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The way forward

We need a leader. We know we need a leader. Everybody with two+ neurons rubbing together on the right knows we need one, and we all know none have come forward worth the bother.

Which is why we are where we are.

Humans are weak social animals. White humans which are the only ones I give a flying fuck about need a hero to follow because we are people of mythos and belief, and we need larger than life heroes to inspire us to go forward.

We need a leader who will fight to the last drop of our blood, a leader who’s capable of thinking before he speaks and who has the testicular fortitude to throw himself to the lions for the cause and keep going while patching himself up.

We need a warrior with a brain and a sharp tongue. We need someone who’s been true and tested,  someone human enough to be vulnerable and fallible except when it comes to principles.

We need someone everyone in the movement knows who’s managed to not be hated by anyone of importance and who’s capable of attracting normies with his charisma and voice.

We need someone capable of both planning ahead and rolling with the punches.

We need someone with balls of steel and a soft voice, capable of carrying that big stick and laughing at you at the same time.

We need a ragged hero who knows what he wants and has a plan. A guy with a dented armor and a scarred face who still knows how to laugh and make a bawdy joke or 10.

We need a shitlord hero, a guy to gather the legions of meme warriors and be capable of holding himself straight in the public eye, someone with an ego healthy enough to handle cameras. Someone who can throw and take a punch and who can sell all of us a plan that’s smart enough to be unfolded in real time and under the light of day.

We need someone who’s actually a real world grownup and dancing on the bleeding edge of /pol. A guy who can handle a gun and 10,000 lefties with a smirk.

 And we need that motherfucker to step up already because the hour grows dark and there’s monsters outside.

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