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Stop Cultural Identity Theft!

You ever wonder why there’s this huge push recently to forcefully insert non white characters into European historical or mythological movies?
Now, at first sight you’d say “oh it’s nothing, let’s allow the minorities a little spot, what does it hurt”, but if you say that you’re not very smart.

You see, we know that these characters weren’t black or Indian or Arabic or Chinese. But our kids read a lot less than we did, and get most of their education from TV and movies. They don’t know it. But they’ll remember a Black Heimdahl or sir Bedivere in the upcoming King Arthur movie and they will believe that is what the truth is about.

And that is important. Because this is not a mere token of appreciation to minorities who contributed nothing to our mythos and history. That is basically allowing the Left to tell our kids that our civilization, the most advanced on this planet, that went to space and abolished slavery and created the countless technological wonders we take for granted, is not their legacy, but that of everyone, including the groups who needed us to teach them how to wipe their arses because by the time we found them they hadn’t been capable to tame an animal by themselves.

This is what these falsely innocuous little changes achieve- they are robbing our children of their legacy, and we let it happen because it’s so much easier to fuck about on Twitter than to say “No, I will not stand for this”.

Because no, not all races are equal. But today we have “first generation with shoes” people telling us that the African Moors  taught the Europeans how to bathe when they conquered Spain, despite the fact Europeans had baths 1000 years before that and the Moors being even nowadays not the best of friends with water and soap- just walk down Marrakech’s medina one day without holding your nose for a while.

My people were the ones who gave us the world’s oldest written artefact, 2000 years before Sumer. I want my children to know that as their heritage, not be raised to believe that people who still practice slavery and rape babies as a cure for AIDS are their equals. Because they’re not.

My kids will learn that their ancestors fought against Islam for 500 years. They will learn about the ancestor who was beheaded with his four sons because he refused to convert to Islam.

And if that makes me racist then I will be racist and proud. Because the feelings of people who owe their continuous existence to our charity and who contributed nothing to our achievements are a lot less important than my children’s pride in who and what they are.


Privilege? Yes. The privilege my ancestors fought for, and I’m not willing to share it with the descendant of people who sold their own kin into slavery.  My people were slaves too, only we fought it off. We got invaded too, and we fought it off for 500 years.

We contributed to the world’s advancement, we invented great things and we held the savagery of Islam at bay so the West can build cathedrals, and my children will know their blood helped build and secure those wonders the rest of the world is yet to match.

The noble Sir Bedivere was not black, and making him black takes a huge shit on the heritage of the Western Celts.
You can  laugh at the racist me, screaming about a movie. Or you can realize they’re stealing your kids’ cultural identity, and do something about it.

What, you ask?

Stop giving them money. Boycott the King Arthur movie and any movie in which traditionally/historically European characters were replaced by “POC”.

 Stop letting them steal our achievements, when not only they contributed nothing, but in the case of Muslims, their ancestors  fought very hard to destroy our civilization and turn it into the horrible featureless and backwards mass of enslaved barbarians you find across all of the muslim countries.

Stand up, if not for yourselves, but for your kids.

Don’t support cultural identity theft.

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