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The way back

Having discussed and brought to the table once again the issue of White tribalism, having explained why we need it and how to go about it, it’s time to start understanding what it is, where we come from and how it can be implemented in today’s atomised world.

For what is worth, this is a problem mainly in America. Us Europeans still know our roots and know where we come from. Not that we lack our share of cucks and weaklings not to mention traitors, but most of us know where our people came from, our grandparents’ village and the holidays of our people.

So this will be aimed at our American brothers.


The road home starts with the first step.


Take it.


Who are you? We can’t start talking about tribalism and identity without this simple question.


In my grandparents’ village, my brother had a name.

My brother returned to Romania in 1994. He had been missing for 29 years. He was a man of 34, who had no idea who he was and was looking for his roots.

The village is where the devil says goodnight. Nobody goes there unless they have some business there and if you don’t know where it is you’ll miss it.

So a man on a motorcycle who hadn’t been there since he was 5 entered the village one hot summer day in 1994. He barely knew the language anymore.

So he entered the village and kept going but he didn’t know where to go. So he stopped at the first little shop he found. 

The woman I the shop asked him his name. He told her and she knew who he was.

“Oh you’re Cristian son of John, of Helen of Son.”.

That’s what they called my grandfather- Son. Everybody knows he died fighting the communists in the mountains. His wife was so poor she gave away her youngest child to be raised by some better off childless relatives.

Our father was one of the very few people to leave the village. He married a strange woman from far away and had my brother, but one day she took him, 5 year old at the time, and left Romania without a word. It was dangerous to leave so she never told my father or anyone else.

29 years later, my brother found out that his distant relatives, that woman who was a 5th cousin, knew his name. Knew there was a lost child of their tribe and waited for him to make his way home.

And he did.


The woman called her child and sent him to our aunt. In 20 minutes there were 40 people there to greet the prodigal son, burned by the sun of distant places. All they knew of him was that he was their blood and that was enough.

The phone rang and in 8 hours I was there as well, to meet the brother I’d never met.

So who are you? You know your parents and your grandparents, but else do you know?

Where do they come from? Where did your grandparents live?

 Start there.

Grandparents are the thread to our past. The lifeline to the big trunk that are our people.

You are a leaf at the end of a branch. Your parents are the branch and your grandparents are the thickest branch that grows straight from the trunk.

A leaf is alone. It can be easily torn off by wind, by animals, by parasites.

But the branch is stronger and the trunk can last for centuries and millenia.

Who are you, little leaf?

The great move to America tore your people’s roots and left them vulnerable to everything that came next. Without their tribe, without their kin and identity our American brothers lost their way and got subverted by the enemy. They replaced our myths with Hollywood, our wisdom with lies and our tribalism with consumer choices.

Roots are important, and it’s time for you, brothers and sisters, to start travelling towards yours.

Start going upstream. Talk to your grandparents.

Ask them about their parents. Go find a cemetery and see where your kin are buried.

Talk to the elders of your grandparents’ town, because you have no villages in America. Go to the cemetery, and start asking questions.

 The way back to your tribe starts with stories.

Who are your people? Where did they come from? What was their homeland? Some of you might already have an idea. Ask more questions.


The road home starts with one step.

You want to be strong? You want to fight for your people? You want to stand in front of the enemy and do your ancestors proud?

You want to fight and take back the future of the white race?

Start with finding your roots.

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