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Who killed the Knight errant

You ever watched a Hollywood movie or 15 and saw that bullshit about the reluctant hero who doesn't have to do anything, he's just special for existing and his destiny is to save the world, but he doesn't want to? And in the end he just goes ahead and does it, defeating ebenies stronger and more prepared just because he's that special? The Chosen One? The Harry Potter?

You ever wonder where the hell that comes from? Because there is no culture on God's green Earth that celebrates the snowflake. In any old stories, in any culture capable of creating stories, the hero is just that- a HERO. He goes out and seeks adventure or is handed out a glorious burden of duty, or has something important to avenge.

So where's the reluctant hero coming from?
It comes from the same people who used TV to convince us divorce was acceptable and tolerable.
It is a tool to weaken us, and it has weakened a whole generation. The Milenials we laugh at? Those poor fuckers were raised on it.
What else is Harry Potter if not the story of the archetypal Snowflake?

This is how you weaken a people. You take away their myths, and give them lies.
Myths are important. Myths create the soul of a people. They set out your ethics, establish your history and values. The knight errant, the European hero who goes out to find adventure and purpose, to defend the innocent, is our myth.
And in order to turn us into weaklings, he had to be killed and replaced by a schizophrenic weakling with glasses.

And in that, purpose and valor were stolen from a generation of white youths. Without myths, people don't exist. Myths are the soul of your nation.

I wrote long ago that storytellers are the guardians of a nation's soul. Our stories were stolen and replaced with lies created to weaken us, so we became weak.
The knight errant was murdered because Js were afraid of a whole race of heroes and explorers. They needed weakling, obedient sheep whose only identity is consumerism.

So the reluctant hero was born. He who is special and wonderful by himself and has to put no effort into becoming a better person because his DESTINY is to triumph.
So why would anyone work harder to improve themselves if DESTINY would give them magical powers anyway?

This is why they're weak and pathetic. Because they were told they never needed to be better, just be and glory would come to them.

The archetype sold to them is Gandhi. For 70 years they were told Gandhi was this amazing hero that won the freedom of India by peaceful protest.

Gandhi did it so there's no need for you to be violent- just walk through your city long enough and you will win.

Of course, it is a lie. India didn't become independent because of Gandhi's satyagraha. It just happened that the Empire was exhausted after the war it spawned and could not afford to keep it. Gandhi's idiocy also created an religious war between Hindu Indians and Muslim Indians that still rages on, but you aren't getting told that.

But the message that remained was that you don't need to shed blood to achieve change, and generations bought it. They thought words mattered and were so busy believing it they never noticed they achieved nothing.
Of course they wanted you to believe that. Of course they killed the knight errant.

Because in truth the only thing they fear is violence. Freedom is always paid in blood.
And that's why they had to breed it out of us. By killing our best in brother wars and training us to despise and fear the only weapon that works against them.
It's an insidious poison.

But freedom must be bedded on a bed of corpses.
and since you're not willing to make the corpses... you ain't getting no freedom.

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