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Jeremy Corbyn- stealing from the working class to feed his migrant voters

There are people in the UK, deeply stupid people, who actually think money grown on trees and should be freely available to everyone who asks, and since we have too much of said money we should let all of the world in to take advantage of it.

One of these people is Jeremy Corbyn, a man who never hid his dislike for the British working class by siding with terrorists and who couldn’t even find it in the poor sorry and black thing he calls a heart to condemn the people who blew up a bunch of British teenagers in Manchester last week.

To say that Corbyn is insane would be an insult to insane people. He isn’t. Like most of Labour, he just hates the working class and wants them replaced with obedient non European migrants who’ll be dependent on the benefits Corbyn and his lot would throw them, and thus have no such uppity ambitions as climbing the social ladder and go right.

This started with Blair’s ban on new grammar schools. The reasoning is obvious- most of the MPs are grammar school children who went through the good educational system and climbed the social ladder up. Of course , Labour, who need the working class stupid and obedient, don’t want the workers’ kids to get the same advantages they had, so after they climbed up they kindly pulled up the ladder.

So the brilliant working class kids had two choices- either go through the ghastly comprehensives and come out useless mediocrities, or have their parents save and scrap so they could send their kids to private schools in order to assure their future.

I have met many of such families, whose parents, working and lower middle class, scrapped and saved and wore old clothes so their kids could have a better chance than in Labour’s hideous comprehensives that actively hold back smart kids while wasting money on little Timmy who has some genetic illness and needs a special TA, but will still be placed in the same room as the children who can learn and impede their progress. 
 So the parents work and scrip to send their kids to private school. A second mortgage, an older car, less food, they do it because they love their children.

These are the people Jeremy Corbyn wants to steal from. By adding VAT on top of the already onerous private school fees ( that parents wouldn’t have to pay if Labour wouldn’t have all but destroyed grammar schools) he is basically wanting to make these parents’ lives harder, steal away the chance of a better future from the bright kids whose families won’t be able to afford the extra 20%... and for what?

It’s simple.
In the aughts, Labour imported over a million non European migrants, in majority Muslim, into the UK.

The Muslim community has been used by the left with success across Europe- import migrants who don’t integrate and contribute, make them dependent on benefits and have your votes secure forever because they breed more than the local working class.

Only these guys’ kids are now about to go to school and you need to keep them happy. So who are you going to steal from to feed them? The working class who actually contribute and fight for a better future for their kids.

You thus kill two rabbits with one stone- first you feed the kids of your voters, and second you prevent the British working class, who long abandoned Labour because they realised Labour was their enemy, from ever rising again on the social ladder and creating you problems.

Easy and wrapped in nice words, and it’s not like your middle class voters are going to care about little brilliant Johnny Gibbs who won’t get to become a doctor, because Corbyn stole his chance at better education in order to feed the kids of the high breeding migrants Blair imported to make sure someone kept voting Labour.

Don’t let Jeremy Corbyn, a man who’s OK with your children being killed, steal the future from your kids, assuming said kids don’t get raped and/or massacred by Corbyn’s imported voters first.

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