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Music for the Bernie generation

One of the most hilarious things about the US Dem primary is that everybody and their dog knows Bernie will never be allowed to win, but he can’t just be sent to the Socialist Commune for doddering idiots.

Because as stated before by many others (hat-tip Third Rail)- his support runs deep.

The Democrats, after gleefully climbing the progressive bandwagon are finding themselves with an excess of millennial angst to manage, and they also know that without managing that their party will implode.

So the 0.3 lensed-tattoed-and-pierced hungry pack needs to be fed some lies to be kept obedient until one of the young dogs is ready to run. There’s angry energy of the perpetually failing generation to be unleashed and the Dems, having to manage a fractured party with no coherent program are hanging on to it like a black woman to her EBT card.

They don’t have a candidate that appeals wide enough to the crumbs they’re trying to turn into a demographic pie, and Bernie’s oily charms do just that- keeping the disaffected youth on he plantation long enough to bait and switch them onto Kamala or whoever the hell will win the Dem primaries.

The simple fact that the only interesting idea to come out of the dems nowadays are reparations and we all know that won’t happen for obvious reasons- god bless Trump and the SCOTUS he made- so they need to find something to unite the muslims and the blacks and the latinXXX and the hungry asexual bluehaired manatee demographic, and hatred of whitey only goes so far.

So they revert onto the motte and baley strategy of class war because anything that patches together the coalition of the witless helps them.

Many Berniebros  drifted to Trump in 2016 and they want those guys back at any cost. They need the thirsty white losers because they’re noisy and unhappy and because they’re the only white generation they have a stranglehold on.

So that’s what Bernie is for. The man is a walking sleight of hand, a living bait and switch for disaffected white millennials, and he probably knows it himself.

And he doesn’t care because by now there certainly is a new car he wants and these dumb fuckers will buy it for him.

And that’s OK. The tax on stupidity is the essence of capitalism. Go Bern yourselves

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