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The fall of the priestly class

One of the things I remember clearly about growing up in communist Romania was the power of the party activists. These people, who might’ve come from humble backgrounds and low education, were invested by the overt power of the Party with the power to interfere in everybody’s life, to bestow judgement and/or praise and to make or break someone’s life.

Their power was vast and unchecked, and all they had to do was to give themselves completely to the Party, to embrace and imbibe its teachings and then use them to gain power they’d liberally use to affect those around them... and gather advantages for themselves.

There was something mystical about them, the way they acted, they were feared and holy and untouchable and resented...

Years later I realized they were the priestly class of our wretched state.

The "free" West (what a bad joke) has a similar kind of priestly class that can barge into everyone’s life with their steel toed boots covered in mud and wreck and destroyit with impunity. They can attack you, pass judgement on you, alienate your friends or family and there’s little to no consequence to them.

They’re called the press, and they are the priestly class of the West. They can do anything to you. They can drag you through mud, they can cut open your life and expose it and nothing would ever get them back. They challenge, exalt and ostracize with impunity.

And they are infinitely corrupt and open to the highest bidder. Mercenary and vain, cruel and spoiled, they benefit from our innate need for communication and socializing to assert their power and dominance, and they use it with delight.

And it’s not even hard to get in... all you have to do is sacrifice your soul and integrity, embrace the lies you are told and spread them, and this power will be bestowed upon you as well.

This actually creates an interesting paradox, because the brightest and best end up rejecting the poisonous chalice. Easy it might be to join the priestly class but when push comes to shove the price is too high for those with non gelatinous spines.

And boy do they pay for daring to leave. They pay it in blood and sweat and tears and the loss of their nearest and dearest, for the priestly class fears nothing more than being betrayed, and anyone who dares to leave the ranks and speak the uncomfortable truth gets punished.

Of course, the low quality of the priestly class lights an ugly light on the quality of the society that allows its parasitic existence, and maybe that’s where salvation comes from.

Because the dirty truth is that, like all parasites, this priestly class only has the power you allow them to have over you. There is no solid infrastructure behind them to confer them real power- it’s all sleight of hand and thin smoke and cracked mirrors, and the best part about it is that it’s unraveling under our very eyes.

Because their means of existence is dying a slow protracted death. Because you can’t lie to all people all the time, and because the average Joe who’s their bread and butter has already started to figure their game out.

There will be more firings and more "opinion columnists" who will be hitting the pavement looking for work. Most of them, and happily the most toxic ones will find themselves unemployed and unemployable, because not even poisoners like poison merchants.

And then what will be left to them? Obscurity, fear and hunger.

Or worse.

History, that cruel mistress of reality tells us what happens when the priestly class are revealed for the petty thugs they are. Bigger collapses follow.

The lie is spreading too thinly and the center cannot hold.

The year is 1932. It’s coming

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