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The right kind of democracy

I understand now.

In our battle for true democracy, we should immediately denounce some leftist achievements. After all, since when "demos" started to mean "all the people"?

First of all, we should disenfranchise women... no, we don't disenfranchise women, because after the First Women's Liberation World War, men would be relegated to meek sperm donors.

OK, let's first disenfranchise non-working pensioners. They don't contribute to the country anymore, so they have no right to decide its future. And their thinking is too archaic, they'd vote for anyone who speaks better on TV.

Then we bring back property qualifications. Why do some drunk assembly line workers have the same voting power as iPhone lovers and jamon eaters? We'll also need education qualifications: you shouldn't even be able to register at the polling station without a higher education diploma.

Then we use citation index. If your political posts didn't garner enough reposts, likes and comments from the educated creative class, you shouldn't participate in elections, let alone if you don't write about politics at all or even aren't registered in social networks. How can you decide the country's destiny if you don't actively take part in virtual debates?

And after that, we'll finally have THE GREAT SYSTEM. We'll elect the right president, then we'll allow the ochlos and the ilots to choose something too, like electing mayors for their villages.

Give cratos to the right demos!

By Alexey Spectre

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