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Wishalism and depravity as state policy

As someone born and raised under Socialism, it never ceases to amaze me that there’s morons in the West who want nothing more than to live in the sort of nightmare I grew up in.

The actual fuck?

I’ve gotten past the anger long ago. I keep telling my friends what that was like just to see the horror on their faces at this point.

You people. You have no idea of the horrors Socialism inflicts on people. Everyone who was above 10 in 1989 in Eastern Europe suffers from incredible PTSD.

3 generations of deeply mentally unstable people trying to make a living and failing miserably in a failing country… that is the reality in my country 30 years after 89.  People don’t understand that the brutality and depravity of the regime was so awful that it scarred us for life.

Of course, like I say, it gets worse. Because if the US had the choice of the Stalinist Socialism my country had you’d literally be better off than you are now from some points of view.

You see, depravity was a tool that the Bolsheviks always intended to use in order to destroy the traditional “bourgeois” society and family structure.

This is clearly stated in Lenin’s writings and in the plans set up by other notorious early Bolsheviks, like the Hungarian Jew Bela Kun(Kohn) who took power in Hungary at the aftermath of WW1.


As Budapest was surrounded by a ring of invading army and people were starving with no way out, the communist priority was to set up in schools classes to teach young Hungarians how the traditional family was anachronistic and bourgeois and that love was love.

Intelligent people will understand why this was so important – a ruined/non existent family will make it easier for people to identify with the State as authority and therefore not revolt against its most heinous of crimes.

This is Leninism/Trotskyism.

As Lenin and Trotsky were surveying a march of topless lesbians in Moscow 1919, they all agreed this was the best way to undermine and destroy the Russians’ resistance to Communism, by slowly eroding and killing their innate Christian values.

Other means for this purpose were the idea of having women be considered public property and have to sexually service every male member of their specific group.

They actually tried to implement this in the early 1920s, with the spectacular failure you can expect.

This is Trotskyite communism as in what they’re trying to implement in the West today.


We actually had better than this.

Because if there was one guy who didn’t like this whole idea? It was Stalin. A child from a Jewish family converted to Christianity(his father was a priest but they maintained Jewish ethnic identity- Stalin spoke Yiddisch and frequented Jewish friends) and thus raised with countryside values- as opposed to the rest of the Bolsheviks who all happened to be urbanite well off rootless cosmopolitans, he still had that utter core of decency that’s so much easier to find in the countryside.

Of all Bolsheviks Stalin understood that society can’t exist without family.

After he manipulated Trotsky onto exile and seized power, one of his first acts was to outlaw homosexuality, made legal by Lenin in early 1918 and to provide incentives for families to have as many children as possible. The same as Hitler, he respected mothers and motherhood and awarded the title of Hero Mother to any woman who had more than 4 children.

 That’s what we had in Romania. The party KNEW families mattered. If someone wanted to divorce? The local party activist would come to your house and try to help you reconcile for the sake of the children. Was there anything they could help you with? Get you a bigger home? Maybe a work schedule change?? They could and would do that for you to get parents to stay together because they needed functional children to advance society, not a plague of single mother produced juvenile delinquents. If you decided to divorce? You had to go to court and prove to a judge you could no longer stay married.

Even for rape? If a guy raped a virgin girl his options were 7 years in jail or to marry her- simple as that.

But you won’t be getting that. You’re not that lucky. You are getting the state enforced homosexuality and societal collapse that will follow, because your enemies don’t want your country to prosper as a Communist country. That is just the empty promise to keep the youth and the lesser races they flooded your countries with happy and supportive of their destructive plans. They want your countries destroy and amalgamated into a grey superstate populated by a homogeneous consumerist brown mass smart enough to operate the machines but not smart enough to see the cogs running.

To them our nasally gifted friends have sold the ideology of Wishalism- the idea that everything they want will be there under Socialism as long as they vote the right way.

Empty promises of course but very appealing to alienated children and non achieving races- after all what more could hey ant that the fruit of the White man’s labour without the pesky white men to make them feel bad about their inferiority?

This is obvious when you look at the smart lefties’ platforms, like Yang. The man has a huge program in which he promises everything to everybody and something on top, because he literally is the smartest of the shitflower crop of 2020.


The rest of that lot? Their proposals are either proallogen plans which are basically allowing anyone who can get to the US a share of your taxes, or reparations, and that is not going to work well with the Latnixxx pile of demographic crumbs. They’re stupid but they don’t need to be smart, just to keep the flame of Wishalism going while they ensure the white youth is depraved and subdued with skyhigh debt and pipedreams.

Which is why their socialism is everything to everybody. There is no plan to fulfil these promises because they know the less achieving races will never complain about such frivolities as rights and promises as long as they get some crumbs.  

After all they never complained about slavery and famine until the same nasally endowed group taught them how to prey on Whitey’s guilt.

But they can’t do it until Whitey isn’t well subdued and in minority.  Which is why depravity is state policy, and whites are being killed off with despair and opioids, at least until there’s enough shitskins to finish the job South Africa style.

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