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The funny thing about Atheism

I'm an atheist who never had to deconvert from anything because, as it happened, nobody got around to converting me first. There's some advantages to being born an atheist, the part where your apostasy from your forefathers' beliefs doesn't weigh you down and the part where you don't feel like you have some sort of righteous duty to rain fire and brimstone upon those who didn't have your courage to abjure.

A lot of people become atheists because they feel the religious identity of those who surround them is imposing upon them, so they end up doing it as some sort of teenage rebellion against their parents et all, and then continue down that path because it feels so good and morally self righteous that they have this unholy urge to go down and just demolish everything whatever belief they abjured from had built over the centuries and millennia.

And there's just people who realize that there's no actual need for god in their lives and they aren't seeing any evidence for being anything but a speck of dust in a shitty corner of one of the universes and they just accept that.

(yes this is some form of backhand response to this @twitchietwat on MInds mainly because I don't feel like repeating what he already said and "me too" is so trite)

The problem with the first form of atheism is that it is inherently reactionary and destructive, and that makes it pretty fucking retarded. It's also too much of an exorcising of one's demons than an actual atheist movement, the people who are chastising Xtianity in such great numbers are very fucking easy to accept Islam's insanity because their beef is not with religion per se, it'd with their parents' religion.

The people who hate Xtianity SO MUCH support Islam's crimes and oppress free thinking Muslims and ex Muslims with a passion that should probably require some goddamned medical attention (See Myriam Namazie)

As in- these people are morons.

I'm not even going to get into the fact that Xtianity hasn't been a danger to anyone in approximately zoinks, or if you want, decades, or that the places where it holds sway have it because most of their people want it.

But little chikuns, you live in the motherfucking west. You can believe whatever the fuck you believe and that's OK.

But one has to wonder why the actual fuck do you feel the pathological need to convince everyone to join you in your collective misery daisy chain? Is it misery loves company ( because yes realizing you're a spec of dust in a merciless multiverse sucks) or just the fact that you're inferior minds who need the strength of the pack to help you survive through your abjuration?

One has to seriously wonder whether you're just missing the certainty of believing that you're special enough to have a winged fairy daddy look after you even when he hates your guts.

Or maybe, like most of the western converts to Islam, you just fucking hate having choices and need someone to tell you how to live your empty pathetic lives so you exchanged one groupthink for another.

But if you really are honest in your atheism, and I suspect most of you just want to switch group affiliation and revolt against mummy and daddy while still keeping on taking their money, then I suggest you accept the part where others' beliefs are not your fucking problem.

Religion is an important part of a lot of people's identity. The reason the most advanced civilization on earth (based on the myth of the revived zombie jew on a stick) went and conquered each and everyone of your peaceful lands with people who worship rocks and goats and the sun is because organized religion is very powerful, because it gave a shitton of people a common identity to hold on to when your beloved Muslims tried repeatedly to conquer us and turn Europe into one of those lovely flies, camel crap, poverty and FGM paradise they're so eager to escape now.

So You want to be an atheist? Fine. I don't entirely care about what you believe, but fucking stop trying to demolish everything better people than you have built because their had a belief system in a superior power.

Because all these attempts to bring down the civilization that produced you because most of it was built on the Christian identity looks too much like teenagers throwing temper tantrums at their parents because they don't like the curfew.

Each to his own. The second kind of Atheism is OK and I subscribe to it. This is the universe. It's big and full of shit and we have no fucking idea about most of it. I don't see a God, but then again I ain't looking for one either, I'm safe enough in myself to not need the attention of imaginary figures

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