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UKIP needs to stop being hysterical

One of the most baffling things happening in the recent months is the increased hysteria of UKIP supporters as their party’s going down.
As someone who does support UKIP, I understand their frustration, but unfortunately it’s starting to go into the realms of utter madness we normally see from the Left, so I decided this needs to be addressed.

I have seen UKIP voters scream about how Theresa May will betray Brexit and how she can’t be trusted and why haven’t we left yet and why this and why that and each and every fucking thing they’re being hysterical about is idiotic media induced bullshit.

As someone with UKIP sympathies and a deep respect for Nigel, I decided this needed to be written.

1.       Theresa May is a Remainer

No, she isn’t. On the contrary, the woman has done everything actually possible to push it forward. The government was taken to court over it, because Dave Camoron made the Act of Parliament that decided the referendum rather ambiguous as he was so sure he’d win.
That couldn’t be ignored and pressed on with because this is a democracy.

She went to the courts, she got the Parliament to vote on Brexit by openly threatening them, she triggered Art. 50.
The woman is doing everything but delaying it, but she is doing it legally and that takes time.
Insofar, judge her by her actions - she went through the legal way because there is no other way. The Queen signed on it, article 50 is started, we have 2 years to finish it.

It doesn’t happen overnight.
Yes she had 2 campaign appearances for Remain when she was a minister in the Remain cabinet of Dave Camoron. She didn’t have much choice there and her presence at the Leave events was minimal. Leave was better moved forward by Nigel et al. and she could have ruined her career if she came out as a Leaver, like IDS.

2.       She wants to give away this that and the other.

No she doesn’t. Here’s a simple rule: if she didn’t say it herself, IT’S NOT TRUE!
Stop being hysterical over things the media lies to you about.  The media lies to you. Stop listening to them.

3.       She’s being too slow

Theresa May doesn’t want a soft Brexit, but she is currently stalling for time because there are elections coming in Germany and France. Macron may have won the presidentials in France, but he needs to win the parliamentary elections to govern and that is not going to be very easy.
The same as in the Netherlands - Rutte allegedly won an election in which his party lost 1/3 of their seats and their coalition partner has been turned to dust, but he can’t form a government because he refuses to work with Wilders. Winning an election is only good if you can make a functional government out of it - and in the Netherlands right now Rutte’s victory means he can’t actually govern. I wouldn’t be surprised at early elections if the shitshow continues.
There are also elections in Germany and yes, Merkel’s coalition won 1 state. ONE.

What does this mean? It means the people who are currently barking at the UK may soon be out of jobs, Europe is in turmoil and the longer she lets them squirm the easier it will be to get a good deal because she’s holding all the cards.
Europe can’t actually force us to pay a penny, and they need us more than we need them. Let them get entangled more and more in their own idiocy. The worse it gets for Europe the better it is for the UK.
Poland and Hungary have been threatened with being kicked out - That will weaken the EU’s case to punish the UK.

This is a waiting game and she’s playing it well. Let the woman work!!

4.       She’s pro Islam.

Actually she kinda isn’t, but whether you like it or not we have 5% Muslims in the UK and no politician worth its salt is going to ignore a group. Nigel paid dearly for his “Romanians” comment.
Now the funny thing is, not all Muslims or even all immigrants are anti UKIP. There are a lot of us Eastern Europeans with British passports and we are white like you, we  have the same culture as you, we speak English and we contribute (not all Eastern Europeans tho). The successful immigrant has a lot in common with UKIP because we don’t want to live in a third world hellhole - if we’d wanted that we’d have stayed home.

Theresa May didn’t, as a Home Secretary, have much in way of power to stop immigration to the UK while the UK was in the EU because the EU was keeping her hands tied.
She is doing things indirectly - by reducing benefits etc. she is making the UK a country less attractive for migrants.

She doesn’t want to discuss European citizen rights because we have a bunch of freeloaders with EU passports who come benefit shopping to the UK, remember the Family with 10 kids who demanded a half a million house? They had French passports.
Indiscriminately keeping EU citizens’ rights means these guys would get to stay. She will probably negotiate it down to cut the benefits for anyone including EU citizens who haven’t paid into the system.

5.       We should vote UKIP everywhere

Kids, I have bad news for you - UKIP is regarded as a single issue party. Nigel didn’t finish his job but he was chased out of the decision making part of UKIP by a bunch of nincompoops nobody’s heard of.  That is the problem - you may have good intentions but your party is being ran by idiots and has been used as an entry level mechanism into the Tories.
At this point in time UKIP isn’t a viable party to support in June because there aren’t enough people - UKIP’s social platform is vastly unknown and the average citizen who would vote for Nigel is not going to vote for Nuttall.



And no, UKIP doesn’t have the people and platform now to finish it. Nuttall has been successful in pushing significantly more qualified and charismatic politicians out, and that is costing UKIP and that’s why the locals were a disaster.

We should vote strategically, support all Tory MPs and oppose Remainers. Vote UKIP against Tory Remainers, vote for Tory Leavers.
We need to get Brexit done, and the only side who will do that are the Tories.


6.       We need to clear the party and build a better platform


As of now the average Brit regard UKIP as a single issue party. The current leadership has done an awful job at pushing the platform, and we need to get rid of them.
Stop making excuses for Nuttall being a waste of trousers and  have some proper elections- elect people who can bring something to the party.

Pat Condell? Anne-Marie Waters? People who are actively in the public eye are important.

People like them.

Promote good nationalist local politicians. Step in the ring and run yourself.


 My friends, stop being hysterical.   You’re being manipulated by the media who want to split the Leave vote. Vote tactical and stay strong.

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