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The men of the West need to stand up NOW

As the French elections are looming, yet another terrorist attack happened today in Paris.
People were shot, everybody cried and the world’s a little less sensitive about muslim terrorist attacks because now it’s just a matter of “at least it didn’t happen to me or mine”.

But what is next time it’s you or yours? What then?

Stop pretending things are OK. Every day you allow this to happen you are closer to the day one of the dead will be yours.

We need to stop. We need to stop this suicidal joke in which we pretend that  this isn’t a coordinated attack on the West as a whole.

It is, and it’s happening. And unless all of the muslims in the west come out and denounce the mosques that preach terrorism, the schools that teach muslim children that the infidels should be killed, the neighbours who buy guns and the relative who’s getting ready to leave for Syria to join ISIS, all Muslims should be considered accomplices.

I watched earlier a debate between the brilliant Asra Nomani and some hijabi girls. I found it deeply revolting that some Kenyan girl in the audience had the audacity to blame American imperialism for the poverty in Muslim countries.

The one on stage had the audacity to claim women in Iran had more rights than women in America and felt vilified for wearing the hijab in public.

This is what we need to fight against. The lies, and the open alliance with an ideology that states all non muslims should be killed or converted.

Little girl, you aren’t vilified for making your allegiance to the religion who wants me and mine killed, but you should be. You can choose to wear it, it’s your right. But don’t you dare accuse the Western colonialism of the problems Islam created.  Islam is the biggest colonialist force in the world, started 1400 years ago and never stopping, and the fact that there isn’t one Muslim country that’s rich, stable and democratic proves it.

You’re free to wear your hijab. You aren’t free to say your religion is more important than my rights or anyone else, and you don’t get to make complaints against a society that took you and yours in.

Western politicians need to stop pandering to the Muslim vote unless they want to lose the White vote, and we need to make it clear that it’s not acceptable to sacrifice our civilization for a handful of votes. If defending our values isn’t their main priority, we should make it very clear that there’s more of us than the minorities they’re courting, and vote accordingly.

This week France votes. Every decent Frenchman needs to go and vote for Marine Le Pen if they want to have a France to leave to their kids. I don’t care whether you like her or not, you want your kids to not be the next shot by a crazed islamist and left to die in the street? You vote Le Pen. Even if it didn’t happen in your town yet, it might just happen tomorrow.

We have elections in the UK in June. And this is my personal appeal to Nigel Farage to come out and finish his job. UKIP without Nigel is a joke, and he still has to speak the truth and lead the way.

Nigel, You have to come back. We NEED your fire and British honesty. Theresa May ain’t half bad but we need a honest man to look after this island.

We need to stop, and we need to accept we are at war. Our culture is being attacked, our rights are being eroded, and nothing we do short of strong action from all the people will stop this.

The men in our communities need to start organizing school patrols to protect their children from being groomed and raped by barbarians. ROTHERHAM is only one of many such cases.

Where are the men of the West? Are you this weak, are you this lazy to let the barbarian horde just walk in and take everything your ancestors fought for millennia?

Are you going to let this happen??

The men of the West, the white men who went and conquered the world and created marvels of engineering, the knights who braved the deserts, the men who walked the moon and tamed the atom, we need YOU the men of the West to stand up and defend your civilization!

We need you to defend your women. We need you to defend your children’s future, and we need you to do it now!

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