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Putin doesn't care about the Baltic States

It's being said that Putin is "a threat" to NATO because he "resents the freedom of the Baltic states".
This is unbelievably untrue.

Let me explain:

1. The Baltic states are shitholes. They are such shitholes that their towns are empty because everyone with half a brain fucked off to the West.

2.There is no actual advantage for anyone holding the Baltic states. They have little to no resources, and access to the Baltic is not really worth much nowadays. Furthermore, they aren't even part of traditional Russian holdings. They have been held on and off by Poland, Sweden, Germany and Russia for 1000 years. There is nothing for Putin there, his alliances so far have been proven to be economic based and with an emphasis on Asia. Putin doesn't need them, they're drains and not assets. The only thing the Baltic countries do have is the access to the Baltic, and commerce through the Baltic ports towards Russia used to be their main means of survival. But with their belicose attitude. Putin retaliated by building the new port of Bronka, who is bringing dow the port service fees in the Baltic countries. This is why they are so weird towards Russia, because Russia no longer supports their meager economies. There's nothing worth having in the Baltics anymore as far as Russia is concerned.

3. The Baltic states are afraid of Putin because they are treating their Russian minorities in appalling ways, depriving them of all sorts of rights, and the EU allows this. In return Russia prefers to try to repatriate these guys rather than invading the Baltics, because when you invade a country you have to feed them.

4. The only reason Russia still holds Kaliningrad is because Germany is so afraid of Prussian nationalism it refused Russia's offer to return it in the 90s.

5. It would be stupid of Putin to invest any time and resources in attacking the Baltics, and the guy has bigger fish to fry in areas that are actually worth having.

6.He's making an Asian alliance right under the West's noses- Russia builds nuclear powerplants in India, lifted the economic embargo on Turkish products and is openly allied with China. He's had private meetings with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan , and is pushing forward in Syria despite what the US blathers.

7. Putin doesn't care about the Baltics, nor Poland. Poland is a bankrupt shithole whose pension deficit is about to drop like a ton of bricks. The Baltics were a bribe to Stalin- not traditional Russian holdings, and Russia has no interest in acquiring empoverished lands of little value. With the extension of the Trans Siberian railway that Russia and China are working on, there will be significantly lower need for sea traffic from China towards Russia in the near future.

8. Turkey is half a step away from leaving NATO, which will give Putin back the access to the Mediterranean that he needs. Instead of bitching about a bunch of nothing poor shitholes like the Baltics, you lot should be worried about Turkey.

9. Putin's aim is obviously an oil pipeline outside of NATO controls on the route Iran-Syria-Caspian Sea. The west wants a route that goes from Qatar through Saudi up through the wild card Turkey. The Syrian war is basically the US paying arab terrorists to kill innocent Syrians in order to further the economic interests of Saudi and Qatar.

Hope this clears it for you.

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