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There is no such thing as ISIS

And never has there been. ISIS or ISIL claimed to be a fundamentalist Wahhabi Islamic movement aimed at uniting “all of the Faithful” and fighting the infidels.

If you believe such things. And we don’t.

Because we know history. It’s kind of hard to buy these various movements who rely on foreign money to exist and who act a bit too close to serving someone else’s interests.

Like Al Quaeda before it, ISIS was created in the bowels of the USA’s alphabet services, for the purpose of using the perceived fanaticism and savagery of Muslims as a weapon against the USA’s enemies.

Al Quaeda was created in the 80s to fight the USSR in Afghanistan. We KNOW this and we also know that its existence was owed to the nefarious war criminal Zbigniew Brzezinsky, dark shadow over many a US presiden’t political actions. What happened to Al Quaeda we know.

What many don’t know is that in the 70s Afghanistan was a fledging democracy. Brzezinsky and his ilk had it turned into the barbaric wasteland of today so they could drag the USSR into a pointless guerilla war.  When the USA paid Talibans started wrecking the country, the Afghani government invited the USSR in to help them deal with the US created mess.

The mess continues to exist and solving it is nowhere near sight.  Afghanistan is still a disaster and while there’s poetry in the fact Al Quaeda turned against its masters on 9/11 – allegedly only to turn once again into the “good guys” in Syria, it’s still a massive fiasco.

And then Barack Obama took power in 2009 and one of the first things he did was to hire the warhawk Brzezinsky as advisor. The result of this was “Operation Arab Spring” and ISIS.

The problem with ISIS is that for a supposedly Muslim organization it sure liked killing Muslims. Actually, Muslims were the only people ISIS actually killed, with some poor Assyrian Christians sprinkled in for taste.

The Europeans/Americans whose deaths are attributed to ISIS were killed by fanatics who were radicalized by the idea of ISIS but acted on their own initiative and accord.

And for all its claim to care about the enemies of Islam, ISIS never once attacked the one certain enemy of Islam in its neighbourhood, namely Israel. ISIS didn’t thrown one bomb at Israel. Didn’t send in one suicide bomber.

Meanwhile Israel continued to oppress Muslims with impunity, kill innocent Muslims, kick them out of their homes etc.

But ISIS didn’t move a finger to help the poor beleaguered Muslim Palestinians. Isn’t that strange?

I said this before and I will say it again- if I wanted to create chaos and strife amongst Muslims… I’d create ISIS.

Seems someone else caught on to it.

When trying to understand ISIS, the best way to go about it is to ask “Cui prodest”. Who did ISIS’ actions benefit?

Not Islam. Not one damned Muslim country profited from it. Not one Muslim saw their lives enriched by it.

ISIS was a lure. Let’s attract all disgruntled Muslims from Europe and so on and have them fight a convenient enemy. The convenient enemy presented was Syria, the last country in the ME that didn’t succumb to Operation Arab Spring to replace its successful and prosperous secular state with a Muslim Brotherhood terror state.

So Syria had to be brought down to serve the interests of whoever set up Arab Spring and destroyed all those prosperous secular Arab states. Ever wonder why Arab Spring never affected Saudi Arabia?  Surely THE most oppressive Islamic regime in the ME would have a lot of protesters who want a good life, right?

Didn’t happen. Instead it affected ONLY the functional secular states the USA didn’t control.

It didn’t affect Jordan or Iraq, already under full USA control.

Isn’t that strange?

So, Syria. A country bordering Israel with a territorial dispute with the so called Greatest Ally. A country that as oil rich and living well, that protected Christians and minded its own business.

That couldn’t stand.

So Barack Obama withdraws the US troops from Iraq and magically ISIS appears in the void created. Overnight.


The moment Donald Trump cut the funding for “special operations” ISIS dwindled into oblivion.

Who needed ISIS? Wat purpose did it serve?

Just to ethnically cleanse a bunch of people thus giving the US a target and reason to remain in the ME. Just to create tension and political instability in the ME powderkeg.

And now that it’s no longer needed, its leader “blows himself up” without a trace because someone needs to look like a peacemaker at the 2020 elections.

Yeah right.

ISIS was a sham constructed by the enemies of Muslim and White Europeans. Its purpose was to sow terror and strife. Once it achieved its purpose, its leader is magically suicided.


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