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The Global Fall of the Left part 1- USA

Looking around the globe, we notice that the Left is collapsing everywhere. From Britain to Venezuela, the left is folding like a piece of paper, and they can’t seem to understand why, or even what’s happening.

If one was to judge by the media noise, you’d swear the Left has already taken over the planet and we’re already all living cheerfully in the Aberrant Republic of Absurdistan.  Insane demands and open anti-European racism coupled with open violence, one has to wonder whether we’re back in the 30s.

Because there’s nothing beyond the noise. For about 2 years, the Left has been losing everywhere, and losing hard. Pretty much every remotely democratic election anywhere has been lost painfully, except of course for the unbelievably irrelevant Canada and Romania.


In the US, they have lost the Senate, the Congress, the Presidency and umpteen state governorships.
Why you ask?

Because people aren’t stupid enough to believe the bullshit of “free stuff for everyone” the left is so eager to push. There’s this interesting thing that happened in the past 20+ years - the Internet became part of the average normie’s life. The average Joe the truck driver and Joan the hairdresser have learned that not everything the TV says is true and that you can actually get on the interwebs and find out things for yourself.

And turns out those things are quite different from what the TV has been telling you. Turns out your politicians rip you off, and that free stuff promised by the left is being paid for with your own taxes.

The fall of the Left, currently  speeding towards the absolute bottom, was brought on by the simple fact that the working class’ access to information is no longer restricted to TV and newspapers.
 It’s hard to take seriously a socialist who never did an actual day of work in his entire life and who promises free stuff to everyone without even understanding how that would work.

It’s even harder to believe the left when you see they are exporting your jobs to the third world and they’re giving illegal immigrants large piles of your taxes while you can barely hang on.

Even more so when you see that the people who claim to be on your side are competing in insulting you and what you believe in, and then wonder why they won’t get your vote.

The Left is failing everywhere because the working class is no longer stupid enough to believe them.

How could you buy socialism and free stuff for everyone from a guy who praised Venezuelan dictator Chavez, when you find out Venezuela is in such chaos people eat their pets?

It’s almost as if it’s all a lie, and the working class people, who may not be as educated as the lefties but do have their common sense,  do know what a rat smells like.

As I have stated before, the left in all its forms is a movement that has always been ran by middle class do-gooders whose main motivation was “the working people are just too poor and stupid to know what’s best for them, they should obediently follow their middleclass betters and be grateful”.
That’s what Marxism has always been - the factory owner Engels and failed businessman Marx trying to tell working class people their problems can only be solved by worldwide socialism.

Well guess what? 100 years later we’ve had various shades of socialism and none of them has ever worked. Not even once, but the socialists of various shades have managed to make life worse for the working class to such a level that they aren’t even addressing the working class anymore.

 The Western left’s voters of the 21st century come in three categories:

·         The middle class liberal who depends in some measure on cheap imported labour, because little Tarquin needs a foreign nanny who only happens to be willing to take a significantly smaller pay-check than a US or UK born one, and who costs significantly less than putting him in a kindergarten;


·         20 something Kayleighs, sons of the above, who, while enjoying the benefits of being raised middle class are looking down at working class people and satisfy their acute angst at the parental neglect they’ve lived with by  following the first semi charismatic adult that ever gave them the time of the day - most of the time a leftie teacher;


·         Low skilled welfare dependent third world immigrants/local lumpenproletariat (almost invariably an ethnic minority) and their children who have been generously imported into the US and other western countries to serve as a prisoner voting block for the Left, after they realised the working class is no longer buying their bullshit.


As you’ll see, none of the above are working class. The working class has been moving solidly right for 30+ years, because it knows they’re paying for the free stuff the Left promises. The working class lost their jobs to Bill Clinton’s NAFTA and to the illegals that have been assuring the DNC’s success in the past 20 years ( see here The Cost of Carlos Illegal).

The working class has learned how to use the internet, and has seen the Left is stealing from them. So they’re no longer buying the socialist snake oil. The Republicans might be scum, but at least they care about such things as jobs and taxes. Minority rights and rainbow flags don’t fill anybody’s pot, and the illegals the Left loves so much have this thing where they make Joe Sixpack’s life harder- so why would he want more of them?

The low information voters are no longer low information, and they smell where the bullshit is coming from.

The protests and violence we are seeing across the US are the death throes of a movement that can no longer win votes.  As stated above, we are suddenly back in the 30s, where the Left’s violence and abuse led to the rise of the extreme right.

Who are the people who are attacking police, civilians and businesses? They all fall into the above three categories. None of them are working class, and their actions only serve to embolden the right.

The fact that the Left’s policy is now openly “the Law doesn’t matter” and “Illegals have more right to be here than American workers” should surprise nobody- the Left is taking its allies from wherever it can find them.

Unsurprisingly, the Left’s fall into insanity is actually the most important factor in the rise of the New Right. People told that they’re racists and should just cease to exist in order to allow allochthones to thrive have no plans of doing that, and the depravity culture of LGBTQIP has actually only managed to make the Generation Z kids into actually moral and well-adjusted people. The parental neglect victim generation ( aka Millennials) might scream and vandalize while living off the public welfare or daddy’s money, but the ones coming after them are rejecting the rainbow coloured dildos for actual sensible behaviour.

The Middle class liberals find with surprise that their teenage kids support Trump because, as a generation fully plugged into the internet, they have realised by themselves that the Left is not their friend.

The Left is in its dying throes. 

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