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Generation Identity will not be enough

There’s something deeply comforting about the phenomenon of Generation Identity, and it’s good to see generation Z taking arms and defending their heritage.
It’s good that these kids redpilled themselves. It’s awesome they managed to see through the lies of mass media and, born and bred at the unwholesome teat of the Internet, they’re capable of seeing reality better than their millennial elders.

That being said, I am made deeply uncomfortable by the fact so many of my fellow GenX are so incredibly happy to leave the fight to GenZ. I know we’re all getting a bit old and creaky and have mortgages and shit, but let’s look the truth in the face:

A lot of the recent attacks on and decay of the Western civilization has happened on our watch. We let it happen while we were still nurturing the trauma of growing up under the shadow of a nuclear death, and maybe, just maybe, we need to stand the fuck up and be counted.

This happened on our watch. Barack Obama is not a boomer, he’s one of us, and his ascension happened while our generation holds much of the world’s power.

The problem are not the millennials who are still young, stupid and poor. The problem is us.

We grew up neurotic with uncaring  self-centred boomer parents and as soon as we could understand the world, we lived under the shadow of nuclear death. The Western GenXers know the sounds of exercise alarms, many grew up with mandatory military terms and the fear of terminal war.

In the East we had it worse. We talked about nuclear bombs openly, as children we were taught of the different kinds of bombs (imagine being about 8 and discussing the N bomb and the H bomb with other kids).  We had paramilitary training.

And then the wall fell and we kind of let it go. We’ve been sleepwalking through the end of the world while our cretinous boomer teachers and neglected millennial brothers went to destroy our heritage, while we played by the rules and tried very hard to be normal.

Why didn’t we fight it off sooner? Probably because we were all hard working neurotics trying to survive. But making excuses won’t solve anything anymore.

We aren’t normal. Most of us are divorced, neurotic, depressed  and addicted to various shit because that’s what being born under the mushroom shadow did to us.

Guess what? The time for navel gazing has ended.

We should stand up right next to generation Identity and pick up our fucking responsibility. It’s up to us to help the kids, and it’s up to us to redeem what’s left of our civilization, because whether you like it or not, we’re the adults now.

A lot of us are depressed. Defeated. Opted out of watching the world burn. It’s understandable.

But the fire is at our front door now, and it’s time to do or die.

Generation Identity will not be enough to restore the west. There aren’t enough of them because we forgot to breed, and those who are, are being hunted down by people who look a lot like us, only chose to take the bluepill of poisoned hope socialist globalism.

WE need to stand up. WE are the ones who work. We are the ones who vote and still have some economic power, and we really aren’t old and creaky enough to stand aside.

So how about we grow the fuck up and get to work.

You don’t feel like fighting and marching? Well, there are other ways.

You’ll find on this site a guide to how to fight islamization legally. Yes, you have to actually get your ass out of the chair and be involved in your community, but guess what? This is happening because so many of us opted out of said community and let the hippie boomers destroy it.

What can you do, you’re going to ask.
Of course you will.

So, from a broken GenX to the rest, here’s what you do:

1. Get your shit in order.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start acting like a real grownup- we’re all over or nearing 40. Get your life straight and stable. Whatever your addiction - get off the couch. You’re not that old and rusty, and going out helps.
See to your health. See to your mental health. Get the fuck out. Declutter your mind - there are likeminded people like you everywhere.

2. Get you a mate and start making babies.

Get out of the stupid fantasies the media put in your head and instead of looking at cup size, look at character first. Boobs sag, arses get bigger and everybody gets wrinkles. Get you a mate with character that will stand by you through thick and thin, and make babies.

3. Get back into your community.

Get involved. Our countries are stolen from under our feet by a bunch of intruders and activists because we do nothing to stop them. Fight legally, get involved, meet people like yourself and defend the rights your ancestors died for.

4. Vote.
Hopefully this doesn’t need explaining. Vote with the people who care about YOUR interests. Brexit. Trump - voting matters still. Stop expecting someone else to solve things, stop thinking democracy will work itself out because Europe is dying and democracy you aren’t willing to spill blood for ain’t worth shit.

5. Stop thinking it won’t happen to you.
I went to bed in England one night and I woke up in the Third World, and so did you. Maybe they didn’t get to your little white corner of Europe yet, but they are there, and if you’re in the EU you don’t have national borders. Lines are easily crossed and lines drawn in yellow on the grounds are known to not be very good protectors against anything.

Democracy won’t help you because they are using your democracy against you.  Because they think we’re too soft to defend ourselves, and they’re right. We are. Defend it, use your rights and do not give quarter.

6. Fight with your wallet.

This should be easy- all you have to do is stop paying to be fucked over. Stop giving money to corporations you know will fuck you over. Stop giving money to the refugees welcome crowd. Support your local businesses. Support your friends’ businesses.
Actively boycott those who actively work to harm you.

7.  Get ready.  We are at war and just because it’s silent doesn’t mean it’s not happening.
Join with Generation Identity where you can find them. Look for them. Do your share and shoulder your responsibility.

Stand up and be counted

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