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Of Centre and the horrible truth about Capitalism/Socialism

We need to talk about Alt Right, the mythical centrists and the world's most famous window.

Centrism is a legend. It's that mythical place upheld by people who aren't quite smart enough to walk and breathe at the same time, because they think you can be "socially liberal" and "economically conservative" at the same time.

Of course, that isn't possible because social liberalism is expensive. It includes shit like welfare etc, and those are expensive so no, you can't have your pet migrants and lumpenproletariatt AND low taxes. You keep your cake or you eat your cake. You can't have both. Immigration OR welfare OR low taxes. Make your choice.

For people significantly smarter than the above group, centrism is "getting everyone to talk". That is something I can get behind, especially as you can just call it a fucking democracy Netherlands style, and that does work most of the time. That sort of centrism? Yeah, but unless you have a very well-oiled democracy, that won't work.

But overall? Centrism is not only dead and smelling, but also completely untenable as a political position. The centre cannot hold and all that.

Nowadays however? We have a problem because somebody's moved the world's most famous window to the other side of the fucking room, and a lot of weird stuff happened as a consequence.

So a lot of people who used to be solid middle of the road lefties of various shades- social democrats, trade unionists, classical liberals... have found themselves politically homeless because the Overton window now overlooks the Kremlin Necropolis where Stalin and Lenin's corpses make out while Yuri Gagarin's skull looks the other way.

All of these people have been evicted from the ranks of the former Left and found themselves under the larger and weird tent of the Alt Right. Who contrary to what you might believe, is not only not Nazis but not even fascists. It's just a wide and weird tent with a lot of groups in it.

So it comes to this weird place where...

The Alt right is the de facto centre because it stretches from "everyone on the left who's not a communist" to "everyone on the right who's not a fascist".

Various shades of liberals and lefties, moderate libertarians, half decent pragmatists and the like all in one big army style cafeteria tent. Pick your table and eat your gruel amongst friends, or at least people who won't stab you for a disagreement.

Marxism ate all the decent versions of left, trade unionism, liberalism, social democracy and like in the 30s it creates fascism as response.

We are in the new 30's. We have violent communists on the street murdering those who disagree with their blinkered ideology, and when people start to organize in return they're called Nazis and fanatics and fascists.

Who even remembers the Spanish civil war? The Communists gathered from all over Europe and took over Spain, then proceeded to mass murder people who disagreed with them. SO all European nationalists got together and went in to save Spain. The sides changed, a lot of innocent blood was lost and Spain ended up with a 40 years Fascist dictator because it was better than communism. When Franco died, he left the Spanish king in charge and Spain is now, if somewhat weakened economically, a passable sort of Western democracy.

However the Communists weren't ONLY active in Spain. As an effect of the great recession they tried to spread violence and chaos all over Europe. The people who fought them back, the nationalists or just decent people who wanted to defend their families? Now you know them as fascists, and after WW2 the "winners" made sure they were obliterated while proceeding to create a palatable form of socialism for the West in slow steps.

And then you ask yourself what life would've been like without all of the "social justice " bullshit.

It's a counterfactuals game. Our thinking of past 150 years is so dominated by Marxism understanding a world without false equality is hard- most of the current economic problems stem from the welfare state and false equality that fucked up the market and natural selection.

Without the welfare state we wouldn't be overcrowded and wasting our resources paying stupid fucking losers to fuck and breed. So if you take welfare out of the equation you have a world with significantly lower population and higher achievement.

Funny enough those people would actually be likely to drift into a commune based anarchism than remain under capitalism.

Because the sad truth is Capitalism NEEDS the losers to scare the middle class with. And yes, Marx said that. A society that breeds out losers kills consumerism. So we'd have had smart balanced people on a sustainable level that don't need to buy to be happy so they'd prolly end up splitting into small to medium anarchist trade communities. Because no welfare=>breeding idiocy out of people. Socioeconomic selection if you will.

So yes, socialism actually created capitalism the same way insane commies in the 30s created fascism. People don't get this because nobody fucking reads Marx. Marx gave a bunch of people who wanted to run the mobs a boogieman to scare said mobs with. It's social magic.

Marx wrote communism as an utopia, but what you read in the Communist Manifesto isn't actually Marx's stuff. The Manifesto was edited by LaSalle, and Marx was forced to accept it because he lived off Engels' money. But Marx refused to join the communist party for decades because he wrote an intellectual exercise and these middle class rich wannabe revolutionaries took it as an instruction manual.

Which actually ended up killing honest left sides as trade unionism and liberalism who wanted to make people live better under the system. But if people live better they won't revolt so you don't get your socialist revolution, So you bring in policies disastrous in long term basically making the workers miserable enough until they revolt. See Labour Britain in the 70s. That's why they do it, because they need the red bloodbath.

Of course in return the right fights to bring some economic balance back and this actually makes capitalism worse because you need people to buy more to keep the economy going to solve the damage the left created and feed the losers. So you get to encourage consumerism by cutting off people from the things that make them happy which can't be bought, which helps the bloodbath wishers.

So it's a death trap and it will crash rather soon, and all because we stopped punishing people for making bad decisions.

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