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The Anti Muslim hate crime hoaxwave

So once again this week you’ve heard about a “hate crime” on a Muslim woman in London where the attacker just ran to her, pulled her veil down and then ran away.

Once again, no evidence for it than the woman and her companion, the Police are asking for witnesses. No CCTV, which in and by itself is strange.

Now ask yourself, why does this seem “off” to you?

Because it’s a hoax. There is no such thing as an epidemic of hate crimes across Europe that manifests by people just pulling women’s veils down and running away. They are reported, as far as Romania, but, they all have something in common: they’re never first reported to the police. Nothing ever comes of them- you never heard about anyone being caught and prosecuted over it.

They also very conveniently leave no traces.

It’s a hoax. How do we know?

Because most of the so called hate crimes reported against Muslims in Europe are.  Tell mama, the charity set up to report these hate crimes was proven to have exaggerated its claims 10 times over.

Because no European would actually think pulling a Muslim woman’s veil is a hate crime. Even the many of us who deeply dislike Islam, we don’t hate Muslim women. We regard them as oppressed, poor sad creatures forced to wear the tarpaulins from a young age. Not as enemies, albeit there are female Muslim terrorists like Tasfeen Maliq, or Samantha Lethwaite. We just don’t think of them as enemies.

Because we are civilised people. We don’t attack women. Not without a good reason anyway. The veiled woman is, for any normal European, an oppressed woman. We feel bad for her and the act of pulling her veil down wouldn’t be an act of hate- we’d regard it as an act of freeing the poor woman.

Because we don’t attack women.

Only a Muslim can think this would possibly be a hate crime, because only for a Muslim the veil is a symbol of the Muslim faith. For Europeans it’s a symbol of oppression, so the act of pulling a woman’s veil would be a compassionate act at best, not a hatred one.

Also because us Europeans, probably because of our Neanderthal genes, are violent beasts. We don’t commit symbolic hate crimes. When we get to the point of hate c rimes, we do them openly. We will blow up, beat up or shoot those we hate.

But we wouldn’t attack women.

That’s what Muslims do.

We protect women and children, because we are the people who protect women and children. It’s a value so intrinsically built in our identity that we can’t even conceive of Muslim women being our enemies, even when they hurt and kill people.

When there’s a wave of hate crime against Muslims in Europe, you’ll know. Because there will be bodies.

Right now there’s just a wave of hoaxes perpetrated by certain parties all across the continent to help Muslims claim some more of that coveted Victimhood pie.

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