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The problem is China - a primer

In the big fat arguments over US politics that are dominating the worldwide media, there’s a country whose name doesn’t remotely get mentioned enough.


Why aren’t we talking about China more? China is a world power with an aggressive economy and foreign policy, and its actions directly threaten the West.
Yet most people act as if China isn’t relevant.

China’s economy is sucking jobs out of our countries as we speak. By keeping their currency low pretty much everything Trump said about China is true to a T, Chinese products are cheaper than Western products, which forces companies to move their manufacturing facilities out of the West in order to remain competitive.
This is not only forcing companies to move their manufacturing facilities, it’s actively bringing down the working class’ standard of living across the world.

China has a history of aggressive foreign policies and is right now pushing into the South Pacific, because China needs resources and space and it doesn’t have anywhere to expand. To the West there’s Pakistan - an impoverished shithole. To the South West there’s India - no space and no resources.
To the south - Indonesia and the adjacent countries - overcrowded and barely hanging themselves.

To the North there’s Mongolia and Russia. Which are cold and it would necessitate a lot of long term terraforming  to turn Siberia into enough arable land to keep the Chinese fed. Siberia has resources, but it also is part of Russia and China knows Russia is not an enemy she can yet reckon with. Getting army through the world’s biggest frozen forest? Yeah good luck with that. Nuking it? Well what the hell is going to grow there afterwards?

China has the highest population in the world who live under a totalitarian capitalist-communist system. These people need to be fed. China is the world’s biggest food importer. China needs food. And resources.

China is openly allied with Russia and is working with them in creating a pan-Asian alliance.  This serves Putin just fine, because it gets China off his own back, and it gives Russia the economic aid it needs in its own pursuits (like leaving the petro dollar as reserve currency and returning to gold, which is a long term goal Russia and China share).

Now imagine if you will a world in which Russia gets the technological and financial clout of China behind its own military pursuits. A world in which Russia already has a nuclear glider that can hit London in 8 minutes and the US in 10.

How openly allied are Russia and China, you ask?

This open

We have the president of China straight out saying 

“The world is on the verge of radical change. We see that the European Union is gradually falling apart, how the US economy is crashing, and that all this will end with a new rearrangement of the world. In 10 years we can expect a new world order in which the key factor will be the alliance between China and Russia.”

This was a year ago.  You may have noticed some interesting events that happened ever since including and not limited to Chinese warships in the Mediterranean and having common exercises with the Russian Navy.
Since 2015.

Ask yourself- why isn’t anyone complaining about it?

China is making advances into Africa for resources. The African assault by migration we’re seeing right now serves China’s interests - it cripples Europe and it leaves space for the Chinese interests. The fall of South Africa is seen as a perfect opportunity for China to sweep in and pick up the pieces.

But nobody’s saying a damned thing about it are they?

Donald Trump was the first US president with the balls to say the problem is China. Have you noticed how nobody is talking about that? How many pundits on undisclosed payrolls have been railing on him for daring to say that?

Truth of the matter is, there are no really easy answers to the China question.

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