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The bullshit of self esteem and dewhitification of America

At some point in the past decades something weird happened. It turned the world upside down but very few people noticed it.

It used to be that self esteem was something you built from your achievements. You did stuff, you made errors, you got better and THEN you had a reason to have self esteem. You had achieved something. You had a worth you built with your own two hands.

It used to be that we looked down on people who had the self esteem but with nothing to back them up. We used to call them “full of shit”.

Then something happened. Around the 70s, when the Left realised all they had to do to gain power was to de-whitify America and turn the Blacks and other non whites into a prisoner voting block… they had a problem.

They had managed to integrate the blacks into White schools at the point of a gun, but there was a problem- the Blacks were constantly underperforming. Regardless how much time and money was put into their schools, regardless how much the white children were inconvenienced? The black kids still fell behind.

And everybody wanted to know why. Only they didn’t. The truth of the matter had been very simple ever since the time Charles Darwin wrote “Evolution of Species” just to try and explain why the hell were the Blacks in Africa so far behind in terms of development from pretty much everyone else he had met. Why they had never built a road, a multi-story building or sailed a ship. Why were they so backwards?

This will surprise you, but it is the whole truth.

Here’s Darwin’s point in “The Descent of man”

“The Western nations of Europe . . . now so immeasurably surpass their former savage progenitors [that they] stand at the summit of civilization. . . . The civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races through the world.


 So we’re in the 70s and the Left needs to explain WHY are the Black kids underperforming.
Anyone with any actual scientific education in biology and genetics could tell you WHY- because Blacks and Whites are different and Blacks are just not as intelligent as whites.

But at that point? When the USA was falling so deep into the Cultural Marxist swamp it was choking? You couldn’t say that.

So, some people came with a theory. Or to be precise, a guy named Nathaniel Brandon whose  birth name was, hold on to your hats- Nathaniel Blumenthal came in 969 with the idea that "feelings of self-esteem were the key to success in life".

To say this is ridiculous is to be kind. Maybe Brandon, a one time lover of Ayn Rand – had not intended for it to be taken that way, but those eager to explain the constant failure of our melanated cousins sure grabbed onto it with both hands.#

It basically said that before you have any achievements to draw your self esteem from, you had to magically already have self esteem for no reason other than the fact you were alive and breathing.

This was the moment the collapse of American meritocracy started. The moment when parents and educators were told children needed to be given self esteem out of pure cloth, and then they will achieve.

The disastrous effects of this policy are the reason why most Americans nowadays are hilariously uneducated, and one of the late results of it is the “representation” movement we’re dealing with right now.

Because the self esteem movement fizzled out when parents and teachers realised that instead of causing children to want to achieve more? It just made them lazy. It also had the effect of creating an unwarranted sense of entitlement amongst the African American community and we all know how that’s working out.

Incidentally, Mr Blumenthal, upon realising that his ideas were dumb, tried to fix them in his next books but the horse had left the barn so long ago it didn’t even remember where the barn was.

In one of his next books he claims that self esteem should not be drawn from the belonging to a specific ethnic group. Interesting, right?

But that’s a different story.

Had mister Blumenthal not come with this ridiculous and vastly compromised idea? America would look different. Instead of the ridiculous claims that everybody is equal and just need “self esteem” to succeed, there would maybe exist an actual education system in America that would allow teachers to teach instead of being underpaid babysitters to the spawn of the worthless races.

But that chance is long gone, and much as the psychologists and educators everywhere have already finished denouncing the doctrine as absurd- including the guy who spawned it- the damage is done. When you look at Millennials and their constant failure to grow up, their incapacity for critical thinking and entitlement?

That’s where it comes from. A whole system that had been based on actual merit was magically transformed into a worthless human producing conveyor belt, who delivered overentitled and under developed children for the Marxist teachers in colleges to indoctrinate into lazy, entitled, mouthy and depraved beasts to support the Frankfurt School aims.

Because the truth of the matter is that you can’t have socialism without a serious loser class to sell it to. Marx’s long term pain was the fact that his much desired Revolution didn’t happen in the highly industrialized countries with a large working class strata.

It didn’t happen because that white working class was aspirational. Contrary to what Marx and his ilk believed, the white European working class wanted better for their sons and daughters than just a small slice of a pie to share with everyone else.

This is why the Western Left oriented itself towards the Lumpenproletariatt. Because they needed an obedient and prisoner demographic that would never be in a position to improve themselves enough to go right.

Their initial choice were the American Blacks- and they were bought with welfare. The state welfare destroyed the Black family and placed the community into a permanent position of state dependency, but their votes put the Democrats up, and who cares about anything else?

Because without the Self esteem movement, Affirmative Action would’ve died a fast death. But in between these two and because of the pressure of Black grifter activists, suddenly you could erase all of the Black underachievement and ensure that incompetence no longer had repercussions.

Was this intended? Blumenthal/Brandon spent the rest of his career trying to correct the errors in his original book. He never succeeded and whether he made an honest mistake is irrelevant at this point.

What is important is facts, and the facts are simple:

The Self esteem movement destroyed the meritocratic America and paved the way for White replacement. It removed the European standards of hard work and achievement and aspiration and replaced them(intentionally or not) with the African style culture of laziness, entitlement and depravity, because what’s the point in trying to succeed when you can blame all of your failures on lack of self esteem brought upon by “rayciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiism”?

Incidentally this is WHY we don’t like Millennials. Because they refuse to act like Whites. Because they’re lazy and entitled and preoccupied more with the symbols of success than with achieving said success.

It made them act like niggers, and that’s why we find the average Millennial so revolting.

But that’s just a sidenote.

When the self esteem movement fizzled out, it was replaced by the Left with the “representation” hullabaloo. Because it’s easier to say that certain groups fail to achieve because they have no proper role model than to admit they are just not equipped biologically to live by White standards in a White society built to cater to White strengths.

This is important.

Because you need to remember that the Western left is not even remotely preoccupied with the wellbeing of the working class. That died long ago.

Like I have explained at length in the Marxism section of this website, the Left has always regarded the working class as a tool to empower it’s almost always upper class masters to take power from the established structures onto themselves.

None of the fathers of Marxism Socialism was ever poor with the exception of Stalin. The rest of them? Marx might’ve been a loser, but he wasn’t a poor one. Engels’ family owned a factory. Lenin came from a rich Jewish lawyers’ family. Trotsky was the son of a very rich Jewish landowner.  The list cam go on.

So the Western left’s masters needed a group to do their bidding that was smart enough to be able to vote but not smart enough to understand they were being set up. The Whites wouldn’t do, so the Blacks became their target. Easy to control and manipulate, unlikely to ever lift themselves up in large enough numbers to case them problems if they turned right… it was ideal.

And destroying America and mortgaging its future was a price worth paying.

They needed to de-whitify America in order to make it an easy prey… and they did.

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