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The very very ugly choice

The fact Theresa May is fighting against her own party, pretty much like Trump, has become blatantly obvious when it came out some idiot decided it was a good idea to stick some very serious censorship measures into the Tory Manifesto.

She thinks she has to appease the old school Conservative dinosaurs, and that’s unfortunately untrue.  One has to wonder whose loyalty was bought with that paragraph then we remember how ISIS do actually openly recruit on the Internet and maybe just maybe she’s a bit right to be paranoid.
Whatever the hell Theresa May was drinking on that day must’ve been pretty strong for her to do something this stupid.

Unfortunately we still have to vote for her, because BREXIT.

Technically speaking what’s in the manifesto is idiotic and unattainable. It will also fall in the courts, and Theresa May is not Blair- she will obey the courts’ decisions.  Yes it’s dangerous, but quite frankly seeing the netizens panic in such a way they fail to understand Theresa May is not the EU and neither is she Extreme Left has been, insofar, pretty hilarious.

Firstly because we don’t actually have a choice in the matter.

If you’re stupid, and I’m deeply aware most people reading this are not going to be the brightest of the lot, you’ll scream NOOOOOOOOOOO and you will vote against the Tories.

You may vote for UKIP- waste of votes at this point, for the pointless LibDems , for Labour or you might stay home because the evil witch wants to take away your porn and youtube channel.

Of course what you haven’t noticed is that Brexit is the issue here, and the EU is ALREADY doing what Theresa May is threatening to do and worse. You may get to keep your porn for a bit if we stay in the EU, but political correctness will get you regardless and you will need a broadcasting licence to ramble on YouTube.

Because that’s what’s in store for Europe. That’s what Germany is doing, and since neither the Dutch nor the French had insofar the testicular fortitude to say “fuck you and your namecalling”, it’s going to pass. And in about 3 years, the millions of rapefugees Markel brought in in 2015 will have European passports and they will overvote you on everything, because basically you’ve bene sitting on your arses wanking off to tentacle porn instead of getting married and making white babies 10 years ago.

Contrary to what the scaredy-cats are telling you, the choice isn’t between May and internet freedom. That choice went long ago. The choice right now is between May and the EU, and the EU is actually a lot worse.

It would be nice if non British youtubers would be kind enough to stop screeching- as of now we don’t have the same enemies, and no, Theresa May won’t convict you for being anti EU.
But the EU just fucking might.

So my dears, you have the choice of risking a danger to your porn or being under the full EU yoke.

Choose wisely.

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