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Nothing happened yet, Relax


So we have all been kinda hysterical about Donald Trump approving some small bombing attack on an airport in Syria.
 Let’s get this clear first- this was a very bad idea. It was also something that had to be done, and Trump did unreasonably well considering the shitstorm he had inherited.

You see likkle chikuns, Obama left the US in the unenviable position of world chicken. Turkey bullied the US, Russia walked all over it, Iran held its citizens to ransom etc.
Obama took all of that, because it was in his interests to make the US appear as militarily weak as possible.

As I have mentioned before, the US had become a country that got bullied by cheap tyrants like Erdogan, and took it.

The “Sarin” attack

OK so insofar we know that someone claimed there had been a Sarin attack on some Syrian civilians. The evidence is rather weak- the children allegedly killed by Sarin are rather pink, and there’s some images showing one of the alleged victims, number still on his forehead, eating a bag of chips.

The White Helmets who allegedly attended to the scene wear no gloves or protection equipment and so on.

Background Info

What do we also know? That Assad has been accused in 2013 of using Sarin on his own people, only it turned out that the people using the Sarin were… the US backed “rebels” as in Al’Quaeda and such.  That was the UN investigation

U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used Sarin gas: investigator

GENEVA (Reuters) - U.N. human rights investigators have gathered testimony from casualties of Syria's civil war and medical staff indicating that rebel forces have used the nerve agent sarin, one of the lead investigators said on Sunday. The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law, said commission member Carla Del Ponte.

What does this mean? Well in the world of people who aren’t morons it means “don’t get hysterical quite yet.  Wait for investigation”.

Sadly, we don’t live in said world.  Everybody got hysterical, and Trump got pushed in a corner while conveniently all this happens during the state visit of the Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jingping, as in someone Trump has to show strength to.

SO what does Trump does? Well this is where things get smart, and maybe just maybe all of the people screaming need to take a break and change their diapers.

What actually happened

Trump talks to Russia. We know he did this, he called Russia. And the result is that the US put up a show for all of the credulous babies in the west, Tomahawks have this thing where they don’t miss targets. Only 40% of them hit that “airport” A few people got injured- which happens. A bunch of old planes got blown up. How old? They were produced first in 1967. That old. They were worth the scrap metal cost if they had scrap metal centres in Syria and nothing more.

The runway didn’t get damaged and planes fly out of it right now.

Why, you ask?
 Because this was a symbolic gesture. An expensive one mind you, but we live in a world of stupid crybabies in which only non white kids are valuable and worth outraging on. Next time the hipsters on foodstamps bitch about the 100 million symbol hit while trying to buy Japanese eggplant with foodstamps they never worked for? This is why.

Trump had to draw a line and he did. The message was not for any of the worthless cunts barking at him, but for China- the line is drawn and the US doesn’t get pushed about anymore.

Trump had to take it, and China and Turkey, as in the parties who were meant to hear it, got it loud and clear,

The smart people already made sure it wasn’t getting misunderstood. Putin’s buttboy Medvedev might have barked about the US taking an illegal strike, which they did, but then again there’s not been anything legal about Syria insofar and that never bothered the whinging Left. Actually, the only legal thing about Syria is the presence of Russia troops, legally invited by the legal and internationally recognised president.  Meanwhile we already know Russia won’t take retaliatory moves, because they’re not stupid, Lavrov is still meeting with whichever US  bag carrier Trump threw at him and the investigation will happen.

Rex Tillerson, who speaks a bit  too much for his own good already backtracked on the regime changing bullshit, and Erdogan, as in the other party that needed to get a message, will keep his tongue behind his teeth because he knows now the US has a president who shoots.

>Relax idiots, nothing bad has happened quite yet.  Trump does what he needs to do, but I’m not putting money on Haley keeping her job much longer.

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