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Race Traitors

This is part one of the upcoming series of White Tribalism

 We’ve recently had a bit of a hullabaloo on the Alt Right Twitter about our mate with the skull. Some of our more hotheaded friends have been accusing him of being part Jew- because a man is guilty about his ancestors; mating choices and also of being a race traitor for having married a Japanese woman before being redpilled.

 The words race traitor were bandied about a lot, and frankly?

That’s bullshit.

 Because we are all race traitors. What is more traitorous to the white race than paying our enemies to kill us? And yet you, me , everyone who isn’t Varg is doing it every single day, and unlike the normies, we should know better.

But we don’t. So we are race traitors.

We pay our enemies to lie to us, brainwash our kids and destroy our values. Every single day, every penny we spend has at least half of it go to our enemies.

We are race traitors and we need to stop.

It is traditional in many European cultures to undertake a ritual of purification before starting upon a new task. Therefore, before we start on the long and arduous journey of reclaiming our identity, we need to have an enema.

We collectively need to dejewify our souls, our minds and our homes.

We already know that most mainstream media and Hollywood are J-Owned, and that every dollar we give them is used to work against us.
So , stop.
The truth of the matter is that our dependence on entertainment is an addiction. Built to weaken up, built to waste our lives and to subvert our minds and sous and values.

You do not need to be entertained every single day.

 Entertainment doesn’t need to be empty. It was never empty. It always served a purpose.

When our ancestors had minsters at their tables, those minstrels served a purpose- they told stories with meaning. The meaning was to carry on and inculcate in everyone the myths of our culture- the myths of honour, bravery, true love and devotion.

 But then Hollywood happened. Our stories were stolen by Js and converted into empty husks and then outright used to destroy us. Ideas that were horrid and evil like divorce were first made normal then pushed into our consciousness by the media.

The TV created the divorce plague.


So why do you still have it? Why do you keep the cable connection? Why are you a race traitor?

Because it’s easy. Because plopping your kids in front of the TV is easier than spending time with them doing arts and crafts.

 Because you are addicted to it.

Because you were tricked into making other people’s stories part of your life and forsaking your own.

Because you’re a race traitor.  You don’t mean to, but you are immersed in J filth all your days, and its thick and sticky like rotten molasses and it’s hard to get out.

 But you have to. And you have to get your children out of it.

Every day lost to them is a day you are giving your enemy to kill you.

Because you’re a race traitor.

 Time is limited. If you waste your time on J-made propaganda, and most entertainment is as such, you won’t have it for better purposes. Time is limited.

 Do you need to watch that new Hollywood movie?

You don’t.

 Do you need to watch TV every day? No you don’t

You don’t need to watch TV at all.

When you do, you’re paying the Js to subvert your mind and kill your people.

 So, stop. Turn off your cable. Refuse to let them continue to shit in your head and see what happens.

Yeah, you will go through withdrawal for a while, but you will be a better person later on.

NB: This doesn’t mean you have to give up movies altogether. Yeah yeah, that’s hard.

Addiction is a horrible thing, but you can make it work for you and not against you.

 But what shall you do in the evening?

 If you NEED entertainment at the end of a hard day, go for the good one.

Ban the mainstream crap out of your home and play Wagner, play European folk, play inherently white music.

 There is entertainment available free of charge, on the internet. Stuff that isn’t cucked, accurately historical movies that will teach you something and will sate your craving for entertainment while severely reducing your race treachery.

 Look at non mainstream movies. Look at stuff done before the 1960s.

 You crave “Game of Thrones”? Go watch “The Accursed Kings”, based on the book that inspired GOT. The series is available on YouTube free of charge and it contains actual accurate history, a fully white cast of European actors who can act, and all of the bloodshed you need.

 “I, Claudius” is another good miniseries- made by the BBC back in its noncucked days you get a pretty accurate history of the first Roman Emperors with an awesome cast and more truth than you can handle.

 Have your kids watch it- These things are real history lessons better than anything they could learn in school and the lessons are actual and good- the value of family, the fall of whores, the beauty of honour and true marital love, the importance of having children and the dangers of politics.

 It’s not hard.

Stop being race traitors. Go back to our people’s stories and myths.

 Read OUR writers. Listen to OUR music.

 I’ll start making lists of non cucked media you can read to feel better and to learn.

 Part 2 coming soon.

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