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The ethnostate is an opioid dream

The problem with humans, all humans, is that we are an inherently lazy species. We have to be. You see, it’s how we’re built. We have far too much surface for our volume, which mean we waste too much energy through our skin, and we have to keep going on and on just to replenish that energy just to keep on existing.

It sucks. It is also why the highest achievement races happen to live in colder climate- because humans from warm comfortable climate just get comfortable –as in lazy. You’re not gonna go build a civilization when all you have to do to survive is stretch hand, grab banana, put in mouth.

Because you don’t need it. But when you live in the cold? When winter will likely kill you and yours? Yeah you better have some support. You need a house or you die therefore you make a house. You need to store food over winter therefore you invent farming. You need to make sure the kids you’re feeding are yours so you invent female monogamy.

Laziness also has this amazing effect where so many of us think that the mere fact we can envision the final goal means we’re almost there. Humans are dying of laziness because they can’t get themselves from “I want X” to “let’s make X” to “get off your ass and start working on X”.

As I’m looking at the current state of the right wing nationalist movement, this is becoming very clear to me, we’re being lazy and stupid.
We’re scattered, divided, leaderless and until a man stands up and says “the buck stops here” we will continue to be.

Stupid infighting, bullshit and just empty words. Welcome to the Alt Right of 2019.
 Yeah fuck that. We have good people amongst us who work hard to redpill and help other whites, who break their backs and put their livelihoods in danger for it.

And then we have the barkers who think daisychaining in their Twitter bubble is political activism, without realizing they’re just tame monkey performing for an audience who has the time and patience to wait for us to die off.

While you’re dreaming about the huwite ethnostate the enemy is taking your guns, pozzing your children and killing you with opioids because you’re too damned lazy and stupid to realize there’s a long way from “I want X” to X.

Bad news motherfuckers.

America is never going to be a white ethnostate and even if one was to be established amongst the coming collapse? You won’t get to see it.

It’s a myth planted into our minds by our enemies, as toxic as an opioid dream because the enemy KNOWS that you idiots will sit around fantasizing about the ethnostate military’s pants cut instead of fucking going out and working for it.

You can’t have a white ethnostate in America because there’s no good enough natural borders to support a large one. At best all you will get is a network of white enclaves. As in if you get off your ass NOW and start working very hard your kids might get to live in one if you can make it there in time.

But that means getting off Twitter and working to improve yourselves, networking and breaking your fucking backs and very few are willing to do that.

You need to accept you will not see the white American ethnostate. You need to let go of the empty rhetoric and pipedreams and start living in the now, where your people are being killed every day by poverty and despair and opioids and brown vermin.

The Ethnostate is the opioid of the right. You need to get off it.

You need to look at reality and accept that while YOU were sitting on your ass enjoying all of the comfort a 29% interest consumer loan gave you plus your mortgage and the food you put on your credit card because there was nothing left of your paycheck after you paid all the loans? The enemy stole your country, your freedom and your history and your mind.
That you’ve been lazy and stupid and it’s time to wake up and start working now so your children can have some sort of the future and a chance to their ancestors’ blood and toil.

I’m from an ethnostate. It’s a poor country in easter Europe that’s over 80% white and we have more homes with internet access than with indoors plumbing and the reason we have an ethnostate still is because we built and defended it for centuries.

That right now back home there are some good middle aged men like you, waists a bit thick from cooking and comfortable living who are about to get in a dingy and armed with shark gun patrol the limits of our territorial waters to make sure no brown rapefugees come to our land.

We don’t have guns, but we have identity and pride and a sense of duty and that’s why there’s a 60 year old man with a comfortable beer belly and grey hair who used to be a teacher in a quiet village who’s right now endangering his life in a fishing boat with his younger brother, slightly less grey and maybe slightly more fit- because he has grandkids he wants to see grow up in a white country that our ancestors built and defended.

Natural borders help and the Danube and mountains are nice, but you can still cross them and umpteen migration waves did just that. So my people burned their crops and homes and hid in the forests and from there stalked the invaders and killed them with poisoned fountains and swamp traps and ambushes.

You can’t have an ethnostate without a common identity and you morons are fighting over irrelevant shit instead of working to improve yourselves.

Every single day you spend not building yourself up, not working to save for your children, keeping a TV in your home and listening to it, it’s a day you’re stealing from your kids’ chance to see the damned ethnostate and to have safety and just not be prey to vermin in a sick world.

There will be no ethnostate because you won’t get off your lazy arses to build one.

Get off the ethnostate opioid and start thinking survival. If you work very hard, your kids might eventually build it.

But you won’t see it. So forget about it. Start focusing on being a better person and start working already

The ethnostate dream is hurting us. Let it go.

Wake up and start working. It’s gonna hurt a lot, but at least you’ll know your kids might get a chance at one.
And if you don’t have kids? Go make some. That will motivate you.

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