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Hillary Clinton NEEDS a war

I have written before about the fact that Hilary Clinton will start a war with Russia, unless Obama beats her to it. Even third party candidate Jill Stein has come out  with the same warning, and pretty much everyone who is not an idiot can see it coming miles away.

But “why” will you ask, “why would anyone want a nuclear war”?

That’s where the problem is.

If there is one thing that Hillary Clinton and her frenemies the Obamas have in common , it’s their unbelievable arrogance. The whole fuckup that we have witnessed in the past 8 years was not, in my opinion, a masterplan, as much as a series of horrid stumbles and miscalculations.

Or at least I hope so, albeit Obama wouldn’t have done anything different had he been a Manchurian Muslim Brotherhood Candidate. While the jury is still out on that, I am still barely holding onto the belief that Obama is a not very intelligent muppet, manipulated by interests he barely understands. His whole demeanour and the crassness and sheer idiocy of his family’s behaviour would indicate as such- to put simply the guy is not smart enough to be an evil genius.

But this is not about Obama.  This is about Hillary Clinton.

What does Hillary want? Dumb question. She wants one law for her and one for you, she wants to profit from various fields and she will definitely start more wars- because wars are profitable for the right people and she’ll get some cream off them too.

Basically, she wants to turn the USA into a banana republic, and this is why she’s so gung ho into opening the borders- because poor backwards immigrants are cheaper and don’t have the ethics of 200 years of democracy to make such demands as “ respect the laws”.

Hillary and her ilk want the US to become a banana republic which they can fleece clean and where laws cannot possibly be applied to them, and an informed citizenry is their biggest obstacle towards that goal.

As someone coming from a banana republic? Trust me you don’t want that. You don’t want a land where there’s one law for you and one for them and where  every system gets so corrupted that it becomes impossible for honest people to become involved in politics.
America’s politics is already a game for the rich, what Hillary wants is the freedom of doing it without even the slightest inconvenience from the checks and balances.

She’s already gotten away with it once or so she thinks, of course she’d want more.  Honest people don’t get rich in government.

As Wikileaks has proven, she is one of the direct guilty parties for the Libya disaster- Ghaddafi wanted to negotiate- she insisted on a war that killed millions displaced even more and turned the ME into a hell hole.
A USEFUL hellhole, because wars mean weapons and weapons mean money for weapons makers. 

This is what she’s hoping to achieve with her continuous attempts to provoke Russia, a war that would not only maintain NATO relevant but would also increase the amount of defense contracts for her friends and , in case of victory, give the USA access to Russia’s resources.

The 38 billion check to Israel? Here’s a funfact- the US doesn’t give money to Israel. Israel and others receive tokens- funds that can only be used to buy weapons from certain US weapon makers. It’s not aid, it’s a state subvention to Lockheed Martin and the ilk.

Under the Obama presidency, a lot of the US Military research and development has been closed down, because you can’t give yourself defense contracts. The services were successfully outsourced to Lockheed Martin etc, a company that has both the dubious honour of making F35 5th gen fighter jets that come apart in flight and the  highest contributions to Hillary’s campaign.

Have a look for yourselves

 Clinton wants a warbecause she thinks it would be a conventional war that the US can draw out and use to increase defense contracts and probably strip the citizenry of rights.

A war would be perfect for her, wouldn’t it?

Of course she doesn't want a nuclear war, but she's too stupid to realize that Russia is not weak anymore, while the US is. They got away with pushing around two bit dictators like Saddam and Ghaddafi, and they think Russia is the same.

Of course, that's stupid. Russia is not only not the type of country you push around- the US tried to turn it into that in the 90s(remember the cretinous drunk Eltsyn??) but those times are gone.Russia is also a country ran by what is undoubtedly the smartest politician of the world.

While Obama was cutting down the US military and mothballing resources, Russia was investing and researching and as far as we're seeing it, they're doing stuff the USA can't even dream of. The bully really wants to pick on a bigger bully, and history has repeatedly shown that Russia doesn't take well to bullying.

As I have explained in a previous post- Putin Plays Chess . The guy is building an anti US alliance with the BRICS countries, in a way that ensures it will have a hegemony on a lot of resources for years to come. While the US goes in and destroys everything in its path while cowering miserably when attacked back, Putin is building friendships. In the past year Putin has managed to attain an open military alliance with China, sever Turkey almost completely off from NATO and useful economic and military alliances with Iran, India and Azerbaidjan.

If you look on a map, that's a lot of people and land and resources, in a world where resources are getting mighty scarce.
Russia is PROFITTING from the sanctions imposed on it. The EU sanctions meant that the Russian agriculture didn't have to compete with cheap EU products, and Russia is aiming for food independence, something the US can't even dream of.

And then there's China

The Podesta Emails have already shown what many of us suspected, that Hillary's paymasters want to push China down the way of a war of attrition, and China is not going to stand for that.

The USA is a falling empire, and its ruling class which Hillary represents is more than willing to take everyone down with them in exchange for a little more money, because they know that whatever might come, a lot of money will be very good at insulating them from the consequences. If someone nukes the USA, Hillary and her ilk will be far away, either comfortable in the Cheyenne Mountain bunker or somewhere else, and fuck the plebs who get to die in nuclear fire.

Hillary needs a war to keep her paymasters well supplied off taxpayer money.

She needs a war to cut down on the democratic rights of the Americans and turn them into obedient little sheep.

What she doesn't need is a democracy with rule of law. This is why she's running albeit she's too frail to walk on her own. Because if she doesn't, then all of the dirty deal will come out and she'll die in a prison cell.

Hillary is running AGAINST the American people. She needs a war to cow them, and she will get it at first opportunity.

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