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The cost of Carlos Illegal

Illegal immigration is resource theft

1.       Illegal immigration is actually illegal.

This post is not about legal immigrants. I am one. I went through all of the bullshit involved in getting a visa to move, I paid my dues, and I live in the UK legally.

Immigrating legally is a commitment one makes to its host country. The whole process of obtaining the visa and putting up with the insane bureaucracy is that you are hereby promising to respect your host country’s laws, and you prove this by undertaking this hideously annoying and pointless exercise in surrealism.

The moment you make that commitment, you find yourself regarding your move as an investment, and you will not go through all that for the sake of welfare. Well, most people won’t. There is a specific group of people who do, and they will be addressed  later.

It’s a contract- you promise and start engaging in respecting your host country’s laws, and they deem you good enough to let you in. It’s simple and it’s natural. You don’t let people in your house without knowing who they are do you? Because the people who do end up on the news, dead.

Illegal immigrants are people who refuse to make that commitment. They want the benefits of the host country, but not the obligation to respect its laws.

So if they got away with it once, why do you think they won’t do it again? A list of all the crimes committed by illegal immigrants in the US is rather painfully telling.
People stick to what works, and if you make breaking the law work for them, they will continue to do so.


2.       Illegal immigration drives down the price of work

An illegal immigrant has significantly lower work costs than a legal resident. A legal resident might have a mortgage, and a standard of living  close to that of the rest of his country and class. An illegal doesn’t have that.
Therefore, by simple virtue of having broken the law, the illegal can afford to sell his work for less than the legal resident.

What does this mean? It means that the work of the legal resident of equivalent skill has just lowered its price out of reach for said legal resident.

You see little chikuns, jobs don’t grow on trees. Every job that an illegal takes, is a job that a legal resident doesn’t.
So while the illegals do sometimes pay tax, we need to also account for the damage they do to the legal residents and how that reflects into the local and national economy.


Job X pays Y.
If Joe Sixpack earns Y, he will spend it on stuff like a mortgage, food, various other stuff he needs for himself and his family to live.
Which means that first the country gets income taxes off his wages, then sales tax off of everything he buys.
Plus, the money he spends on stuff doesn’t disappear into the void. It goes to local shops and businesses, or even national ones. That money justifies retail jobs continuing to exist. He spends Z on his car- that justifies part of the wages of Jim Bob the guy at the car repair centre.

Now, we’re talking about Joe Sixpack. Joe Sixpack is at best a semi skilled worker, and pretty much always blue collar.  He can’t afford savings and may not have a mortgage, which means that he probably lives check to check like most people in the lower 50 percentile.

Which means that AFTER his income and various other taxes, every dollar he made will have 10-15% of whatever  sales tax going back into the local economy.
Those taxes pay for stuff. They pay for roads, they pay for other people’s welfare, they pay for public education, they pay for this whole thing that is the USA to exist.
Democracy  is expensive.

Now, Carlos Illegal has just come to town. Carlos Illegal doesn’t have a mortgage. He’s fresh off the border so he’s likely to live with other people in a slum, which means that his living expenses are significantly lower than those of Joe Sixpack. He won’t have a car from day one, which means that he doesn’t yet need money for insurance etc.

So his needs are smaller. He can afford to work for less than Y, let’s say that he is working for K.

K=80% Y.

Now you’re gonna say, “Yes, but Carlos Illegal pays taxes too”.

I have very bad news for you- you’re hilariously stupid.
 First: even assuming that Carlos spends all his money on the local economy and pays all his taxes, tax on 80% Y is LESS FUCKING MONEY than tax on Y.

Now, there’s also additional costs that happen here.
Because if Carlos Illegal takes Joe’s job, the simple fact that him and people like him exist and are willing to work for K means that this will price Joe Sixpack out of the jobs he can do.
Which means that Joe Sixpack goes on welfare.

So not only does the country get less taxes to begin with, but it also now has to pay Joe Sixpack’s welfare.
It also means that on welfare Joe Sixpack will spend less money on whatever the hell he and his family need- like food, clothes etc. As in less money into the economy. As in less retail jobs.

It also means that Joe Sixpack’s kids will definitely not go to college now.

And all of this rests on the assumption that Carlos Illegal spends all of his money in the local economy.

Newsflash: he won’t. Carlos has family home. He will send them money because they’re probably fucking starving.

You don’t know what the problem with that is? It’s simple: the money that Joe Sixpack would’ve spent on local economy, Carlos Illegal will send out  of the country. That money will go towards retail jobs in wherever Shitholia Carlos Illegal is from.

How do I know this?
Because I’m a fucking legal immigrant. And I send money home.

I’m Romanian. 50% of Romania’s adult population lives abroad and send money home every fucking month.
How much money?

I’m so glad you asked.

In 2008, Romanians living abroad sent to Romania 4 billion Euro. Most of us live in Europe or the USA/Canada.

That is money that goes out of the local economy. Now, 2008 was the height of the crisis. Tell me, do you know anyone who lost their retail or service job in 2008?

Guess what? If that money would’ve stayed in the economy of the host countries, at least some of those jobs would’ve been saved. The state would’ve gotten sales tax on it, and the retailers and service providers would’ve made more money and thus kept more people employed.

But let’s look at numbers.

3.       So how much does Carlos Illegal cost?

1. Tax on Y minus K
2. Welfare for Joe Sixpack, because Carlos’ very existence means Joe has no chance to ever get a job at Y wage.
3. Less money into the local economy because Joe Sixpack doesn’t have enough money anymore to spend.
4. The money Carlos sent out of the country.

And this isn’t even counting the stretch on local services which don’t grow on trees.

So no, it’s not a matter that Joe Sixpack doesn’t want the job. It’s just that he can’t afford to live oiff it anymore because Carlos Illegal gets rewarded for breaking the law.
Not only that, but Joe Sixpack’s kids now also have to compete for resources with Carlos’ kids, because Carlos will bring his spawn over or will  shack up with Carlita and have them some anchor babies.



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