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The culture of depravity

In an ideal world, we’d say that everybody should be free to have sex and use and abuse their bodies however they like. However, there’s something very interesting that we notice studying the world’s history- namely that the most successful societies are those with a clear social structure.

Society in its entirety rests on family as its base cell. Children develop to the best of their potential in stable families and in general people tend to achieve their best when partnered.

The reason why Western Europe is the most advanced civilization on earth is because it has the best family structure for supporting partners and raising children.  The men of the west could go discover and create because they had supporting partners at home and knew society would provide for their offspring if they didn’t come back. The impulse of creating, or working and striving so your own children would live in a better world is very strong in Europeans, and one of the main reason for our success as a civilization.

Which obviously means that whoever would want to destroy the European civilization would have to do that by destroying its most basic division - family. The same way a disease attacks a body, killing cell after cell ends up killing the whole body when there are not enough healthy cells left to keep it alive.
This is what is happening to our society right now. We have cancer.

This cancer’s name is depravity.

Now, I am not saying that people should start censoring their sexual preferences or be thrown off a building for being gay, although the societies who did that lasted a long time. But we’re not that savage.

What I am saying is that people’s sexual preferences are their own business for as long as they keep them private. I don’t care what you fuck and how as long as it’s consensual, but do it in your private sphere and don’t infect the public agora with it.

Because this is where the problem lies.  Normalizing depravity and dragging it into the public realm has disastrous consequences. Depravity broke both the Greek civilization and the Roman civilization, and if we’re not careful it will break us as well. It may have already done so.

Because there is such a thing as public morality. Yes, what you do in your business is your own business, but that’s not what is happening is it? So if heterosexuals aren’t allowed to have sex in public - which is a healthy thing - then why are we allowing obscene pride parades in the middle of the day?

I have gay friends who will take issue with this, and I am going to come out and say it: “keep your sexuality to yourselves like the rest of us. Parading your dicks in public is not a right, and the only thing it will give you is a strong reaction that you won’t like.

You’re not special enough, you’re not important enough and you sure as hell aren’t worth the damage to the morals of the society especially since you aren’t breeding anyway.

Gay people haven’t been oppressed in the west for decades, and claiming they are is absurd. You want to get married? Funny enough most of the gay couples who got married ended up divorcing. Gay people who were in decades long relationships ended up divorcing a few years after they got married legally.

And sorry, but if your relationship isn’t special enough for you without the marriage word attached to it, then maybe it was never special enough.

Because little chikuns, marriage is hard. People don’t get along all the time, and having someone else in the face when things are hard is not always easy. Things do come up, there’s arguments and there’s animosity. People change. It takes an unholy amount of patience and love to get through the hard parts, and you only have sex a small amount of time.

And believe it or not, love is not enough.  The fact that arranged marriages are actually more successful than love marriages shows that love is at best a nice-to-have. What keeps people together when it’s hard and boring is a common purpose, which in many cases is raising children.

That is how our parents did it. The only thing gay marriage achieved was to cheapen an important concept. It sure as hell didn’t make them any happier, because sexual attraction doesn’t actually make a marriage hold, but for the sake of them not having to fill out some additional legal paperwork, society suffers.

For society to function you need people invested in the future. People who make and raise kids, who have what to work for.

Putin is right, gay propaganda isn’t a right. You have the right to have sex with whoever you want. You don’t have the right to shove it down our throats.

The Roman Empire fell because the republican morality was replaced by imperial depravity. As long as the state was run by people with children, who had an investment in the future, Rome prospered. When it got on the hands of those who only care about their own sexual pleasure and have no reason to invest in the future, it fell. The greatest monsters in the gallery of Roman depravity? Not straight men with kids.

Caligula was transgender and bisexual. Nero was gay. Tiberius was a paedophile. Heliogabalus was bisexual and transgender. Under them Rome suffered and all monstrosities became allowable because none of them had any interest in preserving a good society for their children.

There are a lot of good people out there who are gay or trans - and as long as they don’t get to make decisions for the rest of us, I don’t care. Because, you see, the instinct to survive and reproduce is the foundation of all life. You can be gay or straight and be a decent person, but your genes won’t be passed on, and nature has written you out. Yeah there are surrogate mothers etc, but it’s not quite the same, is it?

The emperors with children worked to make Rome better and safer. The others mostly didn’t. That’s why Rome fell.
Because when you have responsibilities and are invested in the future you become prudent. Your children’s interests come first. And you don’t put strangers ahead of your own.

But, you’ll say, there were a few great emperors of Rome who advanced the empire and were gay, so you’re obviously wrong.

Actually, I’m not.  Because those emperors managed to keep their preferences private, and obeyed societal rules. Trajanus, arguably one of the best emperors of Rome, was gay,  but he did marry a woman and kept his habits to himself. Unfortunately, because he had no children of his own, his wife and friend managed to impose their favourite Hadrianus as a successor, and Hadrianus was not a good emperor. Society doesn’t tend to grow when the emperor marries his male favourite even when he castrates that favourite and dolls him up as a woman, like Nero did.

As a fun aside, Trajanus, who was a wise ruler, disliked Hadrianus and did not actually appoint him as his heir. Claudius only appointed Nero as his heir because he wanted the Empire to decay and fall, thus leading to the restoration of the Republic.

I’m sorry folks, but while I respect your choices, because it’s your bodies and your minds, I don’t trust your judgement in matters than concern me and mine. Because you’re not invested in the future and nature has already written you off. Nothing with you personally, but if nature doesn’t think your genes are worth keeping… that oughta mean something.

Of course it’s always the non hetero folk at the front of every pro migration march. Because they have no investment in the future. They get to feel fuzzy and good and fuck everyone else - because when you have no kids of your own the whole world is full of strangers and you have nothing YOURS for whom to preserve society.

Without a solid family unit, society crumbles and the fun part is that the refugees they’re so eager to welcome will be the same ones that throw our LGBT for Islam friends off the roofs.

The culture of depravity is the reason the West is weak. It’s literally the animalistic culture of rut and heat, when animals become irrational and all their decisions are based on the urge to reproduce. Only it’s worse, because most of these people won’t even reproduce.

In a world of desensitised beasts incapable of any higher feeling than orgasm, everything else feels valueless, and this is what the culture of depravity achieves.

It isn’t about poor people who are born different being able to love whom they want. They were always able to do that, but the old societies, you know, the successful ones, not the barbarians living in tents who never managed to domesticate an animal in millennia, made them keep it private. Society could keep to its rules, which made it successful, and they did get to have sex with whatever they liked.

I support your right to be happy and love whoever you want. But your fight has gone from “freedom to love whoever I want” to “paedophiles are people too”, and that makes my exact point.

You’re not my friends. I’m not advocating throwing you off buildings, but, having taken yourselves out of the genetic pool, I’d appreciate if you were kind enough to not make things harder on those of us who have a stake in the future.

I have trans friends and I respect their choices. Not my body, not my problem. But when you tell children who are incapable of distinguishing between reality and dream that they should take drugs that will make them sterile? I have a problem. And regardless of how many times you say: “But I don’t support this”? You’re just the narrow end of the wedge used to crack in.

We live in a world where a bunch of people who are really interested in replacing the smart and intelligent conceptualizing and freedom loving Europeans with brown masses of obedient slaves who can’t even understand why it’s important to have rights.  So the media creates absurd and unattainable gender roles and then tells stupid misguided teenagers that if they can’t live up to them then they’re probably transgender and should sterilize themselves hormonally and mutilate their bodies, only to realize in many cases that the issues are still there. Why in dog’s name would you want to mutilate yourself to become a woman when you don’t even know what being a woman means?

The trans movement is weaponized teenage angst. We used to drink and destroy things, then we calmed down, we grew up and integrated in society. It’s normal and healthy to feel weird and misfit as a teenager.

But they decided to use your stupid feelings and imbalanced brains to convince you it will all get better if you just sterilize yourself and chop off your genitals. Of course that’s not going to make you feel better because guess what? The other gender has their own set of expectations and dreams, and just because girls get to wear pretty dresses doesn’t mean our lives aren’t hard.

There used to be a time when transgender people would transition discreetly, then go on with their lives in their chosen gender. Having achieved that, nobody knew.

But normalizing a mental illness is only making a lot of misguided children do irreparable damage to their own bodies, and believe it or not, not hurting the feelings of one third of a percent of the population isn’t worth damaging the 99.7% of us.

Dress up however you want. Mutilate yourselves however you see fit, not my body, not my problem. Be happy.
But your insistence that this is normal and we should cater to you? NO. That’s how you get killed, because regardless of the noise you make, you’re just a very small minority.

Most of us are willing to live and let live, but when you try to force people to change their society to accommodate you and pretend your mental illness is normal and should be celebrated? That’s when you get shot.

Getting murdered because you forgot to tell your lover or your client that you aren’t what you claim to be? That’s not being oppressed. That’s you paying for your own stupidity because you tried to force your choice on someone else.  Yes there are people who are getting killed just for being trans, and I feel sorry for them.
But when you present as female and go to a room to have sex with a guy who’s convinced you are one? That’s dishonest and deceitful, and people in the throes of hormones aren’t entirely responsible for their actions. Sorry… but it does count a bit as “asking for it”.

And you should be grateful that you live in a society that doesn’t stone you to death and respect it instead of working to exchange it for one that regards you as abominations.

Feel free to be as depraved as you want. Your life, your problem. Your genes are already out.

But keep it to yourselves. Have the decency of not destroying the only society that tolerates and defends you just because you were born defective or are too stupid to understand the world.

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