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Dancing out of EU in kitten heels

There’s an awfully peculiar thing happening in Europe right now, and the funniest thing about it is that the main actors are not aware that it’s happening.

The general public  and the European elites , normally as far apart from each other as it gets, have  managed to distance themselves  even further from each other to the point where they no longer even inhabit the same planet, and said elites have no idea that there is nothing they can say or do at this point to  get through to your average Jean-Pierre or Johann or Giovanni.

The bunch of people making noise in Brussels right now have no idea that the world outside their champagne bubble has changed and that they’re closer to the guillotine than Louis 16 was in 1793.

This is rather obvious if one reads the news and listens to their blathering.
 In the UK,  we are being constantly told by the ossified and soon to be  slaughtered BBC that each and every European loudmouth in Brussels is against Brexit and that they’ll make our lives as hard as possible if we leave. No deal is possible, and this guy who nobody in Britain elected will make our lives so hard and will bankrupt everything in Britain that we better stand down and forget all about this silly Brexit idea.

Of course, this is being bought and gulped down greedily by the Remain  mass who seem to not have noticed that Britain is fucking booming since 23rd June.  They’re also seeming to not notice the amusing part where their own numbers are thinning down as more people would vote for Brexit now than did in June.

As in all of the noise the Remain bands have made has managed to convince an additional 2% overall to vote for Brexit , on top of those who already did.

Sourced from Politics Home

If a second EU referendum was held now, more over 50s would vote to leave the bloc than on June 23rd, a new poll has revealed. 

The poll, conducted by Saga, showed overall support for Leave was up 2% and Remain was down by 1%.  

The biggest net gains for Brexit were in socio-economic group DE – which showed the lead for Brexit widen by 6% to stand at Leave 60%, Remain 26%.  The Remain lead amongst those in socio-economic group AB narrowed by 3% - with Remain at 52% and Leave 41%. The only socio-economic group that Remainers can take comfort in is the C2s where the gap between Leave and Remain narrowed by 1% - albeit Leave were ahead 59% to 32%.

It also appears that more people are getting off the fence as support for Brexit grew in every UK region apart from London whilst support for Remain grew in only two regions.  In London and the North East Remain support grew by 1%.  Support for Leave remained unchanged in the capital so the Remain camp increased its lead - 54% Remain, 37% Leave.   However, in the North East support for Leave was up 2% - so in common with all other English regions the Brexit lead widened.   

You can’t make this up.  The average John has spoken and is continuing to speak, and the response of the EU elites threatened to lose their second fattest cash cow is to enlist the aid of none other than Tony Blair, arguably the most unpopular politician in Britain alive, to lead the Remain offensive.

So, Tony Blair, a man whose own party declared him a war criminal and a liar, who has to have a 24/7 armed escort due to his unpopularity, someone that nobody in Britain would follow to anything but the gallows, is considered by the top Brussels people as someone who would convince the Brits to give up on that democracy nonsense.

Unfortunately, much as all of this is unbelievably ridiculous, it actually gets worse.   Apparently the Brits would be better convinced to forget about leaving by being threatened with a huge divorce settlement bill.  Now I’m not going to say that’s the dumbest thing in the history of Europe, but it comes pretty close.

Still not convinced? Then how about this little piece of truth:

 Each and everyone of the people who are trying to frighten Britain into obedience refuse to accept the very simple fact that they are all probably going to be out of jobs sooner rather than later. If you listen to them,, or the BBC, you’d think Europe is a monolith that will stand united and blockade the hell out of Britain who will starve to death, as if something that Napoleon Bonaparte failed to achieve could somewhat be pulled together by a bunch of bureaucrats who’ve been chased out of their own countries’ governments by the hatred of their own voters, like the always hilarious Guy Verhofstadt.

Why would they be out of jobs, you ask?

Because in the next few months, the three biggest members of the EU are having elections. France, Netherlands and Germany itself are looking for some serious upsets to the pro EU governments currently in power, and as anyone knows, any massive government reshuffle has this nice side effect where it brings a reshuffle of said country’s EU policies and teams.

The people who are currently barking at Britain are very unlikely to still be there to talk in 6 months’ time. Short of shooting Marine Le Pen, the woman might as well go out and start  choosing the new colour of curtains for Champs Elysees.  

The woman has already said that she will break the EU. Wilders will probably follow suit, as the Dutch are getting sick and tired of overtaxing themselves and ruining their elders for the sake of Greece’s idiocy or ungrateful fake Syrian migrants.

Merkel herself is fallen from grace so fast she can’t even stand without help, as it turns out even the Germans are running out of patience, and if there’s one European leader who’s sleeping well, it’s probably Theresa May.

The Lords might try to get in the way of Brexit, but they are an unelected chamber. They can’t over rule the Commons, and if the trend of believing they can overturn the results of the Referendum continues, Saint Theresa would be more than happy to call General Elections, and since she doesn’t have a majority in the House of Lords  she has little to lose by running the idea that maybe just maybe we don’t NEED the unelected peers anyway.

Very few British voters will disagree with that one.  Nobody actually LIKES the Lords and the Shami Chakrabarti scandal last summer has exposed it for the horrid den of scum and villainy it actually is. Nobody will cry if the Lords are being told- get elected or go away. It is the 21st century and all that.

Brexit will go ahead with or without a GE, and Theresa May is going to do it with a wry smile and wearing leopard printed kitten heels, and nothing the pro EU crowd will do is going to stop her.

Brexit is happening because the British electorate has voted for it, and any politician worth his salt knows that going against the will of the public is a hilariously bad idea.

Theresa May, who has cut her teeth in the Cameron Government knows that the tide is going anti immigration, and as a former Home Office secretary she also knows why. The crime numbers going up and the scandals of Rotherham and the like together with the rise of nationalism across Europe show where she needs to go, and she's too smart to not understand that the unfettered immigration is bad for the Brits that vote, and she wants them to keep voting Tory.

Theresa May has managed, standing on the shoulders of the undeservedly maligned David Cameron, to turn the Tories into the party of the working class Joe, and she will ride this into the sunset. While the left decided to abandon the white British working class, the Tories understood what they had to do- follow the wave or leave it to UKIP.

The result? Labour is dead in the water, the EU's creaks are turning into crevices and Britain is doing better than ever. Why would Theresa May stop?
She will dance out of the EU in her kitten heels, and the Brits will keep electing her for it.

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