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The Global Fall of the Left part 2 - UK

A year ago I was writing about Labour believing their own bullshit. Since then, Labour have continued on their path to annihilation, and two days ago we’ve seen them getting wrecked in the UK local elections.

But it doesn’t look like they’ve learned their lesson, or any lesson. Labour are gleefully heading for LibDem level irrelevance,  and maybe that’s something we should be grateful for.

However, this isn’t entirely their fault. It’s happening all over the globe. See the previous post on the US Fall of the Left.


In 2015, the western socialist Labour party got very seriously damaged at the general elections. After 5 years of a Tory/LibDem government who had to use austerity, benefit cuts and college fee increases to sort the mess the previous Labour government had left, everyone thought the working class would once again vote Labour back in.

It didn’t work like that, because the working class, now armed with internet and smartphones and access to information, turned out to have understood that the mess the UK was in was entirely Labour’s fault. To the surprise of everyone on the Left, whose policies have always been based on the premise the working class is too stupid to look after itself, the people of Britain voted for the Tories, who had managed in those 5 years to restore growth to the economy, reduce unemployment including getting 900 thousand people off welfare and into work and actually promised to give them a referendum on UK’s continued EU membership.

Labour fought a campaign in which they decried the cuts the Tories had made to the NHS (a wasteful behemoth of an organization that provides substandard care and is struggling with bad Labour imposed management, privatised hospitals - another Labour policy from the 00s - and providing care to the 2 million non-contributing non EU migrants Labour imported in to create a prisoner welfare voting block).  They also had a lot of whinging and complaining about the Tories cutting benefits and how that was affecting a lot of people and killing a lot of old dears because apparently living in a council owned 3 bedroom house for 50 years even when there’s just two of you left is a God given right.

All of these tactics failed to work, for two reasons:

1. Labour, like all Western left parties, have no idea as to what the working class wants or needs. They actually think the working class wants welfare and feels entitled to it.
The truth is the opposite- the working class wants to work and advance socially, and they used to be able to do that as recently as the 80s. Say what you want about Thatcher, but being able to own your own house beats the hell out of having one from the mercy of the state.

People want to work and to feel that they are getting the fruits of their work. Call it a Western European protestant ethic, but white working people have working ethics embedded in their cultural makeup. They don’t want free stuff, they want to earn it.

That’s what the Left doesn’t get. That given the choice, most of the working class would rather work.
Free stuff has this thing where it’s unearned and it makes the honest and fundamentally protestant workers feel guilty and uncomfortable about it. Even the people from the white lumpenproletariat, affectionately known as chavs, are known to actually have intermittent employment owed mainly to their lack of skills and training - another thing we have Labour to thank for.  The shiny Sure Start centres and free training programmes never reached the inner council estates, and Labour always assumed that as long as you feed them the chavs will keep voting for you.

They were wrong.

Turns out the chavs would rather see their kids live better than them. And when said kids can’t get a job or any skills out of college? That’s a problem.

2. The second reason is that the Brits have long had enough of the EU’s regulations and the havoc it wreaked on their island. The Elf ’n Safety measures that impede people’s work with strange and unreasonable demands, the invasion of low skilled migrants that suddenly made it impossible for a blue collar worker to live off his work plus the insane importing of third world non-contributing migrants are things the British people find unpleasant.

When you can’t get a council house but Ibrahim the Pakistani migrant Labour imported in gets a 4 bedroom semi the council pays for,  you won’t like it. When you can’t get a doctor’s appointment because the NHS is cracking up and when you get it you’re more likely than not to get a doctor who barely speaks any English, you really won’t like it.

When your neighbour who hasn’t worked in 15 years has a better car and house than you from your taxes? You definitely won’t like it.

The Brits were miffed with the EU for a long time, but Labour in their arrogance never even dreamed to consider why that might be.

After all, they know better, and they say the EU is a paradise, look at all of the free money and grants and stuff they’re giving you, and who cares that it’s the same EU who forced the UK to close factories or sell them to companies who moved them abroad? Labour gets free money and some of it trickles down to the  damn plebs, so surely they ought to be grateful, right?

Before we move any further, let’s make the following clear: people don’t reject the EU because they’re racist and hate the immigrants. As an immigrant of 15 years in the UK, I can assure you the Brits have absolutely no problem with immigrants to come to work, contribute and integrate.

The issue is with the ones who come to take advantage of British benefits and who insist on non-integrating.  Piotr the Pole might have a funny accent, but he works next to John and John’s OK with that because Peter works and pays taxes and goes to church and his kids speak English.
I, a very non British looking Romanian, have never been attacked by Brits for being non British, but I did have stones thrown at me in a muslim area for daring to be the whitest person around and not wearing a hijab.

The Brits rejected the EU, but Labour refused to believe them. And Jeremy Corbyn, a man who, if nothing else, has had a lifelong Eurosceptic position, leader of what used to be the largest left party in Europe (not entirely true but I digress) couldn’t possibly find it in himself to say “The British people voted to leave the EU so we should respect that”.

His wishy-washy position has allowed the loud Labour remainers to speak for the party, and if you’re going to try to reverse Brexit while campaigning in an area that voted Leave? You’re gonna have a bad time. 

Which is what Labour had this week at the local elections. To be in opposition and to lose local seats third election in a row is unheard of in the UK, then again the only Labour leader to win a GE in the last 40 years was Tony Blair.

As it turns out, most of the Labour heartlands voted Leave, with the exception of the heavy non-European migrant areas like London. Interestingly enough, many ethnically diverse (read Labour import) areas actually voted Leave, including the vast conurbation of Birmingham. Actually, the immigrant-heavy areas that voted Remain are ONLY the ones where there’s a massive Muslim population. Integrated immigrant communities, be it Indians, East Asians or Eastern Europeans, went Leave without even blinking.

Why? Because if we wanted to live in a shitty third world country, we’d have stayed home.

Normally the opposition gains seats at every local elections, especially when the party in power continues with the cuts. Yet when the choice is overturning Brexit which many a Labour luminary have promised or keeping with the Tories, turns out the British working class will grin and bear the possible economic loss and keep going.

Of course, we’re yet to see the economic loss Labour and the ilk predict. On the contrary, after Brexit the economy went through the roof, unemployment is at its lowest since WW2 and turns out the fall in the pound fuelled increased trade.

Meanwhile, Labour and their Remain allies are being hurt by the unreasonable demands of the EU elite, lefties of various shades, who just can’t possibly imagine how the UK would DARE to leave.  Threats and demands worthy of a rejected wife who can’t quite figure out why her husband won’t put up with her anymore and sent her divorce papers are hilarious, but are also serving in rebuilding an English national identity - the bulldog doesn’t bow to anyone.

Labour aren’t getting this and the result is visible - the GE next month will probably end up being even worse of a disaster for them. If people vote like they did at the locals, Labour should be lucky to only lose 90 seats.

Labour will be crushed because it refuses to understand British people are not easily mollified welfare addicts. Good riddance.

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