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The war with Iran

 Can you hear the warhawks sing?  Because I sure as hell do and I’m quite a while away from America the beautiful. It’s almost like there’s some sweet smell of blood in the air, and they just have to celebrate it.

The war with Iran is by now fait accompli. You might not see it, you might refuse to believe it,  but it’s staring you in the eye and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Trump wants it because Israel wants it and Israel wants it because Iran is the only true redoubtable enemy left to stand in its expansionist path.

It’s been in the making for years now, and while Trump managed to avoid the war with Russia, this isn’t one he’s gonna walk away from.

And that is a good thing.

The war with Russia would’ve been inarguably the worst fucking thing to happen to the world not just because Putin has satellite killers and a nuclear glider that can reach NYC in 13 minutes but because it would’ve broken the 3 sided stalemate currently in progress at world superpower level by forcing Russia to ally with China and then we’d have all been fucked in unholy ways.

But Iran? Yeah it’s gonna suck for the Iranians but in the great scheme of things it’s gonna be a good thing for our interests as a race.

And here’s why:

1.       Because Americans are fed up with war and they need to get even more so.

Many of them are already waking up to the fact they’re paying for Israel’s expansionism and don’t like it one bit. It is rather important they are being pushed from the unsettled “what do we go to war on those poor towelheads who din’ do nuthin’ to me “ to “why are we paying to beat Israel’s enemies”.
We need each and every redneck and white trash and farmer and every damned taxpayer in the USA to ask themselves this.
A new war, one that looks pointless and is obviously not serving anybody will do that.
Bring it.
Let the discontent fester, let the poor fuckers get angrier and angrier.


2.       Because the USA will lose and that’s a good thing.
Quickly likkle chikuns- how many wars did the US of A win in the past 70 years?

The truth of the matter is that conventional war died in 45. It’s over and long gone and only the Fulda Fucktards still believe and prepare for it.
Meanwhile the guerrilla wars started with Korea and finishing with Afghanistan are alive and well, and the USA has never won one because it has no fucking idea how and nobody in the high seats has any idea how it’s done and even Napoleon didn't.

You can bomb Iran into stone age but you can’t bomb every goddamned rock and the Iranians know who their enemy is, and if you think they don’t have their own Operation Samson planned then you’re too stupid to read this.
Iran knows its enemy and can reach it and the Iron Dome is not remotely as impregnable as you think. One well placed nuke in the Tel Aviv conurbation and  buh bye Israel.

The USA will be dragged into another prolonged and pointless desert adventure it can’t win.

And that’s good because the fate of humanity rests of the USA losing it.

Losing the war would mean the USA is vulnerable which will get a lot of Americans thinking. It may be followed by an economic collapse, because if the USA loses a war clearly right now then that’s the end of Pax Americana.

Which means ever fucker and his grandma will throw the petrodollar to the wind and go back to the gold every intelligent country has been stockpiling for a while, and if the petrodollar goes so does the USA.

And that is good.

 The USA is untenable in its current state, and the best thing that can happen to us as white people and especially to white Americans is that it crashes NOW and breaks along the lines we all know it would.

Because then and only then will the White almost minority wake the fuck up and realize the ONLY way to survive is to unite or fall prey in the upcoming black-spic turfwars.

Many will die but the result will be that some would survive and our people will be forced to work together and survive instead of the prolonged and hopeless decay that would follow otherwise.

The only way out of a nightmare that’s killing you is a brutal awakening.

Staying in the dream is killing you.


3.       Because it would avoid the nuclear word war.

Some people are stupid so I’m gonna need to explain this. Bear with me.

As of now, the world has 3 superpowers and a bunch of second hand powers who’d like to be superpowers but aren’t.

The USA is one of them, the clayfooted Colossus everybody’s waiting to fall, but until then it still has the power to send each and every fucking one of us to smithereens.

The second one is China, and if you don’t know that China’s the real enemy by now, again, you’re too dumb to be here. Begone.

But China’s just an upstart for now and it has its own problems including and not limited to how the fuck to feed its billion plus people and where the fuck to house them.
Because China needs land and food, and has neighbours who also need land and food and that’s causing a serious dampening on their expansionism.

Because any country China would invade from their neighbours also has too many people and not enough food and not remotely enough resources which means there’s no goddamned point in invading them.

Except for Russia, but China knows it can’t beat Russia singlehandedly. Russia is too big and too well armed- contrary to what you might believe, and if China wants Russian land then it can’t nuke it.

You see, Russia can afford to nuke China. Russia can afford to nuke the ass end of Siberia if it so desires and then China’s expansionism in the only desirable direction it has on land goes to hell in a paper lampion.

China’s full. You can drop a nuke anywhere and it would cause a disaster and after the disaster come the riots and buh bye paper dragon.

But China can’ nuke Russia.
First because Russia’s so big and sparsely populated that the only place a nuke would make any sort of meaningful impact is in the western cities in the European part of Russia.
Only if you do that you also endanger NATO members and NATO will come down on you like the fist of God they dream of being.
And China doesn’t have the means or need for a war with NATO.


The most important strategically of the world superpowers is Russia, and do not let your poor little heads be bothered by Western media- Russia is a superpower with a battleaxe to grind.
Father Volodea, Dog bless his cotton socks and 10 inch dick knows this, and has spent the past 20 years preparing for the war that’s coming.

Oh you thought Russia was poor?
That’s because you’re dumb.

Russia is self-sufficient. The western boycott actually means that Russian agriculture got to flourish without cheap EU product to fuck it up, and Russia can feed itself.

The US has at its best 3-4 weeks worth of food on its territory and that includes everything from my boyfriend’s pantry to the ships in the docks. The barely in time economy has made it very vulnerable, and it never grew enough to feed itself.

 Start a war , any war with the USA if you’re so inclined and all you have to do is sever the supply lines and get the popcorn because shit’s gonna hit the fan faster than teenager girls panties hit the stage at a Justin Bieber concert.

On top of that Russia has petrol coal and everything else it needs and it doesn’t care if it has to tighten the belt a bit.

On top of that top Russia has been preparing for war for 10 years, and what they have isn’t funny because unlike the US their 5th gen fighters don’t fall apart in flight.


On top of that Russia has a smart leader who knows that all he has to do to ensure Russia’s survival is to be the last man standing and that’s very easy when your enemies are both wobbly AF.

 China knows it needs Russia’s support to take the USA out and spread its bug legions overseas. It has been courting Putin hard and for years, going as far as saying it in the open as far back as 2016 that in 10 years the world’s geopolitical map will be different and China and Russia are natural allies.
If Putin wore panties  they’d have fallen down ages ago but luckily for us he’s a tough guy who probably goes commando because he likes his brass balls well polished by his asbestos pants.


Long story short. If The USA beast Iran Russia and China will be forced to ally against the US and bam World War Fuck.

If it doesn’t then Russia can continue its innocuous expansion by buying the loyalty of secondtier powers like India , Kazakhstan and Syria. And the world keeps on going a bit longer.


For now.

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