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The Western Civilization is being outsourced

For the past 50 years, a great deal of effort has been put into breaking down the Western civilization.

The simple fact I can type down the above phrase while being of sound mind is scary. But we have witnessed it, and the fact that our Governments are allowing it is out in the open after the Darren Osbourne incident- it’s OK for Muslim terrorists to hurt us, it’s not ok for us to react back.

Of course the question is why. Why would the powers that be want our civilization destroyed? Why are we being replaced?

Some people still choose to believe our government are just being stupid and non thinking, but unless we had a horrid wave of brain eating worms affecting politicians only, that’s kind of unlikely.

They know what they’re doing. This is becoming so obvious it can no longer be hidden after the Darren Osbourne incident.  We are openly being replaced and 142 Europeans killed by Muslim terrorists this year are less valuable than the 1 muslim who may have died attacked by a white guy (may have because he was already collapsed from heat, could have died anyway).

But why? Why is this happening? Why has our culture been so thoroughly attacked, why have barbarian uncivilised values imposed upon us, why have the European family and  morals been so utterly sabotaged and wrecked?

Because of who we are.

In the past 50 years we went from stepping into space to the imposition of a barbarian culture upon us, to open acceptance of female genital mutilation and rape of white children and women, to having our lands invaded by people not intelligent enough to figure out how toilets work.

Surely this makes no sense, right? Surely nobody can be stupid enough to think dragging the world’s most advanced civilization back into barbarity is a good thing?

It makes no sense for us, but we should think as to whether it makes sense from the point of view of the powers that be.

Why would you want to replace the highest achievement population group on Earth with lower intelligence low  achievement migrants? Wouldn’t that be very dangerous and unproductive?

The answer is…


If your purpose is to create a mass of consumerist slave drones who would be obedient to their masters and would never revolt because they are incapable of abstract thinking and conceptualizing such things as freedom, you’d want to get rid of Europeans. We are trouble. We are naturally individualist, we need freedoms and rights and are known to react violently when these are taken away from us.

With research and development having already been vastly shipped out of the West to Israel/India/China- why would anyone need us anymore? We’re too much trouble and we’re starting to wake up.

We have such ideas as nationalism and individualism that would threaten those who need a mass of obedient slaves that consume what they’re told and are grateful for the scraps off the masters’ table.

People who violently rejected being freed from slavery are a lot easier to use than uppity Europeans with their rights and freedoms.

People who are easily led by a barbaric desert religion that tells them everybody who isn’t them should be killed or converted are easy to lead, easy to manipulate and they gladly embrace it.  They’re intelligent enough to run the machines we created but not to think of freeing themselves from tyranny- do remember that the Middle east countries only became free of the Ottoman Empire because we freed them. They’d have been happy to continue.

Africans violently fought off Europeans trying to end slavery, and they’re happy to see it continue today. There are more slaves in Africa today than were ever sold across the Atlantic- and you won’t see any western black activists protest that.

With scientific advancement being shipped off to Israel and technological innovation sent to China- we are no longer needed.

Our civilization is being outsourced because white people are too expensive and not obedient enough. The third worlders imported en masse by Western governments might have been attracted by generous freebies but their current purpose is just to outvote us and keep the current elites in power until we die off.

This is why they destroyed the Western religion and values and culture- so we can breed ourselves out and go quietly into the night while crying in our empty homes because everything we needed to be happy- family, community, accomplishments, has been stripped away from us by capitalism, depraved media and our own indolence.

We are too expensive for them. Space travel and expansion are being researched, incredible medical advancements are being made, but not for us. First world countries suddenly can’t afford to treat their local population while they can lavish luxury dwellings on illegal immigrants as reward for burning their own homes down out of sheer stupidity (what kind of idiot doesn’t call the firemen when his home is on fire but instead packs calmly and leaves? An Ethiopian refugee apparently).

France is one place where this is out in the open- with a 25% non white population that votes, the welfare candidate will be voted in because the French are too afraid to be called racists to fight for their civilization even when their  children are murdered in the streets and their priests are decapitated in their churches.

Britain will soon follow suit, and Germany isn’t that far behind. The moment we’re done for, the benefits will end and the hapless migrants will have to earn their keep, only they’ll be cheaper and more obedient especially when their own leaders tell them to.

Think South Africa. That was the experiment ground and it worked. The Boers who could left, and the remaining ones have the choice of living behind 10 foot walls or be murdered with impunity by the savages.
Europe is next.

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