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What will Brexit do for me?

1.       Cheaper food. It’s estimated EU produced food costs a British family of 4 an extra £50/week. Food brought from outside EU is cheaper and healthier without the infamous Es.
An extra £2500 a year saved on food.

2.       The restoration of British fishing industries. More jobs for British fishermen, more fresh fish on our markets. Healthier Brits.

3.       Having a voice in the running of the country. Most EU laws and rules override British law, and we get no say in them. Most of these rules are being drawn by unelected bureaucrats and there is no appeal or redress. Free Britain’s laws will be voted on by a democratically elected Parliament.

4.       No more British jobs exported overseas by EU. EU gave businesses grants to move factories out of the UK into Eastern Europe and Turkey- see Ford.

5.       Give British farmers back the British market. Our supermarkets are full of French products while British farmers are paid to leave the land fallow thus ruining our food independence.

6.       More school places for British children. This year, 800 A level students could not go on to study Medicine because the places were taken by foreign born students.

7.       No more benefits for EU migrants who haven’t paid into the system. Remember the family with 10 kids who demanded a 6 double bedroomed house? They were French citizens.

8.       Border safety. All of the dangerous migrants Germany let in in the past 2 years will soon have German passports and could come here. The kid who stabbed several people in August last year had an EEA Norwegian passport and lived on British benefits.

9.       No more uncontrolled immigration that price British working class out of jobs.

10.   Trade freely with a world that’s growing as opposed to stagnant dying EU.

11.   No more Islamization by the back door.

12.   No more “criminals have more rights than victims”

13.   No more paying for other countries’ idiocies.

14.   No more British businesses sold to EU corporations who close them down to stifle competition.

15.   Less migration means less crowded NHS. 

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