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For many of us, the issue of White westerners converting to Islam is baffling and infuriating. 
Why would any white man and furthermore why would any white woman convert to such a barbarous and evil practice? 

mean if you want to be religious why don’t you go to Church, right? 


These people don’t want A religion. They want, NEED a meaning to their lives. Having enjoyed the empty thrusts of consumerism and nihilism, they crave meaning. They need someone to give their lives purpose, they need a system to stave off the madness. They need to feel a part of something bigger. 
They need to know someone up there loves them. 

And this starvation of meaning is not going to be filled by the empty words of the castrated Catholic Church or the 10,000 pozzed Protestant covens. None of it makes sense, none of these fills the existential dread of being alone in a cold careless Universe. 

Catholicism has been compromised to its core. Vatican 2.0 ensured it is nothing but a shell of itself and that it has voided its mission. There is nothing left but empty shining ruins of where the church of St Peter stood. 
 Protestantism especially its Calvinist branch has been corrupted since birth- a horrid mutation of Christianity created to appease or enemies and counter the truth of Martin Luther. 

When the French Jew Couin (frenchized Cohen) moved to England and changed his name to Calvin he didn’t do it from some infinite love for the Brits or for their branch of Christianity. 

So no surprise that there are a lot of Whites who feel the need for deeper meaning in their lives. Don’t we all? 

 The question is “but why Islam”, right? 

The answer is actually pretty simple. As of now, Islam is the only aggressively proselytizing religion in the West, and it has answers. Unlike the Western Christianity is doesn’t begto be accepted into the mainstream. It has its own Weltanschauung and it provides the poor lost souls with order in a chaotic world. 

It speaks volumes about the disgusting state of spiritual decadence the West is in that these people would even consider Islam as an actual option. The answers are so hideously wrong and alien this shouldn’t happen, but it does because even the wrong answers are better than no answers. 

The mass White conversions to Islam happen because these poor people need guidance. And nobody’s offering it.  The fact that they happen across social classes should really worry us, but the phenomenon is kept quiet. 

It seems illogical at first. Why would a Western woman choose to be dehumanized by a burkha in a religion that tells her she’s worth ¼ of a man? 

Because this is a price she’s willing to pay for belonging. For not being alone. 
Because even the most depraved white trash serial abortion thot feels the need for meaning in her life. 

Her older and gruff Muslim husband might beat the shit out of her but at least she HAS one. 

Our people are lost in the wilderness. Our communities are broken, the Western churches are cucked and ridiculous, so these poor creatures look for meaning where they can find it. 

A doctrine is only as good as the answers it provides, and in our weak, consumerist world being told what to do and knowing you have support, any support in living your life is worth it. 

This is where we are as a civilization. 

It is our weakness that leads our brothers and sisters off the right path, but can we blame them? 

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