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Fighting Islamization Legally- UK guide

The following does not pretend to be a comprehensive guide to the means in which one could fight islamization. It is meant as a handy guide for people living in Western democracies to prevent the islamization creep by easy and legal means within their power.

Whether or not this might be too late is a completely different thing, but in most western countries democracy still functions. So, bearing in mind this is mainly written for the bongs, please kindly see the below list.

1. Local government

In the UK, the local authority is the city or country council. These people are elected by you in the local elections and they manage the spending of your money (local taxes) for your community.

It is in your interest to familiarize yourself with local spending rules, by using the Council Meeting Minutes, which are a matter of public record and should be available to you from the council if they are not published by the local newspapers or on the council websites.

If the information you are looking for is not visible from the council minutes, you can request it via a FOIA - Freedom Of Information Act - Request. The council can't deny you a FOIA request without good reason, and most of the time the reasons can be attacked in court.

Remember: the council works for you, and you can do a lot to stop islamization at the local level.

1.1 Religious buildings

Keep an eye out for the bulding permission plans that British councils have to post any time a building permit is sought. IF a religious building or community centre is being asked permission for, go and ask what kind of religion and what the impact will be on your neighbourhood.

If the building sought to be built is a mosque, demand assurance that the noise from the call to prayers will not impede normal activities of the neighbourhood. Also ensure that no public moneys are being used for the building of such a building by demanding to see the source of funding with a FOIA request.

If a "Multicultural Centre" is being built, demand to see the plans to ensure it accommodates all local ethnic communities. Get it in writing. Send it to the press.

1.2 Community Centres

This is a sneaky term used to mask the building of religious facilities. Demand explanations, go to the local residents' meetings.

Ensure that the minutes of any meetings specify the guarantees given that the centre will accomodate all ethnic groups.

1.3 Local politicians

Local politicians, local elected politicians like councillors etc have to state a register of interests. Keep an eye on the Muslim councillor's interests. If one of them is on the board of directors of a Free Muslim School, check whether it received public funding. Check its Ofsted reports.

Also things like charities. A lot of money is being funnelled to terrorist organizations like Hamas etc via charities with inocuous names like "Friends of Al Aqsa".

Keep an eye on these things and as soon as you notice anything dubious- go to public meetings, go to the press- make noise. Don't let anyone get away with anything.

1.4 Cultural services.

During the Blair/Brown era, a lot of money was being funnelled to private providers of cultural services such as funerals from the so called Community Cohesion funds. The Council has to provide help with culturally appropriate funeral services etc, and this is an easy way for certain companies I remember a Muslim funeral home that got a 4000 pounds at 2007 value printer from the Council budget for allegedly printing advertising materials. Why would a private company be endowed from your taxes?

1.5 Staff

Refuse to discuss with any staff wearing muslim religious attire - especially fully veiled women. Do not let yourselves be intimidated - demand to talk to someone whose face you can see.

2. Schools

This is a lot more straight forward - keep an eye on religious indoctrination infiltrating into your children's schools. If your kids' school suddenly starts teaching a lot about Islam, make sure you demand the same amount of time be allocated to Christian, Hindu, Buddhist studies as well. Do not be afraid of threatening to sue - the schools will never let this go to trial and the board of governors will bend if pushed hard enough. Ensure you are cooperating with other parents.

If Muslim pupils are being given time off for their daily prayer, demand the same accommodation for your kids - plus of course staff to look after them. If Muslim pupils are being given special treatment during Ramadan, the term is "religious discrimination". Use it to write to your school's Board of Directors, use it to write to your solicitor and the media.

If the school suddenly decides to start serving Halal meals only - sue. Religious indoctrination by the schools is illegal in most civilised countries.

3. Commerce

This is the simplest and most effective way in which you can legally fight islamization - stop giving them your money.

If your favourite eatery has gone Halal - boycott it. Make sure this is out in the open, make a scandal. Protest to the manager and the franchise owners. If your favourite clothing brand started selling hijabs - boycott them. Write them a letter or 10 and explain why.

This doesn't refer to decent Muslim business owners who are integrate and do not seek to impose Islam upon their customers. They should be encouraged and supported.

4. In the workplace

In the UK, it is illegal to discriminate against employees based on their religion.

This means that whatever allowances your Muslim coworkers get, you have the right to demand the same sort of deal.

If they get 3 breaks to pray - demand the same. Make your demand in writing to the HR department so that you have a paper trail. Your employer might try to intimidate you, but the request made in writing will show that you are just asking for equal treatment. As a rule, employers don't like going to court for discrimination, which is why the Muslim demands are so easily met. By causing problems and forcing them to treat everyone equally, you are making it clear that you won't accept any islamization of your workplace. If this is done in large numbers, employers will come to realize that it doesn't pay to favor a minority over the majority.

If they get a prayer room, remember that is for all staff - so make use of it. If anyone tries to intimidate you, complain in writing to HR.

The laws still work, and we have spent centuries to build them. Don't let them be used against you.

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