never really resolve into any sort of coherent class revolution but will create a market for 2 bit ideologues that tell one group or the other what they want to hear.

 The best way to sabotage a revolution is to have the various factions fight amongst themselves, and this is what we are witnessing now.

 Because it’s very likely that the Frankfurt School was never meant to spread socialism. What it does is create animosities where there were none, and ensure that the block that would be the working class remains divided.

Which ensures it will never achieve anything.

It’s almost as if their purpose was always to compromise and fragment socialism and ensure that the class struggle, the only one that is actually dangerous and poses a real danger to the system, never actually amounts to anything.


Western Socialists are incredibly stupid.

But on the bright side, they’re so busy fighting amongst themselves.




 I  was born and raised in socialist Romania. You’ll say “oh but that was dictatorship not real socialism”, but saying that shows you’re stupid. All of the means of production were state or collective owned. Socialism by the book. 

It was also awful. Socialism doesn’t work.

 But I appreciate some of Marx’ writings and ideas. Including the fact that Das Kapital is the best analysis of Capitalism ever.  Or that Marx intended his communism to be a philosophical utopia and was so disappointed by its application that he refused to join the Communist party born from his ideas for a very long time.

Or that his financial dependency of Engels make a lot of his later writings rather dubious and at odds to the views he expressed in his personal correspondence.

Marx himself said socialism can only be instated by violence.

 Marx was a great thinker, and that’s it.  But in order for the people trying to fight against the idiocy of the western pseudo left to succeed, they have to know what they are dealing with.

Calling the aberrations of the modern Western Pseudo left “Marxist” gives them a legitimacy they do not deserve.

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