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We are at war

We are at war
Ok people, the time to talk is over.

Last night, one cowardly piece of shit went and blew up a concert arena full of teenagers.
So far we have 22 dead and 50 wounded.
How long are we taking this? We’re being told we should carry on as usual.
These cunts, the media, have normalized terrorism.

Are we going to let them? We know who the enemy is. We will not get an open war, just the death of a thousand papercuts until we are no more. We’re boiling frogs, and it’s time we start jumping out of the pot.

This is killing us.

So you want to fight? Fight.  Fight now.

They are killing children. Stop waiting for someone else to do anything, do it yourselves.

Enough with the “The best thing to do is go on” and “my thoughts are with them”.
Your thoughts are irrelevant and you’re a virtue signalling piece of shit.

Maybe if we didn’t go on after 9/11, if we took actual measures against the enemy in our midst, terrorist attacks on the West wouldn’t be so common now.

Stop saying “Islam is a religion of peace” when there are 100 lines in the Quran and Hadiths calling for Muslims to kill infidels. As in us. All non-muslims out there.
Stop with the useless crap, the praying, the changing colours and the “my thoughts are with the victims”.

This happened because you sat on your arse while Labour imported over 1 million muslim migrants into the UK in the aughts. This happened because you kept them in power.

Do something.

Demand to know why the services didn’t stop all of these known terrorists in our midst. FOIA requests and political pressure now, before the election. March for the lives of your children. Ask questions. Make noise. Don’t let this be buried.

Demand the borders be closed down. No more false refugees, no more badly vetted non EU migrants. Vote for #Brexit, support nationalist politicians. Support patriots like Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage, Pat Condell, AMD Waters.

Pressure your politicians to vote in stronger anti-terrorism laws including but not limited to the banning of hate preachers, investigating mosques and faith schools and deporting suspects. There’s a GE campaign going on, go meet your candidates and ask them questions.

Stop buying from #Halal certified stores.  Most of the certification cash goes straight to ISIS.

Hold the social media services to account for allowing ISIS to recruit through them.  There was a Tweet last night 4 hours before the attack announcing it, and Twitter are refusing to answer as to why this was not reported. ISIS has a strong FaceBook presence that is allowed, while right wing posts are removed and accounts suspended. This makes them accomplices.

People who support terrorism are terrorists. They are not your friends because they smile at you, they are not your friends because they are polite to you. If they won’t report the guy who wants to kill your children, they are your enemies. Stop being sheep. 2/3 Muslims in the UK  reportedly stated they would not report someone they know has been radicalized to the police.

Report anyone who tries to justify or excuse these attacks. No we don’t deserve to be attacked . Nobody does. By excusing them, you are an accomplice to terrorism.

Defend your children.

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