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Antisemitism is a conspiracy theory

A spectre is haunting the West
It might seem somewhat ironic to start this with quoting  the most famous Jew of all times, but there we are, and unless we want to be able to move as a culture and fight against this most pervasive of enemies, we need to talk about it.
This spectre’s name is Antisemitism, and it has done more damage to our civilization than the Black Plague and Communism combined. 

And for some strange and bizarre reason we are at a point where in many countries it is illegal to talk about it.
“If you want to know who rules you, ask whom you’re not allowed to criticize” the old saying goes, and nothing is closer to the truth.
We aren’t allowed to criticize Jews. We aren’t allowed to criticize any of their actions, and attempting to do so can get one doxed, fired, imprisoned or dead.
Do we live in a Jewish occupied world?

Occam’s Razor says we do.

Antisemitism is a term coined in the 19th century. The term literally means “hostility against Jews” and it is supposed to be the greatest sin one can commit on God’s green Earth. But nobody’s telling us why. 

We are being told that because, to quote Ilhan Omar “some people did some things” to Jews in the 20th Century, we are forever banned from even disliking Jews. That we are supposed to accept everything they say or do at face value, under penalty of prison, ostracism and violence.
But WHY?
Why are we not allowed to question Jews?

Well now, prepare for a bumpy ride, because here it comes.

The truth of the matter is that “Antisemitism is the belief that Jews should be held to the same standards as other groups”. This is the definition the term has rendered itself onto in the past decades, and I’m yet to see a better one even if I do say so myself.

What are we being asked to believe?
We are being told that each and every historically documented instance of Jewish malfeasance in the past few millennia is a lie and a smear towards innocent Jews. Furthermore with the apparition of the Internet and the monopoly on knowledge that it’s being allowed to claim, every trace of said Jewish malfeasance is being erased from the public consciousness and history.

This wouldn’t have been possible 100 years ago, because we still got most of our knowledge from books, and it’s VERY hard to hunt down and remove each and every book you dislike. We know this because it has been tried before, but truth has this annoying habit of coming out, and much as it’s been tried to erase the written word that disagreed with the Official Reality, it didn’t work.

Communists tried to remove every trace of history and culture that disagreed with their views,  and even owning those books was a guaranteed prison sentence when I  grew up, but people still kept the books and still learned the poems and still remembered who and what they were.  They risked because culture matters, and because truth is the most important thing we have.
But with Web 2.0, this is a possibility and furthermore it is happening right now. 
In the past 70 years something weird has happened to the West. Namely, our children’s education changed from means of acquiring knowledge into shameless propaganda. History, the eternal enemy of those who hate the truth, was distorted, maimed and slowly eliminated from the common curriculum across the West. The average 30 year old knows very little about history beyond WW2, and almost nothing of their own country’s history and values.
Why did this happen? What is it in history that is so feared that it has to be eliminated at all costs?
Why ANTISEMITISM of course.
Truth of the matter is? Antisemitism is a conspiracy theory.

We have vast proof spanning millennia that Jews as a group have been acting with hostility towards any country they had been allowed in. There are countless cases in recorded history of children that have been found dead and tortured in barbaric ways, and numerous testimonies of these deeds being traced back to various Jewish communities.

The notorious cases of St Simon of Trent , St William of Norwich, St Harold of Gloucester and St Robert of Bury show instances of young boys being tortured and killed, and there is judicial evidence showing that these crimes were perpetrated by various Jewish groups in England.

However Wikipedia claims all of these are lies and “blood libel”, but in a weird way, because in order to establish a libel, in a court of law one is expected to prove the accusation is untrue, yet we never get that proof.
On the prosecution case we have historical documents from all over Europe over several centuries about Jewish groups kidnapping and torturing young boys, but we are expected to believe these are lies because Jews tell us so. No shred of evidence is being presented to the contrary, but we’re just supposed to believe a lot of people all over a whole continent magically decided that Jews, who were otherwise good and law abiding citizens, were performing these heinous acts.

Now I don’t know about you, but I really fail to see WHY the same accusations would show up all over Europe at the same time. Why would a butcherwoman in Lublin, Poland, accuse the jews of her town of a crime very similar to those in England?

Let’s be very clear here- these accusations are nothing but rare, and they appear EVERYWHERE where a presence of Ashkenazi Jews was established at any point in history.

But we’re supposed to believe these are all lies. We aren’t told what they do claim happened, why was there a plague of dead and tortured Christian baby boys all over Europe in the high Middle Ages. Nobody is even attempting to explain why this never happens in the Christian communities where no Jews were present. There’s no known case of these events in Norway, which banned Jews in the 10th century, or in Ireland.

Those of us in the business of data and logic have this saying “One point is a point, two points are a line, three points are a pattern”. So what happens if we apply this tried and tested means of judgement to these events?

The conclusion, which is very obviously confirmed by Occam’s Razor, is that there is a direct link between Jewish presence in a community and brutal murder and torture of infant boys.
So why are we not allowed to question this? Why should we just accept this series of well documented events are just slurs and conspiracy theories just because Jews tell us they are?

Why is it OK to question every aspect of the Western civilization but it’s never OK to question Jews?
But this is just one aspect.

We are being told that it is a conspiracy theory and Anti-Semitic canard to give credence to statements that Jewish groups have repeatedly conspired to bring down various political regimes in the Western world and influence public policy in their favour, but we have plenty of documents that prove otherwise.

Theodore Herzl himself, the man who created the Zionism movement, wrote in one of his last pieces that the Jewish involvement and manipulation of both sides of the political debate in the late 19th century was dangerous, and that it will lead to a massacre.
He also supported the actions of the Ottoman Sultan against the Armenians because he believed his support would make the sultan agree to sell Palestine to the Jews, and this is openly admitted to in the Jewish media.

Haaretz openly discusses this.

“The Armenian question has occupied the Zionist movement since a mass killing of Armenians was carried out by the Turks in the mid 1890s – prior even to the First Zionist Congress. Herzl’s strategy was based on the idea of an exchange: The Jews would pay off the Ottoman Empire’s huge debt, in return for the acquisition of Palestine and the establishment of a Jewish state there, with the major powers’ consent. Herzl had been working hard to persuade Sultan Abdul Hamid II to accept the proposal, but to no avail.
“Instead of offering the Sultan money,” Herzl’s diplomatic agent Philip Michael Nevlinski (who also advised the Sultan) told him, “give him political support on the Armenian issue, and he’ll be grateful and accept your proposal, in part at least.” The Christian European countries had been critical of the murder of Armenian Christians at the hands of Muslims, and committees supporting the Armenians had been founded in various places, and Europe also offered refuge to leaders of the Armenian revolt. This situation made it very difficult for Turkey to obtain loans from European banks.
Herzl eagerly took the advice. He felt that it was appropriate to try any means possible to hasten the establishment of a Jewish state. And so he agreed to serve as a tool of the Sultan, by trying to convince the leaders of the Armenian revolt that if they surrendered to the Sultan, he would comply with some of their demands. Herzl also tried to show the West that Turkey was in fact more humane, that it had no choice but to deal with the Armenian revolt this way, and that it aspired to a ceasefire and a political arrangement. After much effort, he also met with the Sultan on May 17, 1901.“

So, is accepting and questioning this well documented event Antisemitic? Is it a conspiracy theory since it is openly discussed by Jews?

Or is it that only Jews can criticize Jews?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Accepting that all of the stories about Jewish malfeasances in the past 2000 years is just a series of racism smears takes a hell of a lot of belief, but no actual data is being provided to us for this viewpoint.

We are just supposed to believe and not inquire because Jews say so, but everything about our culture should be open for their debate and deconstruction.

One wonders why.
Furthermore, we have to notice the sustained efforts to remove the evidence of jewish malfeasances from the common record.  The recent blatant falsifications of Jeffrey Epstein’s Wikipedia page, which before his latest trial listen him as Jewish but it was immediately altered to claim he came from a  white family is one in a very long series of gaslighting events we have witnessed.

One of them, and for myself as a survivor of Communism very egregious, is the attempt to white wash Communism’s Jewishness.

The fact that KNOWN Jewish Bolsheviks have been presented as “Christian but with some Jewish ancestry” over and over again is obvious, and when the Jewish origin cannot be denied their crimes are being played down and they’re made to look like actual benefactors of the people history shows they have committed heinous crimes against.

A case in point is the disgusting Romanian Jewish Tortionnaire Ana Pauker. One of the Jewish Bolshevik activists given free hand in Romania by the Soviet occupying armies after WW2, she was a cruel and disgusting criminal who delighted in sending innocent Romanians to prison for the crimes of reading Romanian history.  She was the spearhead in the Bolshevik attempts to erase Romanian history by forbidding it to be taught in schools, she headed numerous political trials of “road companions”- Romanian intellectuals who shared some of the beliefs of the Communists but didn’t go “far enough”, and signed several incredibly cruel policies in the late 40s and 50s, like the forced expropriation of landowners, the deportations of rich peasants to the wilderness in Baragan etc.

But lo and behold, according to Wikipedia she was  in fact an angel in disguise who tried to help the Zionist movement and help Jews move out of the Jewish communist controlled Romania to the newly formed Israel… which if you think about it is the most damning thing one could say.

When a country Jews control- and they did at the time- is considered unsafe for Jews… you have a problem.

The list can go on, and it isn’t pretty, and these crimes are still remembered by my people.
According to this new and revised Wikipedia history, for some strange and bizarre reason a whole bunch of people who were Christian but had some vague Jewish ancestry just magically chose to form an organization whose purpose is to overthrow a Government or 10… it beggars belief that anyone would really think we’d fall for the lie.

Lenin is magically no longer a Jew, despite his faith bring well documented.  Stalin is also magically no longer a Jew to the point where we’re being told his own name, Djugasvili – “son of the Jew” is being presented as a conspiracy theory. We’re even being told the translation is incorrect, but nobody says anything about what the real meaning of the name is, if the translation “son of the Jew” is incorrect.

But we are supposed to buy and believe this, with no evidence whatsoever. We don’t DESERVE evidence, we’re supposed to believe what we are told and repent for daring to question the narrative of the Holy Jewish Cows.

What do we call a story with no evidence? A conspiracy theory. Or you know, a lie.
Which means this whole story IS a conspiracy theory. Because Antisemitism itself, the myth that a lot of people everywhere Jews went magically hated them for no reason IS a conspiracy theory.

And maybe the reason they’re working so hard to eliminate us from our own countries is because we’re the only group smart enough to not buy the lie.

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