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The politics of madness

Some years ago, while working in the British NHS, I coined a phrase that made the rounds of my friends.

“The best thing to do in Britain is criminally insane”.  I stand by it.

Being criminally insane in the UK at the time (some 15 years ago) seemed to put one in a bizarre position where the fact they committed a crime, in many cases a heinous one, seemed to be just a detail. There were murderers, paedophiles and arsonists, and the state was using an unholy amount of time and resources to care for these individuals. No expense was spared for their comfort and treatment.

But nobody ever spoke about the victims.

Keeping an insane murderer in what was called a Medium Secure Unit costed the taxpayer at the time a cool 600,000 GBP/year, and these guys spent a lot of years there.

That was just the cost for the room and bed. It did not include the staffing costs of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, the cost of medication or the expensive MHRT- Mental Health Review Tribunals where a patient could ask to be reassessed as many times as they wanted. If the tribunal decided they were ameliorated, they’d be released from hospital, first into a halfway house that offered them a way to reintegrate into society while keeping some rules, and then into general population.

The moment they were out, they became a priority for the local council to house and look after. A state paid social worker would ensure that they would get all possible benefits, place them at the top of the list for social housing and a community psychiatric nurse ( CPN) was dispatched to be more or less at their beck and call.

These people wouldn’t have to ever work. The system worked for them, and they abused it. In my years working as a sysadmin in the NHS- and voraciously reading the medical files because the whole process fascinated me, I only heard of one patient who was holding a job and trying to integrate back into the community.

But they weren’t called patients. They were clients, and thus the relationship between them and the flock of staff assigned to look after them was changed.

These people, who were to a one dangerous criminals were being treated like little gods. The taxes I was paying were used to keep them comfortable and safe, and as separate from their crimes as possible.

So the system got abused a lot.  Some of these guys found it very hard to deal with the real world, despite having every one of their needs met at the cost of the taxpayer, and in many cases they’d just go and commit a crime and once arrested call for their social worker and get back into the system.

And nobody cared about the victims.

This troubled me. I could understand that they were ill and needed help, but from “needs help” to “being provided a life of luxury and comfort”  on my taxes was a long way. The day I found out a known arsonist had been placed in a halfway house one block away from my place was the day when something broke for me.

Nobody cared about the victims. The insane were mollycoddled and taken care of, but the sane couldn’t even see the mad criminals brought to justice.

This is the world in which we live today. The system we refer to as “globohomo” has been trained and conditioned us to accept and cater for the needs of the insane few at the cost of the comfort and safety of the rest of us.

We are being punished for being sane, every single day.  And we accept it because our compassion has been weaponized against us.

In such a world, is there any wonder that insanity has become a fetish? That there’s kids and teenagers and adults who claim a mental illness as a badge of honour, self diagnose and self mutilate for it?

We live in a  world in which insanity is desirable because it allows people to escape the hard reality of day to day grind.

And we allow it.

The language has been weaponized against us, like everything else, to make the perverted and undesirable seem minimal and benign. Everybody and their mother is on some form of prescription pill… and those of us who aren’t are being punished for our shameless normality.  Not being insane is a crime.

First it was the transition from “insanity” to “mental illness”. An illness is temporary. The very change in terms fools people into believing these afflictions are mild and temporary. They’re not.

The words are being used to prey on our sympathies, and weaponized to force us into allowing atrocities to pass because “mental illness”.

And I’m not just talking about the trans pipeline into insanity, the so called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. I will address this later.

I am talking about the fact that suddenly dangerous insanity is no longer considered dangerous and it’s being forced down our throats. And we’re paying for it. Why?

The answer is unpleasant, but it’s basically supply and demand. Preying on the impressionable minds of children and teenagers to push them on an irreversible path into insanity of any kind, be in gender dysphoria, some sort of violent schizophrenia or paranoia, it serves our enemies in charge that more and more of our youth are insane.

The truth is that they wrote us off. We don’t matter and they can afford to wait for us to die.

But the new generation needs to be culled. They need to be forced into diversity and mental illness because they need to be made compliant and easy to control so as to not mind becoming a minority and being killed outright for the crime of being white.

Back home, when we slaughter pigs for meat at Christmas? We give the pig a mug of moonshine. It keeps them calm and sedate so they can be easily killed.

And this is what they do to our children. Slowly driving them insane so they won’t fight.

When mental illness is cool and special, what teenager wants to be sane?

If everybody is insane then everybody can be on SSRIs. Imagine a world in which everybody accepts to be on severe suppressants and be chemically castrated and killed.

Now open your eyes and look around because this is it.

And of course, to make it easier? The actual prevention of mental illness sis absent. Oh they will look after you if you’re insane, but not before. They will let you fall, and then pick you up gently, put you on your pills and then send you on your merry way.

The system needs us to be insane and we let it.

And of course nobody cares about the victims. When you see the annoying little Antifa shits you might feel angered or annoyed or disgusted… but in truth they are just misguided children pushed into violence to become the jackbooted thugs of globohomo.

When you see the children being groomed into castration and a life of despair and unbearable pain, the only sane reaction is to chastise and burn down those who prey on children.

But we aren’t doing it.

The sane are fewer and fewer. The sane people are the ones who openly revolt. Brenton Tarrant is a sane man. Darren Osbourne is a sane man. Dylan Roof? Sane men who saw the world for hat it I and chose to do something about it.

What does it say about us that we don’t?

It says that we are ourselves culled. That we are owned by the masters and we allowed our fears to steer us from what’s right.

And what is right is a cleansing fire.

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