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Theresa May is doing her best

I’ve seen a hell of a lot of people wondering why Theresa May’s response wasn’t harsher.  In truth, she was as harsh as she can afford to be.

Before condemning Theresa May, remember that she has worked to remove British citizenships from ISIS fighters who went to Syria, and it was the #Labour MPs who opposed this, most notably Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell.
The Manchester attacks wouldn’t have happened if the attacker wouldn’t have been allowed back in the UK, courtesy of Labour.

You want to know who killed your children? They did.

In the aughts, Tony Blair allowed in 2.2 million migrants. Only about Less than a million of them were migrants from the newly welcomed into the EU Eastern European countries.
The rest were from the third world, most notably Pakistani and Africans.

What is the difference, you ask?

Eastern Europeans work.  They are more likely to have at least trade skills compared to the local population, due to the good communist education system, but also significantly more likely to be in work.

The average number of adults in employment in the General population is 34%. The average number of Eastern European Adult immigrants likely to be in work in the UK is over 60%.

When was the last time you saw a Romanian trying to blow up an innocent group of people? We might want to – I had the urge at times myself when seeing the misery and corruption of the west, but we don’t. Neither do the Poles, Serbs, Hungarians, Czechs and Slovakians.

Why do I say Eastern European specifically? Because a lot of the alleged western European migrants are in fact non European migrants who, after obtaining European passports from another country, come to the UK for the high benefits.


However, we are not the issue here. The issue are the over 1.2 million non European migrants Tony Blair brought into the UK.

The kids you see nowadays going to ISIS, stabbing people uncontrollably, driving into passer- byes, attacking police, going to ISIS? They are second generation migrants. They might be born in Britain but they aren’t British- they are raised in Muslim enclaves almost totally separated from the British mainstream, and you have Tony Blair to thank for that.

This is a tactic successfully employed by the European Left- import third world welfare migrants, get them settled in and tax the locals top pay for their benefits. As they are unlikely to ever try to advance, you have a prison welfare voting block that will keep you in power.

As of now there are some 6 million Muslims in Britain. We know their attitudes  due to Pew Research and said values aren’t ours. As only less than 20% of them work full time, the rest of us are paying them to sit home and make more children, who will grow up to hate and outvote us.

Do you think Theresa May didn’t want to tell the world “Islam is the problem”? She does. She came as close as she could to it, but before the elections where there’s 2-3 million Muslim votes to sway? She can’t afford it.

Look at the woman’s actions- she got through the measure to strip British citizenship from islamist terrorists. She spoke at the UN about ending the refugee influx in Britain. She passed and implemented previous Tory laws that will stop Muslim immigrants living on welfare from importing wives from abroad.

She pushed through David Cameron’s brilliant scheme that only limits to two the number of children that benefits will be paid for- effectively ending “pay to fuck”. Sadly this doesn’t affect children already born.

These are things Theresa May can do LEGALLY.

What she is doing is inching towards getting out from under ECHR- and that can’t be done until the laws have been reviewed and put in place to allow for the removal of suspects and convicted terrorists.

Behind the scenes, the Police is armed and Stop and Search is keeping you safe. Buit the more draconian laws needed would push Britain to being a police state, and the British public, not the brightest, would disagree.

Close the mosques? Easier said than done but you have umpteen courts who’d stop you.
Stop inbound immigration? The best way of doing that is making Britain inhospitable to migrants , which is what the benefit changes are aiming to do.

Because islamization is on its way my friends. It’s been allowed in and fostered by labour. And now we have to step carefully because they’re already here and no government will go to the steps that cause riots.

Remember Children Of Men? A lot of people got very emotional at that movie’s treatment of refugees. What nobody asked was how many terrorist attacks did it take for the Brits to be willing to go there.

The problem is Islam. There is no denying that. But let’s be very honest the problem are the British left especially Labour who let them in, who allowed them to set up a separate law system to the point Muslims in Europe think they have the right to kill people for eating on the street during Ramadan- a Shariah Law offense as Gathes of Vienna pointed it out.

The problem is the Left- because they need the welfare voters to outvote the locals. They don’t care about the working class concerns- they have had 50 years to brainwash people so much that parents whose children have been murdered by terrorists are now saying they forgave said terrorists.

How insane, how animalized do you have to be to not go against the person who killed your child? Animals are better than us- animals even protect the young of other species.

The left brainwashed humans let their children die and be raped for virtue points.

Rotherham? The Labour council stopped the police form investigating and they are doing it again in the nearby Knightley.

No prime minister would implement a  measure that brings millions of muslims in the streets together with their leftie friends. So they have to work stealthily and hope for the best.

Making Britain unhospitable to welfare migrants.

Monitoring the internet- this is a direct threat to the big social media corporations that foster ISIS propaganda more than it is to your porn. But you won’t see it.

The government is cornered.

WE are conquered. Raise or be killed, your choice.  But don’t blame a government for refusing to start riots.

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